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  This protein shaker bottle is the ultimate solution to your protein needs. You can bring your favorite beverage and this spacious protein shaker bottle with a capacity of approximately 820 ml (28 ounces). Whether you are in the gym or the Olympic Stadium, protein bottles help maintain adequate nutrition and moisture for a long time. This protein shaker bottle is suitable for hot and cold liquids. In addition, it can also be used to store pancake batter, milkshakes, smoothies, fiber drinks, egg mash, etc.

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  This is a very easy-to-use cap opening system. The bottle cap ensures the safety of your protein shake. The liquid can be poured out through a small opening near the lid opener, or through a large opening that can be reached after opening the lid. The protein shaker bottle can hold a mild liquid, up to 40%. If the liquid content exceeds the recommended temperature, the protein shaker bottle may deform and lose its shape and design. There is a built-in filter in the protein shaker bottle, which can filter out a large amount of solution. In addition, the shaking protein shaker bottle is equipped with a plastic stirring ball. Stir in the protein shaker bottle and stir in your drink to achieve a smooth consistency.

  Sturdy structure, better performance

  The protein shaker bottle is made of food-grade plastic to ensure the safety of its contents. Seal the top of the tank so that it leaks 100%-best use. The protection of the anti-cracking material guarantees its long-term use. The cover provides 100% sealing protection and leakage protection. The leak-proof seal allows you to shake the protein shaker bottle safely without any risk of leakage and waste. For a trouble-free cleaning experience, you can put the protein shaker bottle in the dishwasher because it is dishwasher-friendly.

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  So far, these electric shaker bottles are great. The Shaker Bottle mixer has a net inserted into the top and a stirring ball. If you want, you can choose one or both. If you want to store some protein powder, snacks, or even pre-exercise supplements, the bottom compartment is really good.

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  Voltrx protein shaker bottle is easy to clean-just like the extra compartment at the bottom with extra protein powder inside, when you work hard and work/start. It’s been a year, and they look quite fresh. Suggestion: Be sure to add water before adding protein powder. Before shaking, otherwise the mixing will not be good!

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  At this time, I will tell you that, in fact, push-ups vary from person to person. There are thousands of people. Even for the same age group, there is no fixed standard. The standard for push-ups should be adjusted according to the individual’s physical condition and ability. Even for different genders, the standards for doing push-ups have their own merits. So everyone must be curious now, how many push-ups in a group can you get the perfect chest muscles? Don’t worry, you can read it patiently next, I will teach it slowly, and I promise to give you a satisfactory answer.

  First, if you want to truly master the exercises of push-ups, you must first have enough knowledge about push-ups.

  Once as a student, it must be difficult for everyone to forget the punishment for physical education, because at that time one of the punishments must be push-ups. But at that time, what we only knew about push-ups was the posture and number of punishments. The knowledge and understanding of push-ups was not comprehensive, but what we want to understand today is comprehensive push-ups.

  1. Push-ups are a basic training of military physical training. As we all know, not all actions are items of military training. Therefore, the selection of push-ups as one of the military physical training is the basic affirmation of push-ups.

  2. Push-ups are simple and easy to do, but the effect is better. It’s not that the more complex the movements of the exercise program, the better the exercise effect. On the contrary, although the push-up is simple and easier to do, its exercise effect is also very good. Moreover, by practicing variant push-ups, it is easier to train the perfect chest muscles.

  Second, the exercise parts of push-ups

  Although we often did push-ups when we were students, and many times we would choose push-ups when we did exercises at home, so which part of the body does push-ups exercise? Push-ups are a very effective exercise for strength training, so they mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially for the chest muscles. Therefore, many men and women who want a good-looking body line choose to join the push-up training program when they work out.

  Third, the exercise standard for push-ups

  Generally speaking, the standard of push-up exercise is not unique. It will change at any time according to the physical condition of each person, but there must be a general standard for your reference. Then for everyone’s needs, we recommend the following standards for men and women:

  1. Male:

  ①Beginners: Because you are just new to push-ups, you can practice two groups and try them. Normally, each group is 15 to 20 times, and you can make appropriate adjustments according to your physical condition;

  ②Athletes with a certain foundation: You can add a group to the beginners, and keep it at about 3 groups, and each group can try to keep 20 times;

  ③Push-up expert: add another group, try 30 to 50 reps in each group, do 4 groups, but be sure to pay attention to the breathing rhythm;

  ④Ultra-high level people: You can do 50 to 100 repetitions. As for the groups, you can adjust yourself according to your body’s acceptance status.

  2. Female:

  ①Beginners: Generally, the training intensity of women is lower than that of men, so the first time is to do two groups, but each group can do 5 to 8;

  ②Athletes with a certain foundation: you can try to do 3 or 4 groups, each group is about 8 to 10 times;

  ③Push-ups: try to do 4 to 6 groups, each group can be appropriately increased to 15 to 20, and you can keep breathing smooth;

  ④Ultra-high level people: You can challenge to do 6 to 8 groups, each group keeps more than 20, but you must do according to your own physical condition.

  Fourth, the practice of push-ups

  1. Keep your body in a prone position, with your arms stretched out into parallel lines, and your hands should be shoulder-width apart. If you can’t hold it, you can also make your hands slightly wider and shoulders, so that you can really exercise your pectoral muscles.

  2. While inhaling, bend your elbows so that the outline of your chest is close to the ground, but do not directly touch the ground. At the same time, do not arch your lower back excessively to avoid injury.

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  3. Slowly push up your body until your arms are completely straight and parallel.

  5. Slowly exhale through your mouth at the end of the action, don’t act too haste, so as not to lose your breath.

  Five, the benefits of push-ups

  After introducing push-ups for so long, everyone must be particularly curious about the benefits of doing push-ups? Don’t worry, I will explain clearly to everyone one by one, the benefits of push-ups are probably the following:

  1. It can better improve one’s own balance ability, and at the same time can promote blood circulation, activate bones, thus promote physical development, and further improve everyone’s athletic ability; at the same time, it can also train perfect chest muscle lines.

  2. It can reduce the physiological aging of the human body and improve the muscle memory to a certain extent. Through activities, it can increase the strength of the person to stretch forward, thereby preventing accidental falls;

  3. It can enhance the physical fitness, and at the same time, exercise can improve the active ability of motor cells, strengthen the willpower of the person, and have great benefits for the long-term development of physical and mental health.

  Six, warm tips for doing push-ups

  1. Push-up variants: When doing push-up exercises, you can exercise different parts of the pectoralis major while changing the inclination angle of the thorax, so that different parts of the pectoralis major can be exercised. Depending on the angle, the parts that can be exercised by the pectoralis major will be different. This is also the most critical part of training the perfect pectoral muscle.

  2. Matching companion: Since standard push-ups are more suitable for exercising pectoralis major and triceps, in order to achieve better exercise effect, you can strengthen the exercise of triceps when exercising pectoralis major.

  3. Kneeling push-ups: Because the main part of the push-up exercise is the pectoralis major muscle, beginners can try the kneeling push-ups in order to better master the push-ups.

  4. Types of push-ups: In addition to the postures recommended by beginners, we also recommend postures for exercisers of other stages of push-ups, such as diamond push-ups, one-handed push-ups, diagonal push-ups, wide and narrow distance push-ups, handstand push-ups, etc. But these push-ups in trick postures are more suitable for push-up players with a certain foundation.

  All in all, how many push-ups do in a group can finally train the perfect chest muscles. You must constantly adjust according to each person’s physical condition. Don’t blindly follow the trend and make a training plan that is not suitable for you. That will not only fail to exercise the effect, there are It may be self-defeating and damage your health. I hope our suggestions can help you all.

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  Creating charming shoulders has become a trend. How to have enviable right-angled shoulders?

  1. The deltoid muscle plays a decisive role

  In addition, the development of the deltoid muscle not only has a very important effect on the appearance, but also plays an important role in function. For example, in the chest training process, the deltoid muscle can work hard together with the chest muscles to improve the efficiency of chest training. In the process of back training, the deltoid muscle participates again, which can improve the efficiency of back training.

  2. Pay attention to deltoid muscle training

  Therefore, both in appearance and function, we must pay attention to the training of the deltoid muscle. Then, in the deltoid muscle training process, in order to improve the overall training efficiency, it is important to understand the structure of the deltoid muscle. Because only when you know the target of each training action and their exact location, can you feel the contraction and stretching of the target muscle during the training process.

  3. About the structure of the deltoid muscle

  From the structure of the deltoid muscle, it is divided into three parts: the front, the middle and the back. From the three-part development map, the front is the most developed, the development of the middle directly determines the generosity of the shoulders, and the back is the weakest. Therefore, in the specific training process, we should prepare specific exercise training based on the structure of the deltoid muscle and the development of other parts of the deltoid muscle.

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  Insist on performing these shoulder movements to make the muscles feel the maximum stretch

  1. Choose actions according to your own situation

  In the selection of training exercises, we can refer to the following 5 exercises, but they are not required to be followed. Everyone’s training purpose and deltoid muscle development are different. We need to choose the action that suits us according to our actual situation, and make adjustments during the exercise.

  2. Decomposition of shoulder movement

  Action 1: One-armed Arnold referral

  First, we need to sit on a stool, kneel on the ground, step on both feet on the ground, straighten the back, tighten the core strength, grasp the dumbbells with both hands, lift them to the shoulders, palms facing themselves, and extend both arms outward , But put it in front of the body. At this time, you need to stabilize your body, straighten your back, keep one arm still, push up the other arm by the deltoid muscle, push the dumbbell up, straighten the arm, bend the elbow slightly, and rotate the wrist to the hand while pushing Palm it forward. Stop slightly at the top of the action, feel the deltoid muscle contraction, and then actively adjust the speed, slowly returning to the opposite direction. After we complete the action on one side, we switch to the other side and complete the action.

  Motion 2: Sitting with dumbbells and rowing with elbows (Target: tied after deltoid muscle)

  This action requires us to sit on a stool, kneel with two legs, straighten our feet, tighten our back muscles, lean forward to the top of the action, hold dumbbells in both hands on one side of the body, palms facing ourselves. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, push your shoulders toward the back, bend your arms to your elbows, make the dumbbell torso angle slightly less than 90 degrees, and lift the dumbbell. Stop temporarily at the top of the action, feel the contraction behind the shoulders, actively adjust the speed, slowly recover, and feel the stretch behind the shoulders.

  Motion 3: Seated dumbbell lateral lift (target: tied in the deltoid muscle)

  Keep sitting, step on the floor, straighten your back, tighten your core strength, sink your shoulders, hold the dumbbells with your hands, hang one side of your body, palms facing each other, and lean your upper body slightly forward. Stabilize your body, tighten your core strength, bend your elbows slightly, and force your deltoid muscles to lift your arms sideways. Please pay attention to make the big arm reach the height of the shoulder, temporarily stop for a few seconds, feel the binding and contraction of the deltoid muscle, actively adjust the speed, slowly recover, and don’t let the arm fall freely.

  3. Points to note when doing movements

  We need to warm up before the start of training, activate the target muscles, ensure the quality of the movements during the formal training process, pay attention to the details of the movements, and focus on the contraction and stretching of the target muscles during each movement. Each movement is effective. Choose a small weight, and then choose an action according to your actual situation.

  Conclusion: To create a more perfect shoulder curve, we need to exercise more and develop attractive muscles. Having straight shoulders can not only improve our posture, but also make us look better. Combining the training method that suits you, I believe everyone can develop into a good body that satisfies them.

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  The advantages of strength training for each age group, the purpose we pursue for strength training 1. The purpose of sports for each age group is different

  So, for middle-aged people who are between young and old, their fitness goals are not clear, or their sports goals are more inclined to the requirements of the body. Because for middle-aged people living in society today, they may appear very young mentally and physically. But for the elderly, their health consciousness is not strong, but the pursuit of their own appearance.

  strength training improves health

  But middle-aged people have many health risks. For example, as they grow older, their weight will increase uncontrollably, which may cause various potential health risks, and our body functions are also degrading. Even if we can’t see it, we can’t just let young people waste their health. Moreover, hidden dangers will make us lose our health unconsciously.

  strength training to shape the body

  Therefore, for middle-aged friends who have a good body, it is important to lose weight to have a good body, but don’t use too much force and don’t sacrifice your health. Therefore, in the process of losing weight and shaping, we must choose the right method. First, we must ensure our health as the prerequisite, and then make a suitable exercise plan on this basis.

  We need to cultivate good exercise habits to get a more perfect body 1. Cultivate good exercise habits

  In addition, we also need to cultivate regular exercise habits. We know that exercise and fitness not only help regulate and lose weight, but also bring various benefits to health. Middle-aged people choose strength training to improve our health, because strength training can stimulate muscle growth by exercising muscles. Strength training plays an important role in avoiding muscle outflow. Muscle loss will not only reduce basic metabolism and prevent us from losing fat, but also lose protection to joints and increase the risk of injury.

  effective training actions

  Action 1: Goblet squat

  First, we need to stretch our feet, straighten our back, tighten our core strength, and lift dumbbells to our chest with both hands. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, push your hips back, squat slowly, and pause for a few seconds when you reach the top of the action. In the whole process of the movement, pay attention to straighten your back, don’t let your knees embed in, and keep your knees and toes in the same direction.

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  Action 2: Dumbbell straight leg deadlift

  This action requires us to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core strength, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and hang down in front of the legs. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, keep your calves still, bend your hips, and bend forward to move the dumbbells along your legs to below your knees. Stop slightly at the top of the action and feel the traction of the muscles behind the thighs. Straighten your back during the entire movement, keep it upright when you get up, and be careful not to arch your back.

  Action 3: Forward lunge squat

  First, we need to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core, make fists with both hands, and place them on the chest. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, step one leg forward, move your weight forward, and squat down slowly. The front side of the thigh is parallel to the ground, then stand up to return to the starting position, and then complete the action on the other side. During the whole process of the action, keep your back straight, keep your knees and toes in the same direction. When squatting, make sure that our front knees do not exceed the toes and the back knees do not touch the ground. Fully warm up before the start of the training. Ensure during the training The quality of the action.

  Conclusion: Adhering to strength training can not only make our body better, but also make us healthier, suitable for training for every age group. If we want to get a good figure, we need to exercise more, but we must do it within the range that we can bear. We must not blindly train, and we must pay attention to safety, so as to achieve the goal of scientific fitness.

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  That’s because they didn’t use the right method. There are still many methods and skills needed to lose weight with exercise. Without these skills, no amount of exercise may help, so you must have your own exercise method, especially the correct and suitable exercise method. The correct exercise method is very important for exercise. Sometimes it’s not just about losing weight by exercise, but also exercise alone is also very important, because it can avoid injury caused by exercise and reduce unnecessary physical injury.


  What are the goals of the exercise? What are the effects? For some friends, they still stick to it happily. Why? Of course, they are not idle because they have nothing to do.

  1, changes in body shape

  Maybe the purpose of their training at the beginning was just to make the figure better and the proportions better. But with the improvement of their abilities and the accumulation of relevant knowledge, they will find that each person has different characteristics, for example, are their abdominal muscles symmetrical? For example, is the ratio of their hips and legs coordinated, such as whether their waist circumference Thinner? So they are based on the premise of slowly accepting themselves and accepting their own body shape, rather than shaping their fitness.

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  2, after a long time, they get benefits other than fitness

  Every time they persist, they will get a sense of accomplishment for their persistence. This sense of accomplishment makes them look forward to the next movement. This sense of accomplishment allows them to focus on their food because they don’t want their efforts to be wasted. This sense of accomplishment allows them to develop good living habits in order to one day achieve their goals. With this persistence, their lives slowly became more and more regular.

  3. Persistence

  Through regular persistence, you will find that the body does not change much, but they look young. After insisting on exercising, their weight may not change much, and there is not much difference in appearance, but they will find that their skin has changed. Tight, stiff body, looks younger and more energetic than his peers.

  4. The role after persistence

  They find that their physical condition is getting better and better. Two years later, they will find that their legs are stronger. I used to be out of breath when I went up to the third floor, but now I have no pressure on the tenth floor. Their backache habit has long since disappeared, and they don’t know when they will be able to move freely.


  There are different opinions on some reasons, and different people have different opinions on the reasons. These reasons are not convincing for friends who want to exercise for the purpose of good figure. Because their concern is not here. But we need to know that everyone is different. Even if we want a good figure like a supermodel, we have to have someone else’s height and long legs. But I have to say that everyone’s innate factors are uncontrollable. If we give up this and only pursue the figure, not only will we not achieve good results, but we will also be hit hard. So all we have to do is to admit and accept ourselves. Under this premise, we pursue something that is relatively perfect.

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  Some people say that gym equipment training is a way of exercise that is not conducive to health, and physical fitness is the way to fit healthy exercise. The author would like to say that such remarks are just a family statement. They are too one-sided. It is a personal choice to like to exercise by hand. It cannot be used as a mainstream judgment standard, let alone depress the choices of others to emphasize the correctness of your own choices.

  The current fitness circle has two fields, one is the seemingly niche calisthenics group, and the other is the more mainstream gym equipment group. They seem to be two different sports, but they are both in the same circle and belong to resistance training. Even so, the two are often overlooked by each other. The cause of disagreement is the difference in muscles. So, if two people work out at the same time, what is the difference in muscles between a person who exercises with bare hands for 3 months and a person who exercises for 1 month?

  1. The gap in muscle gain efficiency

  Those who have been practicing bare-handed fitness for 3 months will inevitably change their muscles, but they are not obvious, and the muscle growth efficiency is relatively slow. Because bare-handed fitness has limitations, although the threshold is low, there is limited room for improvement. For example, doing push-ups, doing 100 a day for the first month, the muscles have been initially strengthened, but at the same time muscle memory is also produced. If you want new muscle breakthroughs, you can only increase the training intensity on the basis of 100 push-ups, and then double or more, and so on, otherwise the muscle gain will stagnate. This is the limitation of self-weight training.

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  People who practiced in the gym for 1 month with equipment, although they only practiced for 1 month, the final muscle effect was much thicker than those who practiced with bare hands for 3 months. The reason is that the equipment training is more flexible. When the muscles are used to a certain weight, the bodybuilder can increase the weight of the equipment, give the muscles new stimulation, and promote the muscles to be further strengthened. This training method is more in line with the requirements of muscle growth and muscle strength improvement, so the efficiency of muscle gain will be relatively high.

  2. The gap in muscle growth space

  From a long-term perspective, people who go to the gym for machine training have more room for muscle growth. Regardless of whether you practice bare-handed for 3 months or on equipment for 1 month, after all, most people exercise for muscle gain. What we have seen is that the overall muscular circumference of the equipment-trained people is larger than that of the bare-handed people, and the gap in the space for muscle growth is self-evident. Although they are all strength training, but the methods are different, the final result will have a gap. Therefore, people who want to develop big muscles still choose equipment training.

  3. Differences in muscle properties

  Because of the different training methods, the muscle properties of the two are also different. People who practice bare-handed for 3 months, although the muscle growth is somewhat unsatisfactory, but in terms of the core strength and muscle endurance of the body, there is an improvement that cannot be achieved by 1 month of equipment training. I believe many people have heard the saying that the big guys trained in the gym are “dead muscles”. Not surprisingly, in terms of muscle flexibility, equipment exercisers are weaker than bare-hand exercisers. But in contrast, the absolute strength of the equipment trainer is stronger than that of the bare-hand exerciser.

  In contrast, people nowadays pay more attention to efficiency, and the same is true for fitness training. Whether it is bare hands or equipment, anyone wants to train the most satisfactory muscle effect in the shortest time. It is the purpose of these bodybuilders to make the muscles as obvious and strong as possible. Of course, not all bodybuilders aspire to have a fat muscular body, it depends on how the individual chooses. So, do you think physical fitness is better or equipment training is better?

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  The protein powder for bodybuilding and muscle building has been trusted by fitness and fitness enthusiasts since its birth in the 1980s. In addition, with the overall development of the fitness industry, there are more and more muscle men, and there are not a few muscle men who have used protein powder for a long time, and protein powder has also become famous. Even in the minds of many people, protein powder has been equated with fitness. When it comes to fitness and muscle building, protein powder and muscle building powder are indispensable.

  It can be seen that protein powder seems to have become synonymous with bodybuilding and muscle building. However, many people have expressed doubts about the safety of protein powder. But at the same time, many people are convinced of the “efficacy” of protein powder, and even think that as long as they drink protein powder, they can “automatically build muscle.” Don’t think that the author is joking. Since protein powder was demonized by some netizens, some people really believe that only drinking protein powder can build muscle. And there are people around me who try to drink only protein powder and not exercise. So, what happened to those people who only drank protein powder and didn’t work out?

  1, changes in body

  Whether they drink protein powder for fitness or just drink protein powder for not fitness, without exception, they are all people who try to change their body, with the goal of gaining muscle. Drinking protein powder can increase muscle mass, but for people who only drink protein powder but not fitness, this wish cannot be achieved. After all, protein powder is not “clenbuterol”. The process of muscle growth is like this. You must first lift the iron to damage the muscles, and then add a lot of protein to repair and grow the damaged muscle fibers. Those who only eat protein powder and don’t work out, ignore the most important link-training. Therefore, no matter how much he drinks or how long he drinks, his body will not become the way he yearns for it in the end.

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  The author still remembers a friend from many years ago who wanted to have a muscular figure, but most of the questions he asked the author were about the price and quality of protein powder, and were indifferent to how to train. Because he is a little white and has no previous fitness experience, the author reminded him that it is useless to drink protein powder without training. He said that he knew, but he didn’t believe it. As a result, I could think of it with my fingers, and my wish to gain muscle was lost.

  2. Impact on the body

  If you want to talk about the effects of only eating protein powder without fitness on your body, many people may have to take the kidney as an example. It has always been said that drinking protein powder has an effect on the kidneys. Is it true? In this regard, the author believes that a word must be counterproductive. But for now, there seems to be no clear case of kidney effects caused by high-protein diets. Therefore, for people who only drink protein powder and do not exercise, the question of what their body will become in the future depends on the health of each person. Different people have different effects. In addition, most of their bodies will have several similar reactions, the frequency of their body’s gas emission will increase, and the taste of excrement will be heavier than before eating protein powder.

  3, give up the use of protein powder

  I believe that not many people will go to the dark one by one on the road without any return. The same is true for “fitters” who don’t want to make substantial efforts but just want to take shortcuts. Of course, it is not ruled out that there are people who simply like the taste of protein powder. When I was in school, I had a teacher who loved dairy products. It was fine to drink protein powder as a tea, so that he was just over 1.7 meters tall, but he had two hundred. How much weight. But people’s purpose is to drink taste, not to build muscle. In fact, people who only drink protein powder and don’t work out will gain muscle at the very moment when they first drink it. If they drink it for a few months, they won’t grow muscles. In the end, most people will give up this “shortcut”. After all, protein powder is also not cheap.

  In fact, the relationship between protein powder and fitness is very simple. I don’t know if it’s because of the biased views of some netizens or businesses that make protein powder a common but not simple thing in people’s eyes. Many people are obsessed with muscular body, but are too lazy to train. They just want to take the so-called shortcuts. Some fitness novices even asked the author in a private message, “Where can I take steroids?” It can be seen that there are still many people who don’t know enough about fitness. The author would like to say that there are only two words to gain muscle, training.

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  It is always said that money should be spent on ideas. For most young men today, it seems that they have never seriously considered this issue. Their pockets are either used as a love fund or used for entertainment, but few people really really Is concerned about the construction of all aspects of their own.

  For boys, as long as the money spent is on the right path and where it can increase personal value, it is not a waste. This is what they consider when they spend money on cosmetics and beauty-their own value. Then there is one way for boys to maintain and build their own value right now, which is fitness. All you have to do is to know where and how to spend. Now let’s take a look at where the money that boys need to spend on fitness is in the end.


  Although fitness can be practiced at home, it is not good to practice because one cannot have comprehensive equipment at home, and there is no training atmosphere. If only these two items are insufficient, half of the people will not be able to persist. Fitness, mindfulness is not the key to persistence. In the future, there will be more and more gyms and more and more professional. As far as the current cost is concerned, it will take a little over one thousand and five to get an annual card in a similar gym. There may be a year for free when there are activities. Professional equipment, positive atmosphere, training is over.

  Fitness supplement

  Fitness supplements are actually a dispensable existence in the whole muscle gaining process. Maybe many people have deified fitness supplements, thinking that they can grow muscles and are indispensable by eating them, but they are not. Common fitness supplements are nothing more than protein powder, muscle-building powder, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, nitrogen pump, etc., a bucket of protein powder or muscle-building powder, the average bodybuilder eats almost 4 buckets a year, an average of 300 per bucket , A total of 1200. The branched-chain amino acid, creatine, and nitrogen pumps are selected according to personal circumstances. The annual consumption of each type will not exceed 2 barrels, with an average of 150 per barrel. If you count 2 barrels of each type, 900 is enough.

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  Nutritious meals

  As everyone knows, the most important nutrient that muscle gainers need to take in is protein. Now that the living conditions are better, the acquisition of protein can be said to be as simple as breathing. If you don’t want to satisfy your appetite, but simply want to add protein, then eggs are a great choice. In addition, the chicken breast is also very good. Excluding the normal diet, the nutritional cost is less than 50 yuan a month, which is only 600 a year.

  Fitness coach

  Novices who have never been in fitness, may need a fitness coach in the first few months, but I personally feel that it is not necessary. Watching more fitness videos or looking for a gym brother to take exercises can pass the novice period. The enlightenment fee for the fitness coach is more than the above, and it is about 3,000 for a few classes, but it is not necessary.

  Adding up all the above expenses is no more than 6,000, an average of 500 per month for 12 months, only 16 yuan a day, excluding the cost of hiring a coach, less than 10 yuan a day. So “what’s wrong with boys’ fitness costs?” It’s really just a little bit. Don’t think that fitness costs a lot of money, and it’s still used to build your own value. When it is enough, you will understand that this little money is really not lost.

  What needs to be mentioned is that many people now advocate the “uselessness” of fitness, and they still focus on girls. They say that girls don’t like muscular men, and girls feel that their muscles are terrible, and so on. May I ask, are so many boys doing fitness exercises to win women’s favor? Acknowledge that a minority is for this purpose, but most boys who insist on fitness are passionate about fitness.

  Don’t you see the power zone sweating like rain, thunder can’t move, refusing to talk about sao, never dating, smashing a real man. If it weren’t for true love, who could be so day after day. Therefore, we bodybuilders don’t care about the remarks that fitness is useless. They don’t understand the charm of fitness. If you are not even willing to use this money on yourself, is it possible to save money to contribute bags and lipsticks? Wake up, young man.

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  All things are born as primates, except for men and women in this world, although they are all humans, they seem to be very different. The biggest difference is the physiological difference. Due to the physiological differences, boys and girls have different thinking. Thinking is the most basic basis for guiding a person’s behavior. Different thinking behaviors and the purpose behind the behavior are also very different. So when boys and girls are doing the same thing, it is very likely that they have different goals.

  At a time when everyone is clamoring for national fitness, fitness training has long become an integral part of many people’s lives. The size of the fitness crowd is growing every year. This growth is inseparable from men and women who love fitness. Don’t think that the gym is full of sweaty gents. In fact, female bodybuilders also account for a large part of them. Closer to home, then, what is the difference and difference between the purpose of male fitness and the purpose of female fitness?

  1. Get the difference in positive emotions

  Everyone in life produces negative emotions. These negative emotions come from all aspects of life. It may be work or family. However, negative emotions cannot surround a person at all times. Smart people have ways to vent negative emotions. Fitness training is one of them. Fitness is a way for many boys to release stress. The release of strength through strength training can get rid of mental exhaustion, and thus get emotional relief. It is unavoidable to say that it is a bit bitter and sad.

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  The girls are a little different. Most of their negative emotions are talked to the same sex, or dumped to their spouse. Speaking of it, this is really a clever method of transferring negative emotions, which makes people feel a little embarrassed. Therefore, although girls can get positive emotions while exercising, this is not the purpose of their fitness. To a large extent, fitness training is just their habit.

  2. The difference in self-value enhancement

  Most people want their own value to be higher than others, and this is most obvious in men. Believe it or not, we see that in nature, males are always particularly conspicuous, especially in spring, the male bird with beautiful feathers always gets the priority to choose a mate. Its entity is now a human being. A good figure and strong muscles are obviously also bargaining chips to attract the opposite sex.

  The purpose of many boys’ fitness is self-evident, and to a large extent it is to get more high-quality attention from the opposite sex. Strong muscles and a stalwart figure are the purpose of their fitness. From being thin or fat to becoming a muscular man is a transformation that improves their own value. The purpose of fitness for girls is to improve their figure or maintain their health. Although it is also a manifestation of their own value enhancement, the purpose is not to attract the opposite sex. You must know that there are few boys in China who prefer European and American muscular girls.

  3, satisfy hobbies

  I have to say that fitness deserves several benefits in one fell swoop. People who love fitness must feel it. Not to mention satisfying their hobbies, but also improving their physical fitness, and enjoying the praise and admiration of others in the back. Therefore, regardless of whether men or women, fitness training is their hobby, it is often the same on this point, because fitness brings them the same happiness. In short, fitness training does not distinguish between men and women. Although they have different goals, they are all positive and self-improving.

  Finally, can you reveal what your fitness purpose is?

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  Everything has an amazing price! Voltrx protein shaker is safe, easy to clean, easy to carry, detachable pre-exercise or protein storage, extra stirring balls per bottle!

  This is the new electric shaker bottle I use every day at home/work. There is no leakage or overflow, and the electric shaker bottle on the measuring side allows more precise use.

  I will definitely come back to buy more of these as gifts! One thought it was very helpful

glitter shaker bottle

  These voltrx Shaker Bottles are all very good for the following reasons:

  1) Large capacity-there is enough space for multiple spoons and a proper amount of water (or whatever you use).

  (2) In the top assembly, a mixing ball and a sieve make almost all the micropowder very smooth.

  (3) Store the powder in the bottom compartment. When I clicked these, I didn’t realize it was a function. I’m surprised.

  So far, voltrx electric shaker bottle is a solid product. It may be an update based on washing machines and heavy use within 90 days.

voltrx premium electric protein shaker

  This is the protein shaker bottle you want. The price is very good, you bought two, leak-proof. I like the extra compartment. The vibrating screen does a good job of eliminating lumps, but I hope the sieve is smaller, because if it is shaken improperly, sometimes lumps may leak out. If the sieve is smaller, these will get stuck in it. In general, it can complete the task as scheduled. I have a little problem with how easy it is to clean the parts. The body is easy to clean, but the design of the cap is strange, which sometimes makes it difficult for the dishwasher to clean.

  I really like these Shaker Bottles. Loosen the screw at the bottom to store the dry powder. The cup itself can hold your milk or water. I used it for about two weeks, and no leakage was found. I really like the handle on the spout. The only slight dislike is that there are small cracks in the lid, the powder will get stuck inside, and you need a toothbrush or a small brush to take it out.

  If I lose or damage these Shaker Bottle Steel, I will order them again.

Battery powered Protein Shaker

  I bought a lot of wine glasses and Shaker Bottle. I also destroyed a bunch of wine glasses and Shaker Bottle. I threw them away. I left them in the car. I put half of it in the refrigerator until my smoothie is fermented. If it doesn’t smell that bad, it might make me drunk.

  But these? They are perfect. I threw them away, they won’t burst or break. When I left them on the counter for half a night, they were easy to clean. They are the right size. I like the small storage room under it, and I like that the cup doesn’t look weird when I leave. It is the same as 2, so that when I walk, I bring water and shake!

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  Actually, when I bought the voltrx protein shaker, I didn’t know it was two packs, so I was surprised. The voltrx electric shaker bottle is large and can hold enough water. I use them for morning exercises. I really like having a fixed compartment where I can put protein powder after get off work. The only thing to pay attention to is cleanliness. There is a crack at the top with some powder in it. It was shaped once because I missed its cleanliness. It will be cleaned up soon, but I pay more attention to it now.

Shaker Bottle australia

  This is a great protein shaker. The design is very good, almost as described. For anyone who wants to know, the “ball” is made of a sturdy plastic floating. It is neither soft nor sticky. I’ve read a review before, in which someone shakes/makes his drink break the bottom of his glass. But it must be difficult for them to do this, because you don’t need to use this protein shaker to make such a hard drink between the ball and the honeycomb partition, between the lid and the drink. The powder I use absorbs quickly in water and does not require much agitation, so I don’t understand how they scrape Protein Shaker Electric. Their powder tends to agglomerate. One more thing I want to say is that what I care about is oral medicine. That part is “fragile”, it will turn over and turn off the drink in place. It may be the wrong word, but I am worried that after using it many times, it will eventually leak or be completely destroyed. In addition, I admire its large size and handle. I especially like storing dry powder at the bottom of the compartment! A genius idea!

Automatic Shaker Bottle

  I can’t drink this bottle for long. I either lose a part (for example, shake the ball), or lose the whole thing, or the lid will start to leak, or the electric shaker bottle will crack (in the sun, or because I hit it with a car). The list goes on. Surprisingly, my water bottle has always been there. Think about it.

  So I bought these electric shaker bottles because they are cheap, have high ratings, and because they are a pair (in case I lose it right away). I don’t have high expectations, but I expect something “good enough”.

  My expectations were broken: these electric shaker bottles proved to be the best sports accessories I have ever bought.

  First of all, I didn’t even notice the storage cups on the bottom of these electric shaker bottles. I always make up my milkshake before going to work, then sit for a whole day at work, and then continue to sit after get off work until I drink it immediately after exercise. After the powder is stored, it will produce a more delicious protein shake! Day and night.

Electric Blender Bottle Walmart

  The storage cup is safe (will not fall off accidentally) and is well sealed. It also contains a lot of milkshakes. Owning it is a very pleasant surprise, which makes this electric shaker bottle more valuable.

  Second, the vibration system, including a blade ball and a top screen, is well done. Literally, it shook for 3 seconds without any lumps. What I like most is that this system never traps dry energy in the corners: it’s all shaking, which means that the cleaning is just a quick rinse and air drying.

  Third, the flip-top plug is perfectly sealed and will not drip. I have plugs, and the trembling water droplets hold them tightly, just fall on my nose and run down my face. It’s disgusting. No problem here! The stopper is hydrophobic and it is even hard to get wet.

  Because even a five-star review should look balanced and fair, I did find a little quirk: you end up having to add powder, water, balls, and screen to the electric shaker bottle. The first time I used the electric shaker bottle, I used powder first, then another, and then stuck the semi-moist powder on the blade of the ball, and they met in the middle. Put gunpowder at the end, it will never happen.

  just buy these things. They are great electric shaker bottles and real bargains, and their weight far exceeds their weight.

marvel shaker bottle

  In the previous dry goods article, we just talked about the difficulty of dumbbell press. If you still have an impression, you should remember that we said at the time that the over-the-top action has the longest power chain, and requires higher scapula and core stability. The dumbbell press is typical.

  Many friends may feel that doing dumbbell press is not as difficult as imagined. Amuscle thinks that you must be sitting during inertial training. During the sitting dumbbell press, our back leaning on the back of the chair has already helped us. Takes most of the stability, but what if you change from a sitting position to a standing position?

  You must be able to imagine that it is inevitable that the core cannot control the body to lean back a little, and the weight of the dumbbells will be greatly reduced. It is precisely because the standing posture better manages our core abilities, which greatly tests our shoulder blade stability and improves the strength of the whole body. It is more worthy of being arranged in our plan.

  Of course, today we still start with the advanced action-alternate standing dumbbell press

  Our preferred variant is to let the dumbbells face you at the beginning, and then rotate your palms outwards when you push, which is more in line with the natural range of movement of the shoulder joint and helps reduce the risk of injury.

  In contrast, when most people push dumbbells in a sitting or standing position, their elbows are spread out to the sides. The result of the outward elbow is that the shoulder joint is in an unfavorable position on the mechanical level, which may cause damage to the joint because the shoulder joint is in an external rotation posture.

  Below we will give you a clear explanation of standing dumbbell press, bringing you effective forms of action and common mistakes, so that all friends can safely and effectively complete standing dumbbell press.

  Arnold standing alternately

  1. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height with palms facing the body

  2. Separate your feet, shoulder width apart, fix your knees, and tighten your gluteus maximus

  3. While keeping your back straight, push up the dumbbells and turn the dumbbells with your right hand, slowly turning your palms forward until your arms are fully extended. At this time, your palms should be facing forward and keep your elbows locked.

  4. Slowly lower the weight and return to the starting position, with the palm facing the body at the lowest point

  5. Repeat the action on the other side alternately in the same way

  Action suggestion

  1. When lifting the weight over the top of the head, keep the gluteus maximus and core tightened to prevent the lower back from arching excessively, and keep your chest and shoulders straight

  2. At the highest point of the movement, the body should form a straight line from the foot to the hand being pushed

  3. Look straight ahead, keep your head and neck straight, and avoid bowing your head forward

  4. In the process of restoring, inhale, when you push up the dumbbells, exhale

  common problem

  1. Lean back and arch your lower back

  It is the most common and dangerous posture when doing top press-whether it is a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. If there is not enough shoulder flexibility, or the weight used is too large, you may be able to take advantage of the force to complete the action by excessively bending the lower back.

  This uncoordinated back posture can cause serious injuries, so it is essential to maintain the flexibility of the shoulder joint. Another common problem is “rib valgus”, that is, the core is not in a contracted state.

electric protein mixer

  Ideally, the core should be tightened so that the ribs will be tightened during the press. Keeping the ribs in the lower position during the press is not easy and requires a long time of training.

  2. The arm is not locked

  When you lift the weight above your head, the ideal approach is to lock your arms at the top. The upper arm should be right next to the ear and in a vertical position. This position requires sufficient flexibility in the triceps and shoulders.

  When the arms are fully extended, you can get a short rest at the highest point of the movement, and there should be a straight line passing gravity from the hands to the feet.

  3. Push the weight up by turning sideways

  Training with dumbbells is a good idea because it can help you correct muscle imbalances on the left and right sides of your body. If you find that you are unbalanced, such as the strength of your arms, or the quadratus lumborum or oblique muscles on one side of your body are weaker than the other, it may be difficult for you to keep your body in the correct posture at all times during the action.

  The correct posture is to keep your body upright and stable so that your body will not sway from side to side. When you push up the dumbbells, your body will lean from side to side. Keep your head straight and your gluteus maximus muscles tightened to help prevent your body from shaking.

  I hope here to help you confidently use the correct posture to complete the standing dumbbell press. Mastering this action can help you build a solid strength foundation, which is convenient for you to perform more advanced actions in the future, such as standing barbell strength referrals.

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  In countless training exercises, we all know that besides completing the exercise itself, core tightening and shoulder sinking are also essentials that cannot be ignored. However, there is such an upper body movement that requires you to use your lower limbs to drive during training. However, when countless friends do this movement, not only do they not use their lower limbs to drive, they also curl up their legs into the air.

  I believe you already know, we are talking about the barbell bench press that everyone is familiar with. If you did not realize the “existence” of the leg when doing this exercise, then it is recommended that you relearn the bench press.

  For most people, the barbell bench press is done as an upper body exertion exercise. Its target is the chest muscles, but if done correctly, it will become a whole body exertion exercise. You will use your legs. To drive and tighten the whole body, while stabilizing your shoulder straps. However, if the movement is improper, it can cause severe muscle imbalance and eventually chronic shoulder pain. And this will undoubtedly affect your daily activities.

  In today’s content, you will learn how to use good techniques to ensure a safe bench press, and maximize the value of the bench press to meet your various needs. This covers most of what you need to know, from reasonable adjustments to correct movements and postures.

  The initial adjustment of the correct bench press

  For any movement, the correct starting posture is essential for the correct movement, and the bench press is no exception. When you are lying on the bench, make sure your hips, upper back and head are firmly resting on the bench. Align your eyes with the barbell and make sure your neck is in the middle of the barbell to prevent injury.

  1. The position of the feet

  In any case, both feet are required to step firmly on the floor. In order to find the most suitable position for your feet, it is best to try them one by one.

  Under no circumstances should you lift your feet in the air or step on a stool. This will not only make you unable to drive with your legs, but it will also compromise the stability. These are things that must be paid attention to, because this is the prerequisite for you to start right next.

  If you lack hip flexibility, get some barbell plates and step on them with your feet.

  2. Hand posture and grip

  Just like the placement of the feet, the grip and the distance vary from person to person, depending on various factors such as the individual’s proportions, whether they have ever been injured, and the flexibility of the shoulder and wrist joints.

  It is recommended that most small partners take a medium grip. A wider grip is usually used by powerlifters in competitions, but for most people, this grip puts more pressure on the shoulders.

  No matter which grip you choose, make sure that your wrist is in a neutral position, not overextension, otherwise it will put a lot of pressure on your wrist. This method can lift more weight and generate more power.

  It is also important to use a solid grip so that your wrists are not so easy to overextend. The knuckles of the other 4 fingers should be behind the barbell, not underneath.

  3. Body tightness

  This may be the most important step, because it determines whether you can successfully complete the action correctly, and it is also the most overlooked step for most people.

  Tighten your body and prepare your body for bench presses to avoid injury and stabilize your shoulders, allowing you to get more benefits from every movement.

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  Action step-by-step explanation

  1. Tighten your shoulder blades (shrug your shoulders if you find yourself retracting your shoulder blades, you can try to sink your shoulders down at the same time).

  You can do this before holding the bar. In layman’s terms, it feels like you are trying to bend the barbell. This will further activate your latissimus dorsi and back muscles.

  Tighten the shoulder blades to force the core muscles, gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles to participate in the action. Remember, the bench press is a full-body exercise! Before mastering the essentials, you may wish to practice with empty bars until you are proficient.

  2. Out of the bar

  If you have a partner to help out the bar is the best, this can ensure that the body is in a state of tension. If you can’t find someone else to protect? Don’t worry, there is another trick you can do by yourself.

  To maintain tension, lift the barbell from the rack with the strength of your back and waist. This can be done to stand tall and sink shoulders.

  In most cases, when you try to push up the barbell through your shoulders, your shoulders will also stretch forward, and you will find it difficult to return your shoulders to their original positions.

  Correct preparation for bench press

  1. Breathe properly

  In order to maintain stability throughout the bench press, the role of breathing should be used reasonably. Before the barbell goes down, take a deep breath and hold it. This can be done before the bar is lifted, or after the bar is lifted and before the barbell is lowered. When the barbell is lowered to the chest, it helps the whole body tense up.

  There are several different exhalation methods, and which one to use depends on goals and experience. One way is to exhale at the highest point of each movement when the barbell is stable. You can take another deep breath before lowering the barbell again, or you can exhale slowly as you push up the load.

  If you have the ability and the level of training is good, you can try to hold a few breaths at a time. Adjust your breathing at the highest point of the action, not at the lowest point of the action!

  2. Keep your body tight, lower the barbell to your chest

  In order to maintain tightness throughout the movement, keep the latissimus dorsi, other back muscles, abdominal muscles, buttocks and quadriceps continuously activated. For the tightness of the abdominal muscles, hips and quadriceps muscles are the easier parts, just squeeze them.

  Keep your back tight, imagine yourself wanting to bend the barbell, and pull it toward your chest muscles. When you actively bend the barbell, your elbows naturally come closer to your body.

  Do not open your elbows to 90 degrees, or even perpendicular to your body. This puts pressure on the shoulders and also puts pressure on the elbow joints. Keep your upper arms tense and form a 45-degree angle with your body. To control this, you can keep your latissimus dorsi tight by squeezing your armpits.

  Always control the barbell while lowering it to the chest. According to the physiological structure, the barbell should stop somewhere between your sternum and nipple. The forearm is perpendicular to the ground.

  Note: It is also very important to keep your head close to the bench during the entire movement to protect the cervical spine. People with insufficient shoulder flexibility and weak neck muscles will raise their heads during bench press. To avoid this, either reduce the weight and make sure to do it in the correct posture.

  3. Whole body drive

  Before the barbell touches the chest, the body transmits force through the ground to push the barbell up.

  When you start to push, step on the ground firmly with your feet and exert force on your heels. Feel your quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and abdominal muscles tense, so you feel more strength when you bench press.

  Push up the weight until it is completely locked, and tighten the shoulder blades at all times to prevent the shoulders from moving forward.

  4. Line of sight

  The line of sight was focused on a certain point on the ceiling. Look at the position where the bar is pushed. This can help you stay focused and tense. Watching the movement of the barbell during the bench press will affect your stability.

  These techniques can not only help break through the bottleneck period, but also avoid injuries during the continuous training process. Perform the bench press in the correct way, and you can continue to add weight to both sides of the barbell to hit your new record.

  Of course, because everyone’s anatomy is different, there will be many differences in skills, and you need to summarize and adjust yourself.

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  The first-class Shaker Bottle amazon, which satisfies all your protein needs.

  This Shaker Bottle amazon is the ultimate solution for all your protein needs. You can drink your favorite beverage with this spacious Shaker Bottle amazon. This Shaker Bottle amazon can hold about 700ml (24oz). The protein bottle keeps you hydrated because it is highly portable and can keep you alive for a long time, whether you are in the gym or in the Olympic Stadium. Brightly colored shakers can use blue. This Shaker Bottle amazon is suitable for holding hot and cold liquids. In addition, it can also be used to store pancake batter, milkshakes, smoothies, fiber drinks, egg mash, etc.

  Your perfect fitness partner

  This is a very easy-to-use cap opening system. The bottle cap ensures the safety of your protein shake. The liquid can be poured out through a small opening near the lid opener, or through a large opening that can be reached after opening the lid. Shaker Bottle amazon can maintain a mild liquid, up to 40%. If the liquid content exceeds the recommended temperature, Shaker Bottle amazon may deform and lose its shape and design. There is a built-in filter in Shaker Bottle amazon, which can filter out a large amount of solution. The twist and lock mechanism in Shaker Bottle amazon makes protein powder easy to store. In addition, Shaker Bottle amazon has a stirring ball that can help stir your solution.

Shaker Bottle amazon

  Sturdy structure, better performance

  Shaker Bottle amazon is made of food-grade plastic to ensure the safety of the contents. Seal the top of the tank so that it leaks 100%-best use. The protection of the anti-cracking material guarantees its long-term use. The cover provides 100% sealing protection and leakage protection. This leak-proof seal also provides leak-proof protection during the mixing process to avoid loss of content. For a trouble-free cleaning experience, you can put Shaker Bottle amazon in the dishwasher because it is dishwasher-friendly.

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  This is my second Shaker Bottle manufacturer. I like it! The first time I used it for three years, it broke. Because I accidentally dropped on the tiles from the second floor, I decided to order another one. I like the tightly held bottle cap, so even if you have a curious 2-year-old kid playing with the bottle and want to drink your drink, they won’t be able to open it.

  This is the best electric shaker bottle I have ever used. I have used it for a long time, and it will not become slippery or disgusting like other vibrators, when you finish your vibration. If I go out, if I just need to wash with soap and water, I will be fine. I can rinse it off without a brush or sponge until I can take it home and clean it properly. There is nothing worse than the old protein shake!

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  I fell in love with this Shaker Bottle! It fits well. Can swing up and down. It is easy and comfortable to hold. Very fashionable. 28 ounces. It is mixed with the baby bottle. It has a lid that can be opened and kept still. It will not hit your nose. Very strong. I ordered two and loved them! One of my favorite things is these voltrx bottles! Drinking is fun! Would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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  I often check the protein shaker bottle every few years. I really don’t mix with them (I usually mix what I want to mix first and then match the cup), but I like the durability of the cup itself and how easy it is to drink when opened. I work 12 hours a week, several shifts a week. I need something to withstand the wear and tear of being pushed, dropped, and sitting in the refrigerator for endless nights. This is my third juice bottle-and one of the first voltrx brands. I highly recommend anyone who likes these Shaker Bottle or voltrx.

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  I am looking for a protein shaker bottle. Many people on Amazon have been saying that it will be easy to break. Seeing that this ghost blender bottle is much cheaper than other wines that have been reviewed 1,000 times, I picked it up.

  Good conformity, no leakage during vibration, easy to clean.

  The electric shaker bottle did appear on the shaker. The negative comments here must be unlucky, even though I did not use the electric shaker bottle because I mixed my shaker with our nutrition ball.

personalized blender bottle

  Gatorade 28oz black blender bottle with blender ball is great! High quality! The screw cap is really sealed. Shake it about 45 times with both hands, there are more than 20 ounces of powder in it, it doesn’t leak at all! Honestly, I hope I can feel the liquid in my hand or the liquid outside the bottle. No! You get what you pay for! Thank you Gatorade!

voltrx premium electric protein shaker

  This protein shaker bottle gives you all the benefits, a traditional protein shaker bottle (completely mixed powder, sealed cap, smooth and consistent shaking), plus one huge thing: you now feel like a champion. Some things about using this protein shaker bottle with an orange hat and Gatorade logo are clearly displayed, making you feel that professional athletes are buried in your heart. We don’t have to watch athletes drink Gatorade. I hope it is us, because it can be us now. Of course, the big guy in the gym also has a bottle, but is he sponsored by Gatorade like us? Maybe not, and he doesn’t need to know that this electric shaker bottle was bought on Amazon, not the towel man gave us. We are inner champions, and this bottle of wine comes from our hearts. Cam Newton’s career began to decline. Why? I haven’t seen him drinking in a Gatorade ad for a long time. Don’t make Cam Newton! Buy this protein shaker bottle!

ghost blender bottle

  If you are still shaking after a workout, you have done a mistake. The ending of the story.

  When I realized that adding protein powder to the beautiful and powerful Typhoon Almond Dew (rising from the depths of my voltrx bottle) increased its efficiency, my world opened up. Add your liquids (such as water, milk, vodka, etc.), add your ingredients, and start! It perfectly combines the advantages of Lingtuo.

  In addition, it is sexy white, so if you have a lighting-themed kitchen, it will be the perfect choice for sitting in the corner of the counter.

  Buy one today. You will not regret it.

voltrx mixer bottle

  Voltrx electric shaker bottle is equipped with a powder container that can be put in a glass, so you can hold the whole set in one hand without mixing in advance, so you can taste a lot of drinks.

  Voltrx electric shaker bottle is good at blending light drinks, but I don’t want the voltrx electric shaker bottle to crush the berries. The voltrx electric shaker bottle is just a mixer, not a stirrer.

  The top seal is very good, there is no leakage, and the mouth can make you stick bigger.

  The whole thing is easy to disassemble and clean.

  In general, this is a good toolkit.

voltrx premium electric protein shaker

  This is a great drink electric shaker bottle! I am really impressed by its effect on energy mixing. I don’t use heavy protein powder like other reviewers—he gave a poor evaluation because it didn’t work well. For me, I only use some protein powder or energy powder, the effect is very good! It is an excellent substitute for conventional vibrating cups!

mini shaker bottle

  It comes with a “nutrition pod”. I’m not sure what it is, but now I see that the protein shaker bottle stores your protein powder. You can also use it for other things-like eating fresh fruits or berries. I like this idea. I think its overall design is really great.

  In my opinion, this protein shaker bottle is really good. I am used to Shaker Bottle, but this is better. In addition to using an electric electric shaker bottle, you can also give it extra vibration.

wholesale shaker bottles

  I waited for a while and spent a month or two on this mixer. The first mixer I bought now is broken, I sent it back, and the other one is perfectly fine. I absolutely love it. My wife used it to make our funny shaker bottle dietary supplement milkshake, which is probably the best product I bought. I definitely recommend.

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  Protein shaker bottle is very easy to use and clean. And once it is charged (using the iPhone charger), it will remain charged for a long time. The cleaning is very simple, just pour water and 1 piece of detergent into the water, then turn on the rinse! This design left a deep impression on people. This makes it easier to whipped protein shakes.

voltrx premium electric protein shaker

  bought on Father’s Day, he absolutely loves this product. He uses it to mix his protein drinks every day. We are all surprised by the function of this portable vibrating screen. Compared with the traditional sports drink mixer, it can indeed make the drink softer.

  It is convenient to use the electric shaker bottle and mix well. But you have to endure it. This is not a rough cup. You can’t make frozen smoothies. It’s useless at all. But the protein powder drink does not contain any solids and works well. I bring my lunch bag to work. It is easy to clean.

kid suda & kleemar shake that bottle

  This thing is a bit crazy. I like. Thoroughly crush the powder that will clump together. Unfortunately, when the protein is shaken, there will be some bubbles, but when I briefly shake or drop ice, I still do it.

  I’m worried about spending so much money on a mixed, furry cupid, but it’s really great. Charges are a great benefit to me.

  As long as the ice cubes are not mixed in, it can last a long time. At first glance, the stirrer at the bottom is a bit fragile, but the button can be rotated in pulses to cool the magic sauce without entering the full tilt bender zoom mode.

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  just started to study fitness more deeply and decided to buy Shaker Bottle because it looks easier to clean than star wars shaker bottle. I am an efficient person and I would say that this is undoubtedly one of the best kettles I have ever bought. It will do everything it claims to do, even if it mixes my thick cashew butter with smoothies. It is tightly sealed and can hold as many water or smoothies as I need. I want to mention, don’t let off heat/drink hot shakes here, because it suddenly appeared on it and scared me. Just started drinking protein shakes. I did some research and found that all shakers have a ball. It seems very troublesome. The idea that I have extra things to clean up does not suit me. I was so busy that I hardly went home. I googled “Shaker Cup No Ball” and then Shaker Bottle appeared. I like. It is mixed with my milkshake without any lumps, it is easy to clean and it looks good. I even bought gifts. It is likely to buy a third as a spare.

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  Shaker Bottle is great and easy to use. The overall design of the protein shaker bottle is outstanding. Blended BP coffee or protein shakes are better than any bottle I personally own. Their customer service surpasses any company I have worked with in the past 32 years! Highly recommended! Easy to get 5 stars, you can order this company’s Shaker Bottle from here!

  I am impressed. I use milk powder, not instant. This means using an electric shaker bottle to quickly stir the milk. I use room temperature water with milk powder. It takes a little pressure to shut up quickly. Then I shook it for less than a minute and found that the milk was completely mixed. With this result, I have every reason to believe that it will mix the most difficult fans.

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  between the protein shaker bottle and other vibrators with balls or inserts, which is good because you don’t have to worry about them, clean them, or listen to them when the Shaker Bottle is empty. Helimix mixes all great things-some things are even better than balls. My front/inside exercises are better, so I no longer have spots and are not easy to shake. It is definitely recommended that people use Shaker Bottle multiple times a day to meet different needs, because the smell and taste of anything there will not last!

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  Over the years, I have bought a lot of electric shaker bottles to mix my protein drinks. This is by far the best one, but I will buy another one or two, so I can still buy a clean drink in the dishwasher . I can even mix yogurt or pb2 with my milkshake and it will slide out smoothly. There is no big loose powder, no ball or blade to clean the best!

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  This is a perfect cheap shaker bottle. I can adjust the powder to perfection, and the effect is very good—maybe it depends on the powder, but I adjust all the products I use. The design looks cool; it doesn’t look like a typical double shake bottle. There is no leakage. When in the open position, the pop-up top stays open instead of falling into your eyes or cheeks like others do when you drink.

  It solves all my past complaints about seasoning bottles and even regular kettles!

  This mini shaker bottle is very convenient. Don’t worry about shaking the ball, the noise is small when shaking. I can put it into pre-exercise or protein powder, which is relatively easy to mix. Put water or milk first, then powder. If this is done, agglomeration will not be a big problem. Hope the lid can be opened directly to 135 degrees instead of 90 degrees.

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  I was skeptical at first, but I like this protein shake mixer bottle. I rarely review projects, but I will make an exception.

  voltrx is the perfect Shaker Bottle, perfect fusion. After years of standard dribbling, it has been proved that the effect of this protein shake mixer bottle is better than the design itself.

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  voltrx is easy to clean even when you go out. When finished, you can pour half of the water, shake it well, and then rinse it off on the spot. Of course, wash after going home to provide extra hygiene.

  All in all, this is the best Shaker Bottle with an excellent price/performance ratio. I will definitely recommend this protein shake mixer bottle to everyone. Good job, helicopter!

kid suda & kleemar shake that bottle

  I like this shake that bottle, I bought one for my wife. I also ordered an extra protein shaker bottle today.

  People complain that the snap-lock cover will be stuck, but if you hold the protein shaker and point to the phone, just like a phone, this is not a real problem. It will not hinder you.

  This Shaker Bottle does exactly what it says. There are no large lumps or fragments on the powder, no leakage or other things that need to be cleaned.

  I like this Shaker Bottle!

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  This is a good protein shaker bottle. I can’t mix powder. Before adding the powder, pour the water into the shaker and add ice cubes after mixing. I will give it five stars, but my Shaker Bottle does not have a “sweet spot”. This is just a blank. My fingers should be pressed on it so that it can be sealed. I bought a missing part for 39.95 dollars.

  The customer service emailed me, saying that my vibrating screen is a new model, and the warranty card in the box has no missing parts. The warranty card is applicable to the old model.

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  I don’t think I’ve written a product review, I’m just doing it! I’m just an ordinary person, trying to improve my health. I am no stranger to protein shaker bottles, and I have never found a mixing bottle that can do this. Before purchasing, I was actually looking at a personal-sized Shaker Bottle so that I could use my meal replacement shake at work. I couldn’t find anything I felt needed. Encountered this problem when searching. At first, I rolled my eyes, but I bought it anyway, because in the worst case it can only be used as a kettle. I received the news yesterday and used it for the first time today. I used 2 tablespoons of chocolate whey (naked brand), 1 tablespoon of collagen (naked brand), 2 tablespoons of PB2 cocoa powder, and probiotic powder. Added 1.5 cups of water, half splashed. I didn’t shake the bottle in a special way, nor did I shake it vigorously. I shake! I drink smoothly! Unless I use Shaker Bottle, I will never be able to make my handshake smooth. No lumps, no powder at the bottom. Just a drink. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this damn bottle! I am also glad that there is no small piece of metal to wipe the ball, and it must be wiped clean. Finally, the product has an advertising function. I am also very glad that there is no small piece of metal to wipe the ball, so I must wipe the track. Finally, the product has an advertising function. I am also very glad that there is no small piece of metal to wipe the ball, so I must wipe the track. Finally, the product has an advertising function.

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  Okay, this thing is great. I wanted to restore my health and protein powder, so I decided to try this Shaker Bottle. I thought it could achieve a good delivery just after hype. I was so wrong. This thing blends my whey powder better than anything I have tried. (Shaking ball cup, electric stirrer, quality pre-mixing, mixing for several hours, etc.) Zero lumps, zero lid leakage, and zero complaints. Not easy to clean or durable. However, the stirring power of this cup is incredible.

  The only thing I need is the insulated version, so my protein shake can keep cold for a longer time without shaking.

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  Milk protein is a high-purity protein form composed of casein and whey protein (usually about 80%-20%). Milk protein is extracted from filtered milk and gradually purified, leaving a very effective source of protein, which can be gradually released into the body in a few hours instead of a few minutes. The high protein content and rich amino acid properties of milk protein make it an ideal choice for the human body without immediate intake of protein. This article examines milk protein and its properties, and why it is an important and widely used option for athletes and bodybuilders to restore their health.

  Milk protein and recycling

  Rehabilitation is a continuous process, and the body will constantly strive to adapt to the needs of the last exercise. The process of building muscle tissue is constant, which is why a rich supply of amino acids is very important for recovery. Milk protein helps the recovery process by providing sustained release of amino acids. The sustained release of amino acids peaks in 3-4 hours, and then is completely absorbed in about 7 hours. This is very important when you consider when your body will adapt to the stress of training. Recovery period. Milk protein has many advantages over other types of protein in terms of recycling.

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  Milk protein and whey protein

  If recovery is defined as “the time that the body repairs itself without training”, every minute at this moment can be used to enhance the effectiveness of training. The human body can often use milk protein to rebuild muscle tissue, usually through eating and snacking. With this ability, milk protein is unique. Milk protein can be gradually utilized by the body during the day/night to enhance the functions of other proteins (such as whey protein). When taken with whey protein, studies have shown that milk protein can increase the amount of muscle tissue produced by the body. Milk protein has also been shown to extend the duration of this elevated level.

  When used alone, milk protein does not stimulate protein synthesis like other protein types (such as whey), but milk protein does have an impressive anti-degradation effect. Catabolism means that the body breaks down complex cell molecules to release energy to feed itself. In training, this usually means that muscle protein is broken down, which is undesirable because we are trying to build muscle tissue. Milk protein is gradually digested by the body to provide sustained release of amino acids, thereby preventing this from happening.

  Milk protein and training

  Milk protein can be used for training for anyone, no matter what their goal is. Athletes, bodybuilders and anyone are training in a stable recovery state and can benefit from supplementing milk protein. This state of recovery is a direct result of training pressure: the body needs to rebuild a stronger body after every training, so it needs protein. Milk protein can ensure a constant amount of amino acids enter the muscles for a long time. No matter how much whey protein is consumed, muscle tissue will always be broken down to a certain degree. Unless, that is, you have a constant source of slow-release amino acids. Milk protein provides this and does help with fuel recovery during the day/night (and thus results).

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  Many people train hard instead of being smart. It is true that you have to train hard to get real benefits, but gyms all over the world are training hard, and by working smarter rather than just working harder, you can make their training more effective. In order to maximize the efficiency of training, daily activities need to use all possible opportunities to adapt and grow. A representative rhythm can completely change the way of exercise and its results, but it is easy to fall into the trap of lifting the heavier the better, rather than focusing on the way of lifting.

  The importance of beats in muscle acquisition

  Rhythm can completely change the way you exercise and the results you get. It can also ensure that the muscles exert maximum tension during contraction: minimize momentum or cheat. Because variable speed can make the range of motion smoother, it is unlikely to cause injury. You will feel the appearance is deeper and shrink more, which in turn will bring you better results.

  What is the rhythm of weightlifting?

  Weightlifting rhythm is the number of seconds you need to complete a complete repetition. In this sense, repetition is from the starting position to its range, and then back to the starting position. The beat is usually represented by three or four numbers, each corresponding to a different part of the range of motion. If you take biceps flexion as an example, divide it into four separate parts:

  negative part-elbow bends, weight increases; then eccentrically lowers the weight to the bottom of the range

  Bottom of range-arm reaches maximum extension

  front part-arms curl backwards in a concentric manner

  Original position-the arm returns to the original position and maintains isometric contraction

  These four stages constitute the number that the rhythm is broken down into. The speed of 3/1/2/1 means falling for 3 seconds, pausing for 1 second, returning for 2 seconds, pausing for 1 second, and then repeating. And 4/0/3/0 means falling for 4 seconds, without stopping, rising for 3 seconds, without stopping and then repeating. Ideally, the representative time should be kept at about 7 seconds; facts have proved that this is the best time for muscle growth. Studies have shown that for muscle development, each group of muscles needs to withstand 30-70 seconds of tension. I am grateful this time, but everyone is different, so it is worth a try to see what is best for your body.


  The most important part of   rep is when the fiber is stretched under tension (ie eccentric in the downward phase). This is the time when the degree of micro damage is the greatest, and representative work should be emphasized. Most people tend to focus on sales representatives instead of staying at the top or bottom. Depending on the exercise, you can increase the intensity of the exercise by adding these pauses. Contracting at the bottom or top of the amplitude will make the muscles work harder. It is important to remember that different exercises will have different areas, but this will apply to different areas. Take biceps bending again as an example (if it is a free standing exercise), you will not feel tension in the second stage, and you will feel tension in the fourth stage. What rhythm suits me?

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  If you have never considered the speed of modification, then reduce the weight and start with 4/0/3/0. The biggest common mistake of most cranes is to deliver the representative too quickly. Not only are you more prone to injury, you will also lose your body. When you lose your body, the focus will shift to the working muscles, and when you cheat, they also lose their tension. In order to get the best results, the muscles need to stay tense throughout the process. Speed ​​training puts more pressure on working muscles, forcing you to maintain a state, so as to ensure better results.

  There are many studies on training rhythm, but usually a good starting point is:

  negative part (off-center): 2-6 seconds

  Lower limit of range: 02 seconds

  Positive part (concentric): 1-3 seconds

  Starting position: 02 seconds

  is the same sentence, this is because different people react differently. What works for one person may not work for the next. Take a look at what you are doing now, and then try to apply the principles behind speed-lifting. Adjust the suggested time until you find the time that suits you best.

  This is not performance, this is when the muscles are tense, and this is the time that really brings results. If you slow down the speed of the sound, you will feel the muscles move more vigorously. It is this intensity that will drive your results.

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  When training for weight gain and muscle development, muscles need protein in all possible absorption opportunities. Since the human body can only take in a limited amount of protein per meal, it is important that the type of protein intake should reflect the needs of the human body. Enter milk protein. When it is necessary to release protein for a long time to enhance the efficacy of whey protein, milk protein has proven to be extremely effective. This makes milk protein an ideal choice for long bedtime and daytime meals. Adding milk protein to your diet strategy will reduce any period when the body begins to break down muscle tissue. Milk protein has a strong anti-catabolic effect and many unique properties, which makes it an important part of any weight gain diet.

  The benefits of milk protein for weight gain

  Many scientific studies have shown that the digestion of milk protein in the body is very slow, reaching a peak in 3-4 hours, and it will be completely absorbed in about 7 hours. This is due to the high content of casein in milk protein. Milk protein is composed of purified components of filtered milk: casein and whey protein, accounting for about 80%-20%.

  One of the main advantages of    milk protein is its natural high glutamine content. Among all available protein types, casein in milk protein contains the highest amount of glutamine. This very useful amino acid can help bodybuilders and those who want to gain weight, help them maintain muscle mass, and help the immune system function. Another significant advantage of milk protein is that it provides sustained release and slow absorption. Because casein is digested in hours instead of minutes (like whey protein), its movement in the digestive tract is much slower. It is believed that the human body can absorb and use protein more efficiently.

  The role of milk protein in weight gain

  In order for the weight gain diet to be effective, we must use every opportunity to deliver protein to the muscles. More and more studies have proven that different protein supplements may be effective, but they should only be used when they are best. Whey protein is often considered the best protein due to its short absorption time. When protein is gradually needed, this property can cause defects in whey protein. Milk protein is not competitive with this ability. Studies have shown that when sleeping at night, the body’s metabolic activity and cell repair levels will be improved. During this period, if there is no protein in the diet, the body’s chances of breaking down muscle protein will increase. This is where milk protein is most effective.

  Milk protein (longer amino acid chain) can ensure the body to repair the continuous available protein flow for up to 7 hours. During the day, you can take advantage of this feature by adding milk protein to snacks between meals. Milk protein is more involved in preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue, rather than increasing protein synthesis. People often ignore the method of stimulating protein synthesis through training and supplementation. This method just wants to increase your body weight by half. If you can effectively reduce any potential catabolic factors, while promoting and stimulating protein synthesis, you will see results.

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  For bodybuilders who want to get lean, using soy protein as a supplement may be a real advantage. Protein is an important part of our diet. Soy protein is considered a complete protein. It is the only plant source that contains all the essential amino acids needed by the human body, which are necessary for our overall health. After all, muscles are made of protein, so you need to make sure you eat enough protein to maintain and build healthy muscles. In fact, no matter how hard you train, you can’t eat enough protein, which will hinder your growth. Enter soy protein.

  Is soy protein effective for muscle building?

  There are many articles about the association of soy protein with the decrease of T level. This hormone plays an important role in building muscle mass, but the latest research proves that taking soy protein will not reduce T levels, nor will it have a negative effect on muscle building.

  A study published in the “Journal of Nutrition” found that the blood amino acid content increased earlier after exercise. However, the amino acid content in the blood of people taking soy protein is higher, or even longer. This shows that the human body digests soy protein slower than whey protein, but still provides good results. The amino acids arginine and leucine play an important role in muscle formation and hypertrophy. The leucine content of soy protein is lower than that of whey protein, but the arginine content is much higher. This makes soy protein less effective in muscle rebuilding, but it still has an effect.

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  For the best results, it is recommended to take whey and soy protein at a ratio of 2:1 twice a day to enhance muscle health. Of course, if you insist on a vegetarian diet or do not like dairy products, soy protein is an excellent substitute for whey protein.

  How much soy protein does it take to build muscle?

  If you choose soy protein, it is recommended to consume 1 gram of soy protein per pound of body weight in the daily diet. To build muscle, you should increase it to about 1.5-2 grams of soy protein per pound of body weight per day. This will enable you to gain size and strength faster.

  If you divide your soy protein intake evenly throughout the day, you will get better results. Don’t try more than two or three meals to meet your requirements, try to spread them over five or three meals. In this way, your body will have a stable supply of amino acids, which can be used for growth and repair. Your body is also easier to digest smaller and more frequent meals than the larger ones. An easy way is to drink a soy protein isolate 90 milkshake after exercise. A pack of 30 grams of soy protein isolate 90 can provide 27 grams of protein, so supplementing the protein content of regular meals is a very effective method.

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  Whether it is personal experience or the experience of skipping the battle happily, most people who have run a lifetime marathon will be familiar with the effect of “hit the wall”. For many people (including myself, sadly), it is the former rather than the latter. Hitting a wall at the end of the marathon may have a catastrophic impact on your overall completion time, which may take some time to restore physical and mental health. In this article, I will discuss the physical and psychological interactions during the critical period of the marathon, and provide some insights on how to prevent this painful experience!

  Central fatigue

  For physiologists, a marathon has always been a fascinating distance, and has long been considered a prime example of extreme sports. The deterioration of the running style at the end of the marathon strongly indicates that the muscle fibers are not optimally absorbed. A classic observation has shown that when the level of muscle glycogen drops to a critical level that requires a corresponding change in the activation strategy, running speed will drop significantly.

  Although the mechanism and causes of peripheral fatigue development have been widely discussed before, people often overlook the role of central fatigue in performance degradation. The increase in the level of serotonin in the brain effectively reduces the body’s ability to protect itself. As a result, the central nervous system is damaged, leading to a voluntary decrease in muscle fiber recruitment.

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  Ross et al. (2007) is a study aimed at understanding the effects of long-distance running on the central nervous system (CNS). The study found that within 20 minutes after the marathon, voluntary muscle activation was significantly reduced, but disappeared after 4 hours, which indicates that the cortical output has changed (Rasmussen et al., 2007).

  Central Governor Theory

  There is evidence that the “central regulation” mechanism of the central nervous system can protect the human body from harm. Professor Timothy Knox of the University of Cape Town is famous for his research on this particular theory. He firmly believes that fatigue can be overcome, not so much a physical event as a feeling.

  It is worth noting that the subjects did not consume any carbohydrates, which ruled out the possibility of carbohydrate metabolism leading to these improvements. This research strengthens Knox’s theory that the brain effectively limits our performance. The question is, can we persuade our “protective” brain to let us move forward? The answer seems to be yes, but the premise is that you have to be mentally prepared to survive the pain!

  So the wall was just pushed down?

  Although it is possible to “climb” to a certain extent, the answer is obviously “no”. There is a reason why the brain has proper protective mechanisms. Although it may have shown that we can extend the limit slightly, these findings do not mean that fatigue will never get better in our body. However, if you find yourself exhausted in the second half of the game, remind yourself that only by preparing for the last ounce of energy and working hard can you squeeze it out. After all, this may be different.

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  Another year has passed, now has passed, and now, we are once again on the verge of holiday shock! Although the days of cheating can be sweaty (and may even be beneficial), the whole Christmas holiday is a completely different idea. It is said that during the holidays, the average weight does not exceed 4 kg. So, it can be said with certainty that the holiday will seriously damage your hard-won physique-if you allow it!

  The problem with categorizing these monsters during the holidays is that it will bring you and your training into the new year. It takes time to remove excess kilograms and accumulated fat after the holidays, which will consume your training time and push your goals further.

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  If you are really determined to avoid festivals, we will pay tribute to your discipline. But most of you might want a Christmas pudding or two. Therefore, in order to ensure that you do not smuggle chicken and vegetables filled with Tupperware boxes at this Christmas party, we have compiled a list of Christmas supply cabinets to help you eliminate holiday excess. We try to shorten the list at this time of year to save you money. Remember, this is not bad news, because your Christmas turkey is a great source of super amino leucine. result!


  Sports scientists believe that vitamin D3 is very important to strengthen the immune system, enhance recovery and ultimately help the whole body cope with physical stress-for example, the Christmas fire has caused huge losses to people. Although vitamin D3 is usually a permanent function in many tonic cabinets, it is especially important in winter training, because during this period, the body may be deficient in vitamin D3 due to lack of sunlight.

  green tea

  green tea has been proven to have health care and strong antioxidant properties. For example, in terms of antioxidant protection, the EGCG content in green tea is believed to be more than 200 times stronger than vitamin E. Green tea has also been shown to help increase the use of calories and fat, and increase the amount of fat that can be burned during exercise. It can also help people process carbohydrates effectively, which is very important during the Christmas pudding season. For those who drink a few glasses of wine this Christmas, green tea has also been shown to be effective in removing some toxins from the liver.


  L Tyrosine is an amino acid that can play a key role in controlling neurotransmitters. These transmitters control mental alertness, relieve stress, and help maintain concentration. l Tyrosine can resist the mental fatigue caused by excessive festivals. Without this, the stress on the body will cause the level of cortisol to rise, making it easier for the body to store fat in the body. l Tyrosine is also a precursor of dopamine and has been shown to further fight fatigue.


  Since the holiday surplus has begun to cause losses, please use ZMA to strengthen your immunity to fight back. This mineral mixture of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 is packaged together to form a powerful impact and has been proven to strengthen the immune system, enhance protein synthesis, and improve liver function. Importantly, with the end of the party, ZMA was found to promote deep and quiet sleep-which means you don’t have to miss morning training. ascorbic acid

  Vitamin C has been proven to enhance immune function and has strong antioxidant potential. This is very important during the holidays when your immune system is negatively affected. Crucially, vitamin C has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which rises during stressful periods, such as holidays. Elevated cortisol levels make it easier for the body to recover and slow down fat storage, so please carry a bag of vitamin C with you to fight against excess vitamins.

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  When it comes to our diet and food intake, fat is usually considered a bad person, but it is important to remember that fat is an essential part of our diet and vital to the normal functioning of our body. Fat is simply an organic compound composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. They are also called lipids. The three main types of fat are saturated fat, unsaturated fat, and these three types of dregs, which are saturated (trans) fats.

  What is trans fat?

  Trans fats are artificially produced fats, produced from polyunsaturated fats through a process called hydrogenation (addition of hydrogen atoms). This converts liquid polyunsaturated fats into solid saturated fats.

  What is the use of trans fat?

  The food industry hopes to find a way to convert liquid oil into solid fat, which is easier to use in food production to produce trans fat or processed fat. They are cheaper to produce than other fats and have a longer lifespan. Trans fats can also give foods an ideal taste and texture. Many fast food restaurants use trans fats to fry food because they can be reused in commercial fryer and can withstand repeated heating without breaking down.

  Which foods contain trans fats?

  Trans fats are usually found in the following foods:

  French fries, French fries and the deepest fried foods-if you have any questions, you can always ask in the restaurant and take away the oil they use to fry food at any time.

  Pies and Pie Crusts-Baked products are notorious for containing trans fats. Most products contain 2-4 grams of trans fats per serving. Check food labels and avoid using anything that contains trans fats, hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils.

  Margarine and spreads-Not long ago, margarines and spreads were considered healthy substitutes for butter, but in order to maintain the shape and consistency of butter, many butters are high in trans fats

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  Cake and muffin mixture-even if the ingredient list shows a “shortened” ingredient, even if you find a “trans fat free” mixture, it will contain trace amounts of trans fat.

  Burgers and hot dogs-The burgers and hot dogs of most fast food chains contain high levels of trans fats. The same goes for frozen burgers and sausages bought in supermarkets.

  biscuits-anything that can be kept on a shelf or in a small bag for a long time needs to be stable, that is to say, use hydrogenated oil. Some biscuits contain up to 2 grams of trans fat per serving.

  Frozen ready-to-eat foods-adding trans fats to these foods can make them last longer and taste better.

  What are trans fats doing?

  Obviously, trans fats are more unhealthy than saturated fats, and some manufacturers are now actively avoiding the use of trans fats in their products. Some supermarkets have removed trans fats from all their ready-to-eat foods, and some large chain restaurants have also tried to severely reduce the trans fat content in their heirs’ products.

  How does trans fat affect us?

  Trans fats increase the level of bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) in the body. This will build up on the walls of your arteries, making them hard and narrow. Trans fats can also lower good cholesterol levels (HDL or high-density lipoprotein). Eating trans fats increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, and also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Trans fats may also increase inflammation, which is the body’s response to injury. Inflammation plays a key role in the formation of fat blockages in the blood vessels of the heart. Trans fats have been shown to destroy cells in the lining of blood vessels and cause inflammation. So, check the food labels for trans fats in the future, and then do your heart a favor and avoid eating them!

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  Antioxidants are substances that help prevent and protect human cells and tissues from free radicals. By doing so, antioxidants can help prevent diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Antioxidants are found in several vitamins and minerals needed in our diet.

  What are free radicals

  Free radicals are organic molecules that cause aging, tissue damage and some diseases. They are very harmful to your overall health.


  The role of oxidants Antioxidants can fight free radicals in the body. If there are not enough antioxidants, free radicals will increase exponentially, putting pressure on the body’s defenses. Exercise is a kind of stimulus that puts the body under stress and can greatly increase the content of free radicals in human tissues. In order for the body to adapt to the level of free radicals caused by exercise, it needs the right amount of antioxidants. Therefore, it is generally believed that a good multivitamin is one of the most important supplements we take.

  Which vitamins and minerals contain antioxidants

  Vitamin A-helps maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones and soft tissues. It can also promote good eyesight.

  Vitamin C-it helps protect cells and heal wounds, and is necessary for maintaining healthy connective tissue.

  Vitamin E-helps maintain cell structure by protecting cell membranes.

  Zinc-is essential for growth, protein production, immune function, wound healing, and bone and tooth formation.

  Manganese-contributes to healthy bone structure, connective tissue formation and blood sugar level regulation.

  Copper-helps the body grow normally and improves the health of connective tissue, hair and eyes.

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  Selenium-good for overall skin health.

  What is the best source of antioxidants

  It is believed that people whose diet is rich in antioxidants are less likely to hear heart disease, stroke, cataract and some cancers. The following foods are good sources of antioxidants:

  Broccoli-rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese and selenium

  Carrots-rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese

  Pepper-rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and manganese

  Nuts and seeds-rich in vitamin E, manganese, zinc and copper

  Wheat contains high content of zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium

  So, I hope you can now understand why the body needs antioxidants to stay healthy. If you work hard, you really need to add high-quality multivitamins, such as “male essence” or “female essence”. ZMA is also worth considering.

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  Success is as important as your movements in the gym and the time invested in training. Nutrition and rehabilitation are important components closely related to training programs. Recovery ability is enhanced during the window period after exercise, but how to adapt and when is the best time to consume protein? Protein is a high-quality protein that contains all essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids and vitamin B, which is very important for improving energy levels. The protein can be whole eggs or powder (such as egg white protein 80). This is a multi-functional nutritional fortification protein that can ultimately help you recover from training.

  Protein recovery after exercise

  After effective nutrition, it is very important to start the recovery process with a 30-60 minute exercise window. Enter protein. Recovery from high-intensity training is very important to ensure the best function of the next training and reduce the terrible DOMS. Protein is very suitable for this purpose.

  Egg White Protein 80 is a medium-release protein source that does not require cleaning of broken egg shells. One scoop contains the same protein content as four whole eggs. In terms of nutritional content, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, it is very suitable for exercise.

  Protein recovery and its release rate

  Protein is a medium-release protein that does not contain carbohydrates. The protein nutrient density is high, but it will not cause the rapid rise and peak of blood sugar level, which will lead to “collapse”. When blood sugar levels remain stable, it helps reduce binge eating. Considering that protein is the “gold standard” of amino acid levels, in order to maximize the absorption of nutrients and help recovery, it is ideal to use it after exercise.

  By adding a fat source or slow-release protein (for example, mixing a tablespoon of natural peanut butter or casein) to make the perfect breakfast or late night snack, the absorption rate can be further slowed down. When you start another step in the recovery process, it will help provide the body with a sustained release of nutrients: sleep!

  Protein can be recovered during the day

  Protein is widely used and can be taken at any time of the day. Moderate release can maintain a large supply of BCAA (such as leucine), which helps protein synthesis. When the BV value is 100, you will benefit from all the essential amino acids in the complete protein. The best time for breakfast and after exercise is to provide the body with the amino acids that protein provides to build muscle.

kelp shake bottle

  I love it! This is my second purchase of voltrx. Know how they do it, but it’s getting better and better. Bought a great original, but there are a few things that can be improved. It turns out that the new version made them understand what I thought, and it is now perfect!

harry potter shaker bottle

  no leakage

  no need to insert

  Perfect Blend of Protein

  It won’t be bad if you throw it in the gym

  I have several colors to choose from because I can’t choose! The whole product is great. Excellent quality!

anime shaker bottle

  This item arrived yesterday and I am very excited to be able to use it. During the meal, I shook the protein shake. It mixes well with the powder and has less lumps than when mixed in a mixing bottle. There is a comment or two comments that the lid is not fully opened, which is completely incorrect. The function of the cover is a bit like a car door, because it will stop in the middle, but if you push it a little, it will flip over 180 degrees. Also mentioned that the lid feels weak, I feel pretty good, but I can understand what they are talking about because the lid is not as strong as other vibrating bottles. It seemed okay, because I didn’t even notice any spills or leakage, even though the breakfast milkshake I had was much thicker than milk and protein powder. I really like the feel of this electric shaker bottle because it is stronger and more flexible than ordinary plastic bottles. I highly recommend this product as an alternative to classic products.

voltrx electric shaker bottle

  So I am used to the typical funny shaker bottle. They have been with me for many years, but to be honest, they are just “good”. I saw this bottle and saw the video of them shaking the peanut butter and said. Hey, why not. I lost some shakers when I moved recently and need to be replaced. Although these are much more expensive.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  Having said that, I am not disappointed. These ideas are amazing! They actually changed my pre-workout habits (yes, I am a high school student and prefer to mix in water), so that the last point is always foam. After I exercise, shake milk is usually a mixture of two or three different supplements, so it tends to get stuck at the bottom. Finally, you have to use a knife or other things to replenish the older ones, especially if you pour water behind the powder. Not these. I even tried to get an item wet because it was washed, but the item can still be taken out.

  Yes, to answer your question, you can put the peanut butter directly into the electric shaker bottle and shake it well. Will combine 0 questions. Would recommend 10/10.

  Before I bought this Shaker Bottle, I bought a popular mixing bottle. So, compared to another bottle, I will notice something that I particularly like.

  1) Mixing ability. There is really no competition here. From the day I got the voltrx, the powdery sludge at the bottom of my milkshake has become a thing of the past.

  2) Transparency. You might think that any manufacturer will understand the benefits of being able to see through the Shaker Bottle to ensure even shaking. With voltrx Shaker Bottle, you can.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  3) Smell. Sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the functions that the product does not have. Maybe some people like their milkshakes in a Shaker Bottle with a rubber/plastic smell. For the rest of us, this is a helicopter.

  is probably the best mixing bottle I have ever used. Mix my protein and PB2 perfectly in a few seconds. There are no noisy and annoying vibrating balls around. Clean up as soon as possible. I let out a little light, and the warm water trembled like madness and prosperity. Just knowing that almond milk is mixed, I switched to low-fat milk.

blender bottle classic

  I hesitate to buy this product because it is more expensive than other protein shaker bottles on the market. However, the main problem I encountered was that I always lost the spiral ball and finally bought a new Shaker Bottle, because without the vibration ball, it actually became useless. I think it’s interesting that they created a Shaker Bottle that doesn’t require a shaker. It can actually do miracles! It can really stir your fans. It can do anything from my BCAA blend to my whey protein. To be honest, I think this product is better than the regular protein shaker. I drink water without dissolving insoluble protein.

wholesale shaker bottles

  I bought it for my husband. We both like Thai milk tea, but it is always a challenge to dissolve sweetened condensed milk in iced tea. He stirs the glass for no less than 4 minutes each time. Using this mixing bottle, sweetened condensed milk can be dissolved and dispersed within 20 seconds. He always adds the big boba and a long boba straw, which is very suitable for the opening ceremony. It is definitely recommended for those who want to dissolve thicker things (such as peanut butter).

smoothie blender bottle

  My only problem is to buckle the cap. It does not make an audible click, so it is difficult to feel its appeal. So far, my husband accidentally spilled liquid all over the kitchen. Make sure there is a hand on the lid!

funny shaker bottle

  I bought this protein shaker bottle to prevent my cat from hiding unnecessary pieces. What can be confirmed is that the top level is obviously not the focus of the design and R&D process. In other words, it will not open under moderate shaking, and I always put my fingers on the top of the lid. It cannot be said that its contents dissolve better than my protein shaker, nor can it be said that it is far superior, but the Shaker Bottle is convenient and can get the job done. The aesthetics are also pleasant.

voltrx electric shaker bottle

  Seriously, this is the best electric shaker bottle. You can buy it in the gym, or just as a variety of cheap blender bottles as ordinary water bottles. I have two other white blender bottles, which are unbeatable. So far, this is my favorite bunch. This design is not only very effective when mixing protein or anything added to the milkshake, but I think it is the best looking milkshake on the market. The eddy current design looks cool and makes a satisfying sound when shaken. The material is actually high-quality plastic used in advertising, and it has no smell. This is one of the other small blender bottles I have. I also contacted them to support some of the problems I encountered, and they were all very good. I would recommend this bottle to anyone looking for a high-quality and excellent Shaker Bottle.

funny shaker bottle

  We are familiar with collagen, a nutrient substance. Although it is protein, the effect of collagen is very different from that of whey protein or soy protein.

  Because collagen is present in our teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, collagen can improve the health of the skin, connective tissue and even the digestive system. No wonder these two years have been listed as a popular supplement.

  What role does collagen play?

  The role of collagen is different from other typical protein sources. For example, whey protein is digested and broken down into the basis for muscle growth and repair. Collagen works like this, but collagen can also send a signal to the body to automatically produce more collagen.

  In other words, taking collagen can “deceive” our body into thinking that its supply of collagen is decreasing, thereby producing more collagen.

shaker bottle ball

  Collagen can also naturally promote creatine, increase the growth of lean meat, and improve the recovery ability between physical exercises. Therefore, when people want to improve body composition and sports performance, collagen is a good choice for regular supplements.

  The source of collagen

  Since collagen is a natural protein, most supplements come from animals such as beef, pork and fish. Supplements can come in different forms, but hydrolyzed (or partially broken down) collagen seems to be the most beneficial to the human body. The public may be familiar with gelatin, which is a relatively low-processed collagen that is often used in cooking.

  Collagen Supplement

  There are many different types of collagen supplements, including types 1-4. These types target different body structures, teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, as well as the cushioning effect on joints and the health of skin, hair and nails. In addition to different types of collagen, different types of external supplements such as protein powders, beverages and topical creams are also sold on the market.

  Collagen Powder

  Collagen powder is probably the most widely used form of collagen supplement on the market. It usually exists in a hydrolyzed (or decomposed) form, so it is most easily absorbed by the body. It has shown its greatest effect in research and can be easily mixed with beverages, such as milkshakes after exercise. Current research supports that collagen powder can improve muscle health like other protein sources.

  Collagen Drink

  Collagen drink is another popular form of supplement. Collagen has been dissolved in the liquid and can be taken easily anytime. The benefits of these supplements depend on the type of collagen they contain, of which 1-4 are the most beneficial. But they are more expensive and often need to be refrigerated, making them inconvenient to carry on a journey.

  Bone soup

  Bone soup is another popular way for people to obtain collagen in their diet. Although they are not really “supplements” because they are actually food, bone broth contains high levels of collagen. In recent years, they have become very popular and are available in many supermarkets. It is also convenient to make at home. Topical cream

  Facial creams containing collagen are very common. They are said to help improve skin elasticity and have anti-aging effects. People can increase the collagen content in the skin through topical creams. Studies have shown that over time, continuous use of topical collagen products can increase skin moisture and elasticity.

  The benefits of collagen supplements

  Collagen powder is easy to add to food and beverages. Easy to absorb; increase muscle growth may not be suitable for vegetarians.

  Collagen beverages may be more expensive for instant beverages.

  The natural source of collagen for bone soup; it can be made by yourself, it may contain a lot of salt; it is difficult to distinguish the collagen content

  topical creams need to be used for a long time to increase the hydration and elasticity of the skin; it is difficult to determine the content of collagen

  The best way to get collagen?

  The best way to obtain collagen by eating may be in the form of hydrolyzed supplements, powders or beverages. Oral collagen is also good for the skin. When collagen powder contains type 1-4 collagen, its function is the most comprehensive.

  Although collagen supplements are very popular, there are several different forms that can be confusing. For maximum benefit, it is best to use the hydrolyzed form of collagen and check that the label contains the desired type of collagen.

pink shaker bottle

  We are familiar with collagen, a nutrient substance. Although it is protein, the effect of collagen is very different from that of whey protein or soy protein.

  Because collagen is present in our teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, collagen can improve the health of the skin, connective tissue and even the digestive system. No wonder these two years have been listed as a popular supplement.

  What role does collagen play?

  The role of collagen is different from other typical protein sources. For example, whey protein is digested and broken down into the basis for muscle growth and repair. Collagen works like this, but collagen can also send a signal to the body to automatically produce more collagen.

  In other words, taking collagen can “deceive” our body into thinking that its supply of collagen is decreasing, thereby producing more collagen.

  Collagen can also naturally promote creatine, increase the growth of lean meat, and improve the recovery ability between physical exercises. Therefore, when people want to improve body composition and sports performance, collagen is a good choice for regular supplements.

  The source of collagen

  Since collagen is a natural protein, most supplements come from animals such as beef, pork and fish. Supplements can come in different forms, but hydrolyzed (or partially broken down) collagen seems to be the most beneficial to the human body. The public may be familiar with gelatin, which is a relatively low-processed collagen that is often used in cooking.

  Collagen Supplement

  There are many different types of collagen supplements, including types 1-4. These types target different body structures, teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, as well as the cushioning effect on joints and the health of skin, hair and nails. In addition to different types of collagen, different types of external supplements such as protein powders, beverages and topical creams are also sold on the market.

  Collagen Powder

  Collagen powder is probably the most widely used form of collagen supplement on the market. It usually exists in a hydrolyzed (or decomposed) form, so it is most easily absorbed by the body. It has shown its greatest effect in research and can be easily mixed with beverages, such as milkshakes after exercise. Current research supports that collagen powder can improve muscle health like other protein sources.

  Collagen Drink

  Collagen drink is another popular form of supplement. Collagen has been dissolved in the liquid and can be taken easily anytime. The benefits of these supplements depend on the type of collagen they contain, of which 1-4 are the most beneficial. But they are more expensive and often need to be refrigerated, making them inconvenient to carry on a journey.

  Bone soup

  Bone soup is another popular way for people to obtain collagen in their diet. Although they are not really “supplements” because they are actually food, bone broth contains high levels of collagen. In recent years, they have become very popular and are available in many supermarkets. It is also convenient to make at home. Topical cream

personalized shaker bottle

  Facial creams containing collagen are very common. They are said to help improve skin elasticity and have anti-aging effects. People can increase the collagen content in the skin through topical creams. Studies have shown that over time, continuous use of topical collagen products can increase skin moisture and elasticity.

  The benefits of collagen supplements

  Collagen powder is easy to add to food and beverages. Easy to absorb; increase muscle growth may not be suitable for vegetarians.

  Collagen beverages may be more expensive for instant beverages.

  The natural source of collagen for bone soup; it can be made by yourself, it may contain a lot of salt; it is difficult to distinguish the collagen content

  topical creams need to be used for a long time to increase the hydration and elasticity of the skin; it is difficult to determine the content of collagen

  The best way to get collagen?

  The best way to obtain collagen by eating may be in the form of hydrolyzed supplements, powders or beverages. Oral collagen is also good for the skin. When collagen powder contains type 1-4 collagen, its function is the most comprehensive.

  Although collagen supplements are very popular, there are several different forms that can be confusing. For maximum benefit, it is best to use the hydrolyzed form of collagen and check that the label contains the desired type of collagen.

mini shaker bottle

  Before, we wrote an article on how to exercise at home, and now a new question has arisen, that is, how can we fully obtain the results of hard exercise at home?

  Many people worry about losing the hard-earned muscle mass at home. So in this article, we have compiled a list of nutritional supplements that can build muscle at home, so that we don’t have to panic about the loss of lean muscle.


  Even at home, the basic principle of our muscle training has not changed-that is, focus on increasing exercise intensity and fully recovering the body.

  Adequate sleep, good stress management, a high-protein diet, plus attention to calorie intake for muscle exercise and supplementation of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables are the basis for healthy muscle building.

  But the supplement is of course simpler, no need to think too much.

  1. Protein powder

  Our first choice. Of course it is protein powder! Protein powder is a well-deserved “super food”. It is not only an efficient source of protein, but also a complete and high-quality protein that can provide everything needed to repair and promote the development of muscle quality.

  Many people think that protein powder is only effective before and after training, more specifically after training. No! Although protein can enhance recovery and adaptability after exercise, adding protein powder to other meals of the day not only helps relieve hunger, but also improves body composition and even increases energy levels.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  Add a scoop of oatmeal for breakfast, or mix a scoop of protein powder with water or milk, and eat some fruit. It is a super nutritious and delicious snack. These are just two examples where protein powders are widely used, and you can see how useful protein powders are.

  2. Creatine

  Our next nutritional supplement recommendation is no stranger to most people. Creatine not only helps to maintain muscle (we have also introduced it in the previous article), but it is also very effective in acquiring new muscle. Creatine also helps improve athletic performance and cognitive performance (makes people better concentrate on training).

  3. Pre-exercise supplements (with or without caffeine)

  Pre-exercise supplements are rich in ingredients, which can improve athletic performance and help recovery after exercise.

  Evidence-based dosage recommendations have been considered in our design. This pre-workout supplement from Myprotein can help improve blood flow components (such as l-citrulline), buffer lactic acid by-products to relieve fatigue (-alanine), and even increase power output (betaine anhydrous).

  Caffeine is an excellent supplement for all pre-exercises, which can increase calorie consumption and improve performance. If your body is not adapted to caffeine, we also have decaffeinated pre-workout supplements.

  4. General health supplements

  Does this sound a bit boring? Then think about it carefully, what will affect your athletic performance in the first place?

  The answer is: actual health. Health affects exercise, just as exercise affects health. Health management supplements:


  If there is a supplement that has nothing to do with sports performance that can be recommended to almost everyone, it is vitamin D. Vitamins can help solve everything from bone density to cognition and immunity.

  -3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

  Continuous intake of adequate fish oil is very beneficial for maintaining or improving our health. Many people lack adequate omega-3 levels in their diets, so adding supplements may bring many benefits.


  Multivitamins are not a crutch for unhealthy lifestyles, but a safety net for eating habits, which can make up for any deficiencies missed in the diet.

  Multivitamins are especially useful for those who may be in the fat loss stage and have more dietary restrictions. If you are already healthy, they may not improve your health, but they can help you stay healthy.

  If you want to get a full exercise effect at home, you must start from the basics: sleep, stress management, exercise plan, and adequate food intake. On this basis, we can help improve muscle training and sports performance to a new level through correct supplementation.

  The supplements in the above list can indeed improve our ability to obtain lean meat and improve body composition. Being at home does not mean that we can no longer reach your goals.

small shaker bottle

  My son’s physical condition needs to shake three times a day. Today I am familiar with various electric shaker bottles. Almost everyone has completed the work, but because the mixer is different, it is painful to clean.

electric shaker bottle

  Other brands use relatively soft plastics, which will gradually corrode over time. The gods in the house know what it is, and there is no ball/whiskey/loose phenomenon. I was very impressed by the quality of voltrx, and most importantly, its mixing effect is very good! 7-year-old father approved!

  My only complaint is that the top is huge! I have attached a photo containing a 12-ounce thermos for your reference. However, this is really critical. Great product. Will buy more!

electric shaker bottle

  Over the years, I have had many so-called protein shakers. Everyone used a blender ball, but it lived up to the hype. I seized the opportunity and issued an order based on other comments. It turns out that with this electric shaker bottle, you don’t need a ball or anything, which left a deep impression on me. It mixes protein and liquid into a smooth liquid; there is no clumping or stickiness at the bottom of the bottle. The lid does not leak; unlike my previous blender ball bottles, I have ordered some and threw away the old protein shaker bottles that I have never used before. The bottle design is actually feasible, but it is not. head. These bottles can be washed well in the dishwasher and can also be installed on the top shelf of my dishwasher. I also put it on the chassis without damage. If the bottles and caps are cleaned by hand, they are easy to clean. I will definitely buy it again, it is recommended.

funny shaker bottle

  The best protein shaker bottle! I found this when I was looking for that kind of noisy and annoying shaker. In my work last week, I used this tool every day, and guessed that no annoying clanging sound would shake it! Want to know what else is magical? Put the powder in a dry place before going out in the morning, you need to add water, and Stir! Yes, I really want to shake it, and then let it stay in the powder at the bottom for a while to absorb some water, but everything is absorbed and mixed together. There is no need to shake vigorously, and there are no annoying balls. Bouncing sound. Yes, I do keep the lid of the beverage nozzle closed, but I can use any vibrator to do this. Another favorite feature is that there is no O-ring gasket, so you have to worry about fungus being trapped underneath, but it will never become completely clean.

cool shaker bottle

  This voltrx electric shaker bottle can easily mix protein powder. I shake the protein powder with almond milk and water for about 10 seconds, and then stir it evenly. There is no lumps or any powder on the sides. My blender cannot mix quickly or completely. I find that the electric blender makes the powder fluffy, resulting in very tight mixing. Using a vibrating screen, the consistency remains the same as the consistency of the liquid to be mixed.

free shaker bottle

  The main body of the electric shaker bottle is a very durable plastic material, as is the top. I found that the top one is not as annoying and messy as other comments.

  I decided to use other linear vibrating screens to solve this problem. These vibrating screens have many reviews, but they are all made in China. Even if it is twice the price, it is worth buying made in the United States! And I am sure the quality of the voltrx protein shaker bottle is better than cheap Chinese junk.

protein shake mixer bottle

  I have tried many electric shaker bottles. It must be said that this is the best electric shaker bottle I have ever seen. It can be perfectly integrated without balls or pods. It uses one vortex to collide with another vortex in the opposite direction almost effortlessly. So it’s very good, and because there are no other parts to help the mixing process, it is easy to clean and will not cause confusion. Most electric shaker bottles produce eddy currents, but they can only rotate in one direction, and then they must be disassembled and cleaned. I use it to mix, extract energy drinks from whey protein, then juice, collagen, tea, etc. I like these two books very much, and I would recommend them to all my fitness and martial arts enthusiasts. In addition, customer service is something I don’t have.

marvel shaker bottle

  This protein shake mixer bottle saves me time in preparation. Easy to clean, no need to stir ball.

  I found that some protein powders are more lumpy than others, no matter what pain it is to remove the residue. Now when my poverty level is low, I choose muscle milk powder or high-end milk powder from other universities. The residue after washing is 0. Just a little soap and some cold water. You can even shake it to effectively lather the soap.

advocare shaker bottle

  The previous comment mentioned dripping from the lid to the face. In fact, you can push the cap back to avoid dripping on your face, but if you don’t know it earlier, there is a problem. Putting the bottle aside a bit also eliminated this problem for me.

  The last comment that I think is relevant is price.

  I agree that the basic blending bottle can reduce the cost and achieve the same effect, and the cheaper one can work normally. In the past ten years, I have tried about 20 times. it’s the same. There may be some trivial benefits or optimizations, but to be honest, a regular mixing bottle will do. This juice bottle can save time, there is no need to change balls, and there is no need to borrow the balls from the sports psychologist and the little brother who cut very fine.

shaker bottle ball

  This is probably the best Shaker Bottle I have so far. It really mixes well. If there is unmixed powder at the bottom, I just need to turn it upside down and shake it. I find it easy to clean. I put in the dish soap and warm water and shook it. At first there were some holes under the lid, but I found that it was the user’s fault. I just need to tighten further (as much as you think, then a little more). I really think it would be better to put a gasket in the cover, but I don’t know if it will affect the design. Another disadvantage is that if you use it first, and then wait until the end of the day to wash, even after washing, I still have a milkshake smell. However, this may be because this material is plastic, which is known to stick to orders. In summary, so far, I am very satisfied with this purchase of voltrx protein shaker bottle.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Somehow, the simplicity of the twisted shape of the cup can do all the work of the electric shaker bottle with only one small ball. I have always hated cleaning steel balls, so when I made protein shakes the other day, I couldn’t find the balls, only the cups. Then, I decided to find another one on Amazon. I found this by accident and read the comments. I want to give it a try. I can easily return items that do not meet the requirements, but this method is effective.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  Voltrx protein shaker not only blends everything perfectly, but also easy to clean. I opened my stuff 30 minutes ago, and I finished my first vanilla protein shake, and I had to write a comment in a hurry. This is a bonus that everyone might not have thought of. When you use the shaker ball type, then add fruit slices (fresh blueberries) like I did just now. When you drink fruit, the fruit will be entangled in the ball. not here. Every time I take a sip, I will encounter one or two blueberries. This is really great. Oh, it is made in China. I don’t believe in China Plastics.

voltrx electric shaker bottle

  My daily mix includes 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder, 500 ml of whole milk, 1 tablespoon of Zhengda seeds, 1 tablespoon of MCT coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of almond butter.

  I can say that it blends everything well. I don’t eat at all. Except for Zhengda seeds (in fact, very few, about 15 to 30 seeds), nothing really sticks to the wall of my water bottle shaker, but this is due to the stickiness of the glyphosate secreted by the seeds themselves. Sometimes I add too much milk and the water bottle shaker becomes too full. I just stir a part of the mixture just to reduce the volume and then add it. All my mixing is still done in my water bottle shaker. The stirring ball and vortex used in the product I use look like springs. I want to say, so far, this is the best result of your plan to mix the ingredients with a water bottle shaker. Cleaning is also very easy, because you only need to clean the water bottle shaker thoroughly. There are no spare parts.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  I read some comments that the Beggars will block my call when you drink, I am calling BS. Unless you have a witch’s nose, don’t pull it back. In addition, you have to put it close to your face like the last drop. Then you can get everything by opening the lid completely.

  I had doubts at first. I think I should turn it black just in case? Or spend more money to make it green. I am glad I spent a few dollars.

electric shaker bottle

  I gave this to my husband as one of my Christmas gifts instead of his other Shaker Bottle. I had high hopes, especially after watching the video of that guy mixing peanut butter in a milkshake. This cup really works! My husband has been using it to mix his Shakeology with other powdered beverage products. He said that it mixes well and is smooth. The only drawback so far is that it is smaller than his old vibrating cup, and it will not fuse if it is filled to the top (duh). To solve this problem, he filled it halfway, added powder, swirled the liquid to wet the powder, and then shook it to mix it well. After stirring, he will add more liquid and shake again (when we don’t spin and wet the powder, it tends to stick to the lid). He liked this cup of coffee very much, and he asked me to get another cup because everyone was using his coffee. This cup is really five stars. I only give the durability of 4 stars, because we only used it for 2 days, so it is hard to say now, but it is very strong, I hope to last for a while.

cheap shaker bottle

  For many years, I have been using a vibrating screen to mix bottles and wire balls. When they finished their work, I was very satisfied with them. But handling and cleaning the ball is a bit cumbersome. It’s time to buy another protein shaker bottle to stir my protein shake. I met a bad dog on Amazon. At first I doubted it. More than 20 bucks for plastic bottles? Actually

  But then I started thinking about balls, so I decided to give it a try. If the result is not good or trash, can I keep returning it? Well, the moment I received the email, I opened the package, cleaned it, and then put in the nutrient powder and some warm water and started shaking. To my surprise, there were only a few steps of shaking and almost no strength, and the contents were completely mixed together. Then, to clean the top and bottom, just quickly rinse in the sink. It is simple to use and easy to clean.

  This building is really good. The bottom is made of high-quality scratch-resistant plastic, which looks exactly the same as the container part of the Vitamix electric shaker bottle. Durable and easy to clean. The top is soft plastic, but it also looks good. I have read in previous comments that people have problems closing the top of the spout. If there was a problem before, it won’t work now. My lid is closed, you just need to make sure you press it hard to lock it in place. As for the smile, I shook it and shook it on the sink to see if it would remain closed without fingers. But I don’t do this often, I just keep shaking and put my fingers on the lid.

  I like this shaking protein shaker bottle. Purchase satisfaction.

blender bottle classic

  This is the only Shaker Bottle I have tried. I am glad I chose this. The plant protein powder I use is mixed with almond milk (not completely mixed with normal milk), and only a few particles float to the top-no big deal. It is not easy for me to clean-although I occasionally have to use a knife to remove material from the cracks under my hat. Bottle brushes, such as the nectar ultimate bottle and grass brush cover, are very useful for cleaning the bottom “corner” and these cracks on the bottle cap, but if I don’t clean the electric shaker bottle overnight, I only need to ask for help! Just cover the mask The hinged flap is securely stuck in place, and the top of the screw will not leak. Some commentators complained that the flip cover was only opened 90 degrees when it was partially opened, making it difficult to drink.

blender bottle target

  Bought in May 2019. There is no such problem with my protein shaker bottle. When you turn 90 degrees, the car will stop in reverse, but as soon as you push, it will turn back 180 degrees. Use your index to prevent it from turning over because you drink. To press the upper cover part firmly in place to seal the mouthpiece, press the upper corner of the hexagon firmly on the top of the flap, not the center of the hexagon. There is a mark on the top of this flip (which will be washed off soon), which tells you where to pull the flipped object-the “bridge” between the curved thumb and the opposing finger between the hinge and the part covering the microphone Below, push your finger up. It’s really much simpler than I thought; I only list these things to the confused person with this bottle. I only drank it for a month, and I can’t say that it lasts for a long time, but it can still be used normally. Fortunately, you can find a good electric shaker bottle without trying a bunch of other electric shaker bottles. Sincerely recommend.

nike shaker bottle

  just got it. Add 2 tablespoons of ketone powder instead, and 1 tablespoon of whey. It blends very smoothly!

  My old trick will never confuse this delicious food!

  no leakage, simple construction, easy to clean up, don’t worry about getting trapped. It’s been long enough, I hope it won’t smell.

  *has been updated* for several weeks, but still impressed! I just learned that there is no rubber stamp! This greatly helps reduce mold and odor!

  *clumping* Other people’s posts seem to happen only when you fill it into the top powder without leaving a proper space for the liquid to shake. You have to give it some space to mix!

protein shake blender bottle

  What impressed me was that I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder, cold water, ice cream, whey and ice to the mixture. It is mixed with cold cocoa powder. Of course, I did add a lot. At this time, the glass was full, so some small pieces floated on it, but the ice melted a bit. After I drank some, there was more space in the bottle. I shook it again, completely smooth. Really impressed.

  Now. Please make an insulating board?

  So I have been here for a few months. Still impressed. I use it almost every day because it is just an ordinary water bottle. No mold, no smell! It is easy to clean because there is no place where anything can be trapped inside. Even if you just drop some soap and water and let the hybrid rise, it can also play a light cleaning role.

  I also tried putting peanut butter in the whey smoothie, like a meal of 3-4 tablespoons. The mixture is very smooth.

cool shaker bottle

  I like this “Shaker Bottle” very much, so I have a second one! I use them every day to replace my Surent meal. I think it will help guide my process step by step, and hope to show how awesome these bottles are!

  These steps are performed together with the pictures attached to this review.

  1. These are two bottles of my own. The color of the product is pink and island paradise. The color belongs only to the bottle cap. The other colors are the same.

  2. I use these bottles every day to stir my powdered food substitutes; I personally use Surente, but I think any substitute powder in these bottles has the same effect.

  3. At the end of the day, I have to fill both bottles with water (just an ordinary faucet for me) to about 12 ounces; this is based on my personal preference for my water/powder ratio, which can be based on It is easy to adjust to your own preferences, thanks to the very convenient measurement mark on the bottle!

  4. Then I put these two bottles in the refrigerator overnight.

  5. The next morning I took a bottle and added a full spoonful.

  6. Half a spoonful of breakfast.

  7. Because the seal of the bottle cap is very tight, when you screw the cap back and tighten it completely, be sure to align it correctly; you made a mistake when you first used it, and water began to leak around the cap. I quickly realized My own fault, but not my fault, but the bottle’s problem. This is an easy mistake to avoid, as long as you pay attention to it.

shake that bottle lyrics

  8. It is also important to make sure that you completely cover the drink so that it will click; press down a large indentation, and you will feel, hear, and it is safe. The entire process provides a reliable leak-proof seal!

  9. Then shake it!

  10. The translucency of the bottle makes it easy to see if there is agglomeration. (Using Soylent, I hardly noticed (if any) clustering.)

  11. I usually don’t unscrew the lid between shaking and consumption, but I want to take pictures here. It looks great, there are no lumps! (Some people may unscrew the cap after shaking and add other ingredients. In this case, I recommend washing the cap first before screwing it back.)

  12. If you do not unscrew the rinse cap after shaking, there will be some liquid on the convex surface when you open the drink for the first time. You can wipe it off as long as it feels suitable and you can continue to drink.

  13. Fold the wine flap to keep a considerable distance; I never touch my forehead when I drink this bottle of wine.

  14. I usually reseal and unseal between the small mouth and the lid of the drink, but it does not weaken in any way.

  In general, I am very satisfied with this voltrx protein shaker product. I am glad that I chose a slightly more expensive but unique product instead of countless cheap shaker options. Originally there were no extra balls to sell to me, but all other elements really made this a prominent product. What caught me? I want to recommend this wholehearted confidence! Forget cheap alternatives, this is what you are looking for Yes; you will not regret it if you buy it, you will like it!

nike shaker bottle

  I have undergone gastric sleeve surgery and tried many different types of electric shaker bottles and shaker bottles, as well as protein mixtures. Everything is more valuable than them, or even more unpalatable. Finally found a protein powder that I don’t hate, but it can only be mixed with an electric mixer. Until now! I have doubts about how this Shaker Bottle is used (to be honest, I am looking forward to returning it), but it does work, and I am a very happy alcoholic. This Shaker Bottle is a real game changer in the world of protein drinks!

protein shaker bottle cvs

  The protein mixture I said will have these terrible small pieces and an ordinary Shaker Bottle, whether it has a wire ball, some kind of filter or other mixed insert. There are no small lumps in this Shaker Bottle! Other complaints about the lid are accurate, so be sure to put the lid down safely before shaking, but to be honest, I am still very satisfied with this magical Shaker Bottle.

protein shake blender bottle

  For a year, I have been looking for a good bottle made in China! (The blending bottle is currently being produced in China.) I doubt this thing. In fact, my protein powder can be mixed without mixing balls. But the boy did this. Not only did he mix my protein powder and water, he did a great job, mixing my protein energy, honey and water, which was difficult for my old protein shaker bottle to do. I have bought eight Shaker Bottles now, and I may buy more in the future. Thank you for not only producing your products in China, but also making the best products on the market. Keep going!

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  My initial evaluation of the electric protein shaker is a clear five-star rating. It has a fairly sturdy structure and has no problems in performing its functions. It seems that it can last a few seasons.

  I am writing this review mainly to clarify two issues I have seen in other reviews, both of which are about closing the lid quickly. Some commentators pointed out that if you can’t open it all the way, the cover will be poked on their foreheads. This person just didn’t drive enough, because it’s good to drive it 180 degrees, it really drives. So, unless your forehead looks like a hanging cliff, you won’t have a problem.

voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle

  Another problem mentioned by is that the lid does not have a safety switch and feel. They must hold their hands tightly to ensure safety. In fact, the lid closes very safely, and the only way to open it yourself is to shake a glass of carbonated drink vigorously inside.

  If I encounter any problems, then I will update this comment, but I doubt if I need to do this because this project is well established and appropriate. This is a good protein shaker bottle, which can stir things well without heavy balls or fragile metal stirring balls. Of course, there may be some drinks mixed in the corner, depending on the product, but this should be a realistic expectation, because it does not have an internal stirring mechanism, it depends entirely on its unique design.

voltrx protein shaker

  Although we all know that breakfast is very important, sometimes it is really difficult to get up early to prepare. How do you eat breakfast when you only have 10 minutes to go out?

  Many people ask whether it’s good to have a cup of protein powder for breakfast? Let’s put it this way, although you can get a variety of vitamins and minerals from food, protein shakes are a very convenient way to help you get these nutrients without eating a regular breakfast.

  So a cup of protein powder in the morning is beneficial and harmless, so what kind of protein powder is the best for breakfast?

  Why breakfast is a good time to eat protein powder

  The plan for the day is in the morning. Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast can help us get through the day better. A large number of studies have shown that eating breakfast helps to lose weight and improve mental performance. Other studies have shown that protein in breakfast can help suppress appetite and suppress food cravings that may appear later in the day, commonly referred to as cravings.

  Many people do not eat breakfast, or are not used to eating in the morning. Although protein shakes cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet, they can be used to supplement the diet to ensure that we meet our daily protein needs. For example, protein powder can be added to other ingredients to make a milkshake, which can increase the nutrition of the meal.

  How much protein should I consume every day?

  Currently, the reference nutrient intake (RNI) for adults is set at 0.75 g/kg body weight. Therefore, for a person weighing 60 kg, the average protein level to be achieved per day is 45 grams.

  If you want to build muscle, this dose may be slightly increased to 2.2g protein per kilogram of body weight. The reason is that muscle fibers are damaged during exercise, and more protein needs to be consumed to rebuild and support the growth of new muscle tissue.

blender bottle target

  The sources of lean protein in the diet include chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, legumes and other legumes. Compared with the same amount of protein in food, protein shakes can provide a lot of protein in a smaller amount of liquid. It is also a convenient way to meet our daily needs, especially for people who have difficulty supplementing enough protein in their diet.

  Protein powder that can be added to breakfast

  Protein powder is a simple way to supplement extra protein in the diet. It can provide a large amount of protein to the body when the budget is limited. There are many different types of protein powders to choose from, some of which are more suitable for breakfast.

  1. Whey protein

  This is one of the most common protein powders and a natural by-product of cheese making. There are three main types, whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate.

  Whey Protein Concentrate is the most commonly used of these three. Each 100 grams contains 80 grams of protein, 5 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fat.

  The protein content in every 100g of whey isolate is higher, the total amount is 90g. It also has less fat and carbohydrates than concentrates. This is because the whey isolate is refined for better purity, which is usually a better choice for those who really restrict fat and carbohydrate intake. Whey hydrolysate is also a relatively refined protein, which can be quickly absorbed by the body. If you want to recharge your muscles as soon as possible after exercise, this is a good choice.

  So the choice of protein powder may depend on your goals. Choosing whey protein concentrate may be the best choice for people who gain muscle, because excess carbohydrates and fats may also help. For people who want to lose weight and want to limit their weight, separation may be better.

  Although these protein powders are good, in order to match the best macronutrients in your diet, you may want to eat other things at the same time as your breakfast, such as carbohydrates and fats. Fruits, nuts, butter, and oats are all good ingredients for milkshake.

  2. Plant protein powder

  Plant protein is a good choice for anyone. Even if you are not a vegetarian, research shows that, like other forms of protein, plant-derived protein can help build muscle. If you are intolerant to dairy products, or just want to limit your intake of dairy products, plant protein powder can help.

  It is more important to choose vegetable protein powder with higher amino acid content, such as a mixture of two kinds of protein, or choose soybean as a complete protein. If you want to quickly replenish energy, you can add some fruits, vegetables, seeds and even spices to make a delicious breakfast milkshake.

  delicious and healthy protein shake ingredients

  To make breakfast more nutritious, consider the following ingredients:

  1. Berries-rich in antioxidant vitamin C, which helps keep the body and cells healthy. Add a small amount of milkshake to unflavored or flavored milkshake to increase the taste.

  2. Nuts and flaxseed-rich in vitamin E and selenium, help to keep the immune system functioning normally. Add 1-2 tablespoons of breakfast milkshake.

  3. Spinach or kale-green vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals.

  4. Bananas are a good source of potassium and help regulate muscle contraction and nerve signals.

  5. Oats-carbohydrates rich in fiber, are a good source of whole grains, can help maintain a longer-term fullness, and help maintain a stable blood sugar level throughout the day.

  Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, eating protein shakes for breakfast is not harmful to your health. This is much better than skipping breakfast or eating unhealthy things.

  There are many kinds of protein powder. You can also try to use some vegetarian food. Adding spinach or berries to breakfast protein shakes can enhance the nutrition of the milkshake and maximize the support of the immune system and overall health.

gym shaker bottle

  No matter what kind of diet we adopt to manage our body, the secret to perseverance is to keep ourselves in a state of fun and happiness, and turn our diet into a lifestyle habit. In the ketogenic diet, due to the strict requirements on the ratio of macronutrients, you may always focus on the things you cannot eat, and even spend all your time on checking food labels and tracking calories, which is not fun at all .

  Our latest innovative product, Keto Blend, can help you eliminate the worries and troubles caused by the ketogenic diet.

  ketogenic mixed powder is specially developed for ketogenic diet. Its macro-nutrient ratio is 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbohydrate, which is very suitable for ketogenic diet. It’s very simple. All you have to do is drink a delicious ketogenic milkshake when you are gluttonous.

personalized blender bottle

  There are three flavors to satisfy different people’s preferences: strawberry and vanilla, coffee and walnut, chocolate caramel, it sounds super sweet and delicious. Of course, ketogenic milkshakes are the most convenient and commonly used way to use them, but it doesn’t stop there. Today I will bring you three recipes for playing ketogenic mixed powder to give you some inspiration.

  1. Ketogenic milkshake


  300ml water

  1 tablespoon of ketogenic mixed powder (strawberry and vanilla)

  the way

  Add 300 ml of water to the cup, and then add a spoonful of the ketone mixture.

  Shake well (please make sure the lid is closed tightly!), and you will have a delicious and smooth milkshake. Yes, it’s that simple.

  2. Ketogenic protein balls


  1 scoop of ketone mixture (coffee and walnuts)

  50 grams of smooth almond butter


  the way

  In a small bowl, add a spoonful of the ketone mixture and smooth almond butter.

  Use a spoon or spatula to mix the two ingredients together until the mixture is uniform, then take out a small amount and roll it into small balls by hand. Repeat this action.

  Then throw each ball into the crushed walnut slices and roll.

  You can enjoy it, or put it in the refrigerator, and eat one whenever you need any delicious snack.

  3. Keto protein pancakes


  two eggs

  150ml almond milk

  3 tablespoons of ketone mixture (chocolate caramel)

  1 teaspoon coconut oil

  Optional sauces:

  Sugar-free syrup (cream candy)

  chopped almonds

  the way

  Put the eggs in the bowl first, then pour the almond milk. Beat with a whisk to get the mixture.

  Now add the ketone powder and mix again to make the batter smooth.

  In a frying pan, heat a little coconut oil, then put a little pancake batter in the pan.

  Fry for 2-3 minutes, then turn over.

  Repeat for the remaining pancake batter until it runs out.

  Sprinkle butter syrup and chopped almonds on top. Now let us have a beautiful day full of energy.

voltrx protein shaker

  Many people focus on exercising the muscles of the arms, chest, buttocks, and legs in the gym, but often ignore the back, which also has an important visual impact on body shape.

  Because we cannot see the back in the mirror, we usually ignore this muscle. In fact, a stronger back can bring beautiful lines and contours to create an ideal physique.

  Not only that, in addition to the pleasant back line, think about how many young people suffer from cervical spondylosis due to prolonged sitting.

  Strong back muscles are also necessary for maintaining good health and correct posture. For people who want to exercise other upper limb muscles, a strong back can provide an ideal foundation for compound weightlifting.

  In today’s article, we have compiled a series of the most effective exercises to help you reach the V shape. More importantly, it doesn’t matter where you live. These actions can be done in your own home.

  upper back exercise

  Rowing with a resistance band

  Place the resistance band horizontally on the floor, step on it with your feet, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the ends of the resistance band and stand up straight.

  Relax the knees, and tilt any position between 90 degrees and 45 degrees from the hip as the starting position.

  Tighten the shoulder blades, open the chest, then pull the elbows back toward the torso, and then forcefully contract at the top. Slowly return to the starting position to complete an action.

  3 to 4 sets, 15 to 20 reps in each set, depending on the strength of the resistance band.

  This action uses the least equipment to practice the back at home, which can exercise the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles well. You can also try to rotate your hands internally, externally, or neutrally. The wider the distance between the foot and the stronger the resistance band, the more difficult it is to exercise.

  Non-finish straight

  Get down and straighten your arms. Grasp the two ends of the t-shirt or towel with both hands and pull it apart, as if you are going to break it;

  Tighten the hips and core, and clamp the shoulder blades. The chin and chest should be a few inches above the ground.

  Keeping tension, slowly pull the t-shirt or towel to the chest position, and then return to the stretched position to complete the action.

  3-4 groups, 12-15 times per group.

  Back stretching is an alternative to the gym’s back muscle pulling down equipment. The goal is to exercise the outside of the latissimus dorsi when contracting and the inside of the latissimus dorsi when stretching. It is important to maintain a constant state of tension in order to effectively exercise the muscles of the corresponding parts.

  betrayer rowing

  Push-ups are ready, but put your feet on a raised platform (such as a sofa or chair).

  Support the core to keep the body straight, and pull one hand to the body at a time. Tighten from the top.

  Place the arm back to the pressing position and repeat on the other side.

  Repeat 15 times for each group in 3 groups.

  This stroke is a full-body burner, which can train the lower part of the latissimus dorsi, but also exercise the shoulders, chest, triceps and core muscles well. Increase the number of repetitions and gradually increase the difficulty of exercise. Superman Rowing

  Lie flat, holding the ends of the resistance band with both hands. Before stretching, lock your arms into a V shape and keep them tight. Your hands should be wider than shoulders.

  Keep your head and chest a few inches off the ground, straighten your legs, tighten your hips, and keep them on the floor.

  Clamp the shoulder blades and pull the resistance band to the back of the neck. Try to tighten and return to the extended position.

  3-4 groups, 15-20 times per group.

  resistance band may increase the difficulty of this action. It may be difficult to complete the movement at first, but it can effectively exercise muscles. Combining this action with paddling and back stretching can exercise your back very effectively.

  surface tension of resistance band

  Wrap the resistance band around the tree (or similar object), parallel to the head position. Hold the end of the resistance band with both hands, and then step back until the strap is tightened and your arms stretched.

  The height of the elbow joint is the same as the face. Open your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades. While maintaining the height of your elbows, pull the shoulder straps to the sides of your jaw.

  Slowly extend the arm back to the starting position to complete the action.

  Perform three sets of 20 repetitions.

  This action is very useful for the upper back area (including the posterior deltoid and trapezius muscles). Keeping the core tight and controlling the entire movement can really give full play to the effect.

  next exercise

  Superman style

  Lie flat, arms extended forward, about shoulder width. Straighten your legs, straighten your insteps, and keep behind you in the same way, keeping your shoulders away from the ground.

  Tighten the hips, shrink the shoulders, and lift the legs and hands off the floor. Relax and let them return to the starting position.

  Perform three sets of 25 repetitions.

  This exercise exercises the upper and middle back areas including the spine stabilizer. Superman is also a very effective core exercise. You can try to repeat it several times, or you can keep still and time like a tablet stand, so you can use your creativity!

motorized blender bottle

  Hard inquiry (a method of credit inquiry)

  Find a suitable bag. Backpacks or suitcases are fine.

  Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your legs and hips, and hold the bag firmly. Make sure your back is straight to avoid injury.

  Tighten the hips, stand up, and lift the bag. You should pay attention to using the strength of the legs instead of the back to control the movement.

  Carefully place the bag on the floor and complete the action.

  Complete 6 sets, 15-20 times per set, depending on the weight of the bag.

  This action is a deformation of the traditional deadlift, which is convenient for home exercise and can exercise all the main parts of the body, including the back, core and leg muscles. You can put something in the bag to increase the weight.


  Lie flat, put your arms straight in front of you, in a V shape.

  Tighten the core, keep the whole body tense, and retract the elbows back to the hip position. Open your chest and bend your middle back so that it can lift the ground.

  retract the arm to the limit of the hip position, and then return to the starting position

  Do three sets of 20-30 second repetitions. This home exercise is a wide range of exercises that can strengthen the core and lower back. It can be combined with back stretching to effectively exercise the upper and lower back.

  hip bridge

  Lie flat, knees bent, feet flat on the ground, arms at your sides, palms on the floor to support.

  Straighten your back, push your heels, and raise your hips off the ground. Tighten the top of the hips.

  slowly return to the starting position.

  Complete 4 sets, 8 reps for each set.

  The hip bridge effectively moves to the back waist by its own weight. It is more difficult to use only one leg at a time. Try to contract your hips and exercise your muscles as much as possible.

  The home exercises we introduced above allow you to create a perfect back without going to the gym. You can exercise various parts of your back with various movements. Knowing the basic movements, you can be creative and practice with equipment that we don’t usually think of.

  In addition, when exercising at home, as we said before, most people ignore back training, so it’s best to make more variations and create a well-shaped back.

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  What is the biggest secret of diet control? The answer is-no secrets!

  All methods of diet control are essentially based on the same principle-to achieve calorie deficiency. When you eat less than you consume, you will naturally lose weight.

  No matter how hyped the various ways to lose weight and control diet, their ultimate goal is the same. It’s just that some methods are more radical, some will make you eat less or add something to your diet, some will use some products to achieve calorie deficiency, and some will even limit your eating time. But in the end, it is all about achieving insufficient calories.

  ”Then why did I not achieve the results I want?” Because although the diet has not changed, the body will adjust and change itself. So if you want to lose weight, you need to change your diet, exercise plan and other things that need to change as you progress.

  This is why many people go on a diet repeatedly. They think they have failed, but in fact their method is wrong.

  Understanding the mechanism of weight loss is the first step in deciding which diet you should use.

  By now, you should have realized that the methods may change all the time, but they are not magical. Only by sticking to a reasonable plan can you achieve your short-term or long-term goals.

  making plans

  When you want to travel, what is the first thing you do? Of course it is planning.

  You know where your destination is, so you need to plan the best route to your destination before you leave. The same goes for dieting. You know your fat loss goal at this stage, and you also know that this is just a one-stage task, because you can’t lose fat forever, otherwise you will become thin and lose phase! So you also need to know when you will not lose weight (or if it is a long process, you can add one or two rest periods to your plan), and know how your daily intake needs to change as your weight changes.

  You can specify long-term and short-term goals based on the principle of “smart”:


  Quantitative (measurable)

  Achievable (achievable)

  related (related)

  has a time limit

  Setting goals can help you give feedback on a regular basis, and it can also motivate you to move forward when you find it difficult to eat.

  choose the right diet plan

  There are good and bad dieting methods. There are thousands of dieting methods on the Internet for you to choose from, but many have some wrong, misleading content or exaggerated results (especially those that require the use of weight loss products such as herbal tea). Some of them may even be harmful to health. Many women leave their holidays because of the wrong way to lose weight, and some suffer from eating disorders. In short, the wrong way makes people vulnerable.

  So when you choose a diet method, you need to consider the following: How much patience can you have with the same method?

  Do I want a radical short-term method that may affect my athletic performance, or a relatively mild long-term method that has little effect on my performance?

  Is there anything I can’t change? (Evening appointments, family gatherings, etc. When you cannot eat according to the recipe)

  Do I accept the plan to limit what or when to eat?

  If I want to use weight loss pills together, is it safe?

  If I stick to this method, do I think I can achieve the desired goal?

  customize your own plan

  Although there are countless dieting methods on the market, they are certainly not as tailor-made for you. Designing your own diet plan can make it more suitable for your living habits and laws, and choosing an existing plan will force your life to fit the plan, which will definitely be more unstable in comparison.

  When you want to customize your own diet plan, there are many things to consider (such as those mentioned above). For most people, the following key factors for successful short-term and long-term weight management (supported by more and more research) will lay the foundation for your success.

  Knowledge is energy recording and tracking calorie intake

  Any diet that promotes weight loss will pursue calorie deficiency. In other words, we absorb less energy from food than we consume. This causes the body to break down existing nutrient reserves and use them as fuel, which can lead to weight loss (better fat loss, but this depends on training, lifestyle and your diet).

  When you first start a diet, creating a calorie deficit is a fairly simple task-you just need to eat less than before. It’s like throwing a dart at a barn door—it was a big target to aim at in the beginning. But with the improvement of diet, the goal is getting smaller and smaller, which requires our methods to be more precise.

  If you start to lose weight for the first time, even something as simple as managing your diet can bring great success. A simplified method of share management is to use your hand as a reference for the size of the component. You can try the following rules to determine sharing:

  Use your palm to decide how much protein to eat

  Use your fist to decide how much vegetables to eat

  Use the portion in your hand to decide how much carbs to eat

  Use your thumb to decide how much fat to eat

  Tracking your calorie intake in the form of software or food diary is a good way to improve your accuracy. Not only can it help you reach a calorie deficit, it can also let you know what may be missing in your diet. It can also help you determine whether your approach is too aggressive or mild.

electric shaker cup

  It is important to note that you should avoid being a “perfectionist”. If you have social activities, set yourself a range of calorie fluctuations and stay flexible. From a physical point of view, taking a day or night rest will not affect you, but it will have a great impact on your psychology. Focus on food types

  The choice of food is also very important in weight loss. From reducing hunger to increasing energy levels, reducing body fat and even increasing muscle, food choices can be said to be as important as calorie deficiency.


  The main nutrient in our diet is protein, which will provide the greatest benefits for everyone.

  Research has shown that protein can not only help you increase satiety and regulate blood sugar, but also protect your lean muscle during dieting. The higher the muscle content, the higher the metabolic rate and the faster the metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight.

  Research also shows that in the short and long term, a high-protein diet is more effective in losing weight than a low-protein diet.


  Fiber is another effective weight loss tool. When the fiber content in our diet increases, we usually feel fuller, which is more conducive to our weight loss.

  Some types of fiber will “absorb water” and “swell” like a sponge, which can simulate the effect of eating a lot of food and trigger a series of hormone signals to tell the brain that you are full. Other types of fibers form a gel-like substance that can slowly transform in the intestine. These fibers can not only remove harmful dietary cholesterol in the intestines, but also help to better regulate blood sugar. When our blood sugar is better controlled, we will not feel tired, and we are less likely to eat high-calorie foods rich in additional sugars.

  So in order to ensure that you get enough fiber (and a range of other beneficial nutrients, minerals and anti-inflammatory compounds), increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is a good way. Fruits and vegetables are also typical high-calorie foods. They are big but low in calories (this is a great way to save calories!).

  Research has shown that even increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables without reducing the total food intake can make people lose weight and help maintain weight loss.

  to sum up

  Prepare in advance and get twice the result with half the effort. This old adage cannot be used to lose weight-it is important to know your goals before you start a diet. If you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know when you will get there. Of course, you can’t just diet forever. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start to narrow it down and see which method is best for you.

  You can consider your lifestyle, schedule, your patience and all other necessary considerations, and then choose the method that suits you best. You may have to try a few times to find the right one.

  Alternatively, you can customize a plan for yourself, focus on previous successful experiences, and design your diet around your own lifestyle, instead of adjusting your lifestyle around diet. Know what you want to achieve, choose or design a method, plan the results after dieting. This is the way to achieve permanent success.

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  In all plant-based diets, a common misconception is that you will lack protein. This ancient misunderstanding has a big flaw, because through research and experiments, they have concluded that implementing a plant-based diet can provide the human body with sufficient protein and nutrition, which is necessary for people’s daily work.

  Here, you can find a list of eight kinds of plant-based foods, each of which contains enough protein to provide your body with the necessary protein nutrition. Moreover, because vegetable foods usually have fewer calories than meat or dairy products, you can eat more calories! win

  String bean

  Lentils are an important source of protein. Each cup of cooked lentils contains about 18 grams of protein. Lentils are rich in other vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, manganese and iron. They also contain healthy antioxidants required by the normal human body.


  Tofu originated from soybeans and has a high protein content, about 10-19 grams of protein per 100 grams. Soy is considered the entire source of protein. Therefore, it contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs. Tofu also contains a lot of iron and calcium, which helps build the immune system and maintain healthy bones.

  chickpeas and beans

  Chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, speckled beans and other beans contain about 15 grams of protein per cup (cooked). These beans are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fiber, iron, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese.


  Quinoa provides 8-9 grams of protein per cup (cooked) and is considered a complete source of protein. This is a complex carbohydrate, which means that they digest slowly, but absorb less nutrients and sugars than simple carbohydrates.


  Qatar contains about 6 grams of protein per half cup. Oatmeal is not a complete protein, but it is considered to be the high-level protein of other grains such as rice and wheat. Oats are also rich in fiber, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and folic acid.

  hemp seeds

  Hemp seeds are considered a complete protein, providing 10 grams of protein per 28 grams. Hemp seeds are easy to digest, contain magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and selenium, and are an important source of healthy fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6.

  nuts and butter

  Nuts and nut butters are important sources of protein. Depending on the type of nuts, every 28 grams contains about 5-7 grams of protein. Nuts contain fiber, healthy fats, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin E and B, which are good for daily health. When choosing the right nut or nut butter, make sure the nuts are raw and the nut butter is natural.

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  vegetables and fruits

  Vegetables are an important source of protein, including

  Brussels sprouts





  sweet potato

  Brussels sprouts

  All these vegetables can provide 4-5g protein per cup (cooked).

  Protein-rich fruits include


  Mulberry Blackberry

  banana tree


  Each cup contains about 2-4 grams of protein.


  Many people say that vegetarians and vegans, or people who want to implement a plant-based diet, lack protein. They did not tell all the honest facts. Whole foods such as lentils, tofu, chickpeas and beans, quinoa, oats, hemp seeds, nuts and nut butters, vegetables and fruits are all important sources of protein and can be included in a healthy diet.

  Although P92 is a supplement company, it mainly uses organic and natural whole foods to urge everyone to consume protein. We strive to buy as many organic and plant-based whole foods as possible in all our products. We name all the ingredients, so you will always accurately understand your consumption and keep it true-no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors . This is a promise we will continue to uphold. Can never replace health! Your body has walked a long distance in it. Treat them properly.

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  Look at the hot spots in the market

  Do you own an Apple Watch? Fitbit? Garmin? Do you often measure your fitness level?

  Are you training at F45? Participate in weekly recurring classes? I like indoor cycling, core training, dance training. Ladder class?

  Do you have a fitness partner who often trains with you? Are you a member of the running club? Do you faithfully follow the fitness application? Have you followed any fitness influencers on Instagram?

  Do you have daily activities? Do you have a training plan made by yourself? Is your training divided into aerobic exercise and weightlifting? Have you heard of the benefits of yoga? Will you train with a personal trainer?

  Are you on a diet and detox? Do you know gut health? Have you tried plant-based? Do you think you will be criticized every time you eat meat?

  If the answer to the above 50% of the questions is “yes”, please don’t worry. Just like the rest of us, you try all the techniques in this book to make it healthy and like to keep up with some of the latest fitness trends.

  Maybe you have tried all the diet under the sun. Maybe you changed your way of exercising? Maybe you are just walking along the beach or running in the morning. Or maybe you just skipped the whole step, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, etc.

  Maybe you have just started. Because what better time to start than now?

  new Year. New chapter. New beginning. The new decade. New Era. No matter what it means to you. This is just the beginning of something new.

  At P92, we are eager to cooperate with you to achieve the best self and live the best life!

  Well, there is no hope, but if you want, we are willing to give it a try. Cut off the BS. We don’t just refer to your typical diet, exercise challenge. We are talking about lifestyle.

  Please continue to pay attention to the P92 lifestyle that we will realize with you.

  You will be able to participate in P92 challenges and competitions, rankings and goals, we will ensure that you can participate! Moreover, we will also provide you with some prizes!

  How many burlap can be hit in 92 seconds?

  Record time 9.2 kilometers?

  92 push-ups?

  sounds like something you can do. Faster. You know you can.

  Do you play games? Let’s get to work.

  So in order to maintain the trend, here are the main fitness trends we will see in 2020. Yes, this is almost more information you already know or will see.

vortex portable mixer amazon

  According to the ACSM 2019 Global Fitness Trends Annual Survey, the emerging trends we will see in 2020 include [1];

  wearable technology

  HIIT training (high-intensity interval training)

  group training

  free weight training

  Personal training

  Exercise is medicine

  weight training

  Senior Fitness Program

  Health and Health Guidance

  weight loss exercise

  functional physical exercise

  Outdoor sports


  Lifestyle Medicine

  Cycle training workplace health promotion and workplace welfare program

  Achievement measurement

  Children and sports

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  Collagen is a protein composed of specific amino acids, including glycine, proline, arginine and hydroxyproline. Collagen accounts for about 30% of human protein, but it is abundant in animals. It connects and supports body tissues in skin, bones, tendons, muscles and cartilage.

  The function of collagen

  Collagen has many functions, such as:

  provides support for the skin. Collagen fibers give the skin the ability to resist traction and tension. It accounts for 70% of skin quality. Collagen can give the skin strength and elasticity.

  It provides structure for fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

  Collagen also plays an important role in bones. Bone is composed of a mixture of minerals called hydroxyapatite and collagen. The two work together to not only form a bone structure, but also make it flexible and strong. According to research conducted by the Radiocarbon Laboratory, approximately 30% of bones are made of organic materials, 95% of which are collagen.

  Collagen constitutes the walls of the arteries, veins and capillaries of the human body, provides correct and effective structure and elasticity for the blood vessels, and can effectively pump and transport blood to the whole body.

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  Age-induced collagen deficiency

  As we age, the production of collagen in the body begins to decrease. Once it reaches 25, it will start. The reduction of collagen will also slow down the metabolism. The reduction in collagen production also affects the volume of the skin and its physical properties. Aging will also change the structure of collagen in the body. Young skin has an organized pattern, while in old skin it becomes thick fibrils arranged in disordered bundles.

  As the collagen in the body decreases with age, it will cause the following health problems:


  dense pattern

  sagging skin

  causes hair loss,

  white hair





  How to meet the human body’s demand for collagen?

  The best way to stimulate collagen synthesis is in the form of supplements. Taking high-quality collagen supplements will help the aging collagen to return to its previous state. It helps to improve skin appearance and bone/vascular health. It has also been found to promote anti-aging effects such as joint pain and hair growth.

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  Because of work, I will come into contact with many health products, especially sports nutrition products. It is said that fitness is to practice for three minutes and eat for seven minutes, so for friends who really want to pursue the perfect body, in addition to strengthening training, daily use of fitness supplements is essential.

  Protein powder is the most common supplement. Interviewees mentioned several common protein powder brands, such as MP, on, and ALLMAX. But for oral supplements, multi-dimensional considerations are required when choosing.

  1. What to consider when choosing protein powder

  When choosing protein powder products,    Fitness Party generally cares about two criteria: taste and effect. If you have to add another one, it’s definitely a good deal.

  seems very complicated. The “flavor” and “effect” mentioned above roughly refer to “word” and “fang”. As for “high cost performance”, it means spending the least money to buy the products with the highest scores on each detailed indicator.

  2. How to judge the quality of protein powder

  As an ordinary consumer, I suggest paying attention to a few of them.

  For example, in terms of “character”, priority can be given to solubility and taste.

  Solubility: The solubility of high-quality protein powder is not bad. As an ordinary consumer, after mixing the powder with water at room temperature, shake or stir it for several times, and you will not see obvious undissolved particles. If you shake the cup for more than 30 seconds and find a lot of clots in the cup, the solubility is obviously not good.

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  Taste: Most people can feel the smoothness and taste of the liquid when they drink it to judge whether it tastes good or not. If the overall taste is smooth and delicious, there is no obvious residue in the mouth, no obvious “throat burning/pruritus”, no thirst, etc. So it can be said to be a high-quality protein powder.

  Generally, the dimension of “taste” is also the most intuitive point for ordinary consumers. But unlike solubility, the taste can be judged by an intuitive standard, but it should be based on different opinions, so you can choose the product you like.

  3. Recommended

  According to the above criteria, after evaluating many brands of protein powder, my personal favorite protein powder before is ALLMAX, because it gives me the best experience in “mouthfeel”. After all, it is something that is often eaten, and other indicators are not as strong as “taste”. But then I found a better taste experience than ALLMAX, FITNESS LABS, the Chinese name seems to be Muscle Magic Lab.

  To briefly introduce, FITNESS LABS is a product of the American Lindbergh Nutrition Family, which has done a very good job in product formulation research and development, factory production and other links. His family has a protein powder whey fit protein, I think both the formula and the properties are very good. In my mind, this product is rated no lower than ALLMAX, ON and other brands, and it is definitely a product with high cost performance.

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  Summer is here. With the arrival of summer, you are crazy to sculpt to trim the fat, just in time for the week when you travel abroad in Lanzarote in the winter months. do not worry. In the coming time, I will use evidence-based practical recommendations to help you cheer up and ensure that you are as confident as ever.

  Let us roll with changes in diet and nutrition.

  First of all, please remember that the basis of weight control is energy or calorie balance. So, fundamentally speaking, the amount of food you eat during exercise and daily activities is related to the amount of energy you consume. Low sugar or high fat is not the secret to weight loss, nor is it an ancient diet, it’s just a lack of calories. This is physics!

  In order to replenish energy for the day and maintain your current weight, you need a certain amount of energy. You get energy from calories in food. The calories needed to maintain your current weight are called maintenance calories. If you eat more than maintain calories, you will get fat, and if you eat less than maintain calories, it means you (yes, yes) lose fat.

  All the food we eat is composed of three chemical substances (macronutrients). Protein, carbohydrates and fats. There are different roles in the body. Some roles are more important than others, but they can simplify things.

  Protein-build and repair muscle fibers after exercise.

  Fat-in addition to exercise, it can also be used for the formation of hormones and energy for daily activities.

  carbohydrates-get energy during high-intensity exercise.

  Set diet to reduce fat

  1) Calculate your calorie maintenance

  First, we need to calculate the amount of food you need to maintain your current weight, which is the calorie intake.

  You can calculate the maintenance calories through the link below

  2) Choose your lack of calories

  After maintaining the calories, you can subtract 300-500 calories; you have a starting point for weight loss.

  Quick preventive measures; although a larger deficit may mean that the fat on the other side loses faster, it may be more difficult to maintain, so start at 300 and work from there.

  3) Calculate your macronutrient ratio

  Protein; 1.5-2.3g/kg body weight (4 kcal/g)

  When we exercise, our muscle fibers are broken down. After this failure, what we did was cause muscle growth. In order to restore health, we need enough protein. This amount tends to be between 1.5 and 2.3 g/kg body weight. Protein can also keep you full for longer, so keeping you full throughout the day is a great strategy.

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  For men weighing 75 kg, it is recommended to use about 150 grams of protein. It is difficult to do this from whole foods containing 25-30 grams of standard chicken fillet. Whey protein supplements are basically filtered milk with concentrated protein content. It is a cheap, practical and effective option that can help you achieve your daily protein goals. Our whey protein range has some excellent protein supplement options. Blue whey protein provides 30 grams of protein per 35 grams, with only 1.1 grams of carbohydrates and 1.3 grams of fat. It is an excellent choice for weight loss. Fat; 0.8-1 g/kg body weight (9 kcal/g)

  Fat is a macronutrient with the highest calorie content, 9 kcal per gram, so it is generally recommended to be around 0.8-1g per kilogram of body weight. Choosing polyunsaturated or monounsaturated instead of saturated fat will produce a good balance of 3:6, thereby reducing inflammation in the body.

  If you eat oily fish at least 2 to 3 times a week, it is a good idea to supplement with Omega 3 to ensure that inflammation is relieved. Our evidence-based Acti Omega supplement is very good. Compared to a typical Omega 3 supplement containing 150 mg of EPA and 100 mg of DHA, Acti Omega contains 400 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA.

  Sugar; other calories/(4kcal/g)

  In order to promote your training and progress, you need enough carbohydrates. Choosing more nutrient-dense and fiber-rich sources will result in continuous energy release and fullness due to the increase in volume. Choosing more sugar is not very effective in using calories, and the energy level of the day will not be Unanimous.

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  Explore how amino acids can help build muscle

  If you want to improve your fitness and performance, or repair muscles lost due to injury, please understand how amino acids make up muscles.

  Exercise and nutrition to build muscle

  Exercise is an important part of muscle movement. However, if there is not enough nutrition and hormone balance in the body, it is impossible to build muscle by exercise alone.

  Enough protein (especially essential amino acids) and carbohydrates in the diet to help muscle growth.

  If you stop exercising, fasting or not eating for a period of time, muscle filaments may begin to break down faster than they grow, resulting in a decrease in muscle mass.

  What are amino acids?

  ”Amino acid” is a chain of compounds composed of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.

  Amino acids are considered to be the basis of protein in your body. They are a source of energy and help to grow tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. Muscle growth or hypertrophy is one of many physical processes related to human amino acids.

  Imagine that a protein is a set of connected chains. Each link in the chain is an amino acid, forming a peptide chain (polypeptide). The more links on the chain, the larger the polypeptide. Protein is composed of many polypeptide chains.

  Amino acids can be divided into two categories:

  Essential (or dietary) amino acids-from the food you eat, mainly responsible for the construction of protein in the body

  Non-essential amino acids-the human body is synthesized by other amino acids and can be used as fuel

  How does protein help muscle growth?

  Muscle is composed of two types of filaments (actin and myosin), both of which are proteins. In order to grow muscles, two protein filaments need to be built and strengthened to make them larger than the existing size.

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  When muscles are more challenged in resistance exercise, the protein cells in the filaments send messages to activate their cell growth. Cells can use the available protein to build damaged muscle fibers to form new and more muscles.

  The balance between the available protein in the cell growth receptor and the protein mass needed to build muscle is regulated.

  Research supports amino acids to promote muscle growth

  The protein is too large to enter muscle cells. Smaller amino acids can easily pass through cell membranes to form peptides that are integrated into muscle proteins.

  It is important that your body has sufficient levels of essential amino acids to help build muscle. Summary All current studies on muscle growth show that the increase of circulating amino acids in the blood after exercise can stimulate muscle growth in healthy adults, but it can only increase the utilization of amino acids.

  The source of essential amino acids

  You can increase the utilization of amino acids in your body by eating some foods. Diet is an important source of amino acids, by ensuring that the diet contains enough protein (such as meat, fish or eggs).

  Research also shows that supplementing your normal nutritional intake with essential dietary amino acids from protein supplements or powders can help maintain a large amount of amino acid reserves, thereby increasing muscle mass over time. Dietary supplements containing amino acids can increase the utilization of amino acids to muscles. For example, the concentration of essential amino acids glycine, lysine and proline contained in gelatin supplements is higher than that of protein in food.

  Want to learn more about the benefits of protein supplements?

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  voltrx is a well-known electric shaker bottle brand in the United States. Many of its products are designed for fitness enthusiasts and are deeply loved by them.

  voltrx has designed a variety of drink electric shaker bottles for fitness enthusiasts, the most famous of which is the Shaker Bottle for stirring balls. It is also the favorite design of fitness enthusiasts. voltrx is a global leader in the health and fitness industry, dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality products for athletes around the world.

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  The uniqueness of    protein shaker bottle is the innovative design of the metal stirring ball. This Shaker Bottle has been patented, which can fully stir the protein powder and melt the liquid without lumps. This is also where the protein shaker bottle brand has the most advantage, and it is also the favorite of athletes. Because this cup is very suitable for drinking protein powder, it is generally used by athletes in sports.

  voltrx specializes in producing electric shaker bottles or storage tanks of various brands. It is also the production of Shaker Bottle, which makes more sports enthusiasts like this product. The Shaker Bottle of this brand is very simple to use. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it is also very powerful.

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  In the United States, which pursues a market economy, even behind the ubiquitous Shaker Bottle, there is a huge market and fierce competition. According to the latest report released by the American marketing company IRI, Bian Xiao counted a series of American water bottle shaker brands in 2017. Today, let’s take a look at the top brands and their uniqueness with Bian Xiao.

  1. Contigo enjoy every moment of American life

  Yes, it’s Contigo again. In 2017, the US Shaker Bottle gained its first market share, and its total market share with its sub-brand Bubba was as high as 23%. Not only in the US market, but also in China in the past two years. From the obscurity of the past to countless star dramas of the same paragraph, Contigo has become a true star who loves Shaker bool. In addition, Contigo uses the children’s water bottle shaker as an entry point. Due to its safety and functional advantages, Contigo’s popularity in the domestic mothers circle has rapidly increased, and it has become a popular item that is often out of stock. At the same time, however, more and more water bottle shakers are counterfeiting Contigo. It is no exaggeration to say that in addition to the chef’s door, there are many fakes belonging to Contigo. This also illustrates how popular Contigo is in the domestic market from another angle.

  Contigo’s leading position in the United States is inseparable from the high quality of its products, especially its core competitiveness in straw cups. One touch, one suction, seemingly simple operation, is the embodiment of technology behind it. Not only that, Contigo is constantly developing new ways to drink water, so the Black Technology Longkou Cup was born. In children’s cups, the constantly updated cup patterns are simple and effective.

  2.bubba bubba

  Bubba is located in Chicago, and its water bottle shakers are sold all over the world. Bubba not only sells Shaker Bottle, but is also committed to meeting customer needs for Shaker Bottle.

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  Bubba products are mainly divided into thermos cups, travel cups, straw cups, children cups and sports cups. Although it is a group with Contigo, the positioning of the bubba Shaker Bottle is very different from that of the Contigo bottle. Bubba’s Shaker Bottle is relatively strong, masculine, and more in line with American aesthetics.

  3. Private label U.S. business surpasses private label

  In the United States, Shangchao’s leading brands include Wal-Mart and Target, and their market share cannot be underestimated. According to market survey data, the market share of Shangchao’s own brand is as high as 15%. This new statistic reduces the share of other brands and also shows the fierce competition in the US water bottle shaker market. Private brands generally have lower prices and will attract people who don’t have special requirements for Shaker Bottle. However, with the upgrading of consumption, more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality and function of water bottle shaker, and more and more people will choose water bottle shaker according to their brand and quality. 4.voltrx electric water bottle shaker

  Voltrx’s market share is close to 5%. Most of its products are designed for fitness enthusiasts, the most famous of which is the electric water bottle shaker with patented mixing ball. It can be said that voltrx is the founder of the gym electric water bottle shaker.

  As a professional water bottle shaker for American gyms, Blenderbottle is committed to designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality products for global fitness athletes, and solves the problem of uneven mixing when many fitness people brew protein powder. However, this also limits the scope of consumer groups. Consumers are trapped in “sports only”.

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  In January 2015, “voltrx” developed, designed and produced the first “rapid heating water cup”. Pour 100 of boiling water into the cup and shake (about 1 minute) to quickly cool it to about 55 warm water, which can be drunk by the human body. This powerful feature has become popular on the Internet and has become the new favorite of major e-commerce companies.

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  As far as the working principle of the protein shaker is concerned, the protein shaker mainly includes three parts:

  1. Inside the thermal conductive layer

  Using food-grade 304 stainless steel, the heat of the hot water in the cup is quickly transferred to the micron-level phase change material.

  2. Micron phase change material

  It can quickly absorb heat, thereby achieving a cooling function.

  3. Insulation layer

  It is composed of food grade 304 stainless steel and food grade PP, which ensures the safety and comfort of use.

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  Everyone who trains in the gym has different goals and objectives, which leads to different training methods for everyone. However, for fitness and strength training people, a general consensus is that you need to report to the gym regularly every week. The advantage of going to the gym for training is that you can choose more types of training, and everyone will find their own training programs and methods.

  high frequency training

  Whether you choose 5-day speed training, 55 events, or full-body directional training, you need to stick to it. When you train in the gym, you will find that your training will be better than you expected. Over time, you will find that your strength becomes more and more important. But if you are ready to challenge a new training system, why not consider a high-frequency and low-intensity training mode? Many whole-body training modes can be adjusted to high-frequency training mode in time. If it sounds attractive to you, the high-frequency training mode has many benefits.

  Strength boosting and muscle training

  It’s easy to hear how effective a certain training mode is to build muscles to burn fat and increase strength. In fact, you may be tired of hearing people say that muscle training is the next big thing. But when it comes to high-frequency training, it can bring amazing increases in strength and muscle mass. This is not a hearsay, but a theory based on research results. After training, the level of muscle protein synthesis will increase on average for about 24 hours and 36 hours.

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  This will enable your body to produce muscle efficiently, while increasing the growth rate and recovery rate. Within 24-36 hours after weightlifting, your body’s metabolic synthesis will become the highest, which means you can produce more muscle. Through high-frequency training, most of your exercises will be compound exercises, so you must not only target the main muscle groups, but also practice multiple muscle groups at the same time. Therefore, as the level of muscle protein synthesis increases, you can produce more muscle. Simply put, the more training, the higher the protein synthesis rate. This whole body training is done every other day, which means to train several major muscle groups every week.

  More training

  For many people, the gym is a sacred existence, a secluded place for them to escape from the busy lifestyle. So many people can actually achieve the purpose of training in the gym, but these are not enough. Just like doing everything else, as long as you have the opportunity to do more of what you like to do, and this thing can bring you a lot of benefits, are you willing to seize this opportunity? The answer is naturally yes, which is why many gym enthusiasts start high-frequency training.

  Ideally, when you start the full-body training mode, you can take a day off so that you can exercise 4 times a week. More importantly, you can do more training programs that suit you. Some people even train twice a day, such as going back to the gym at night to exercise weak parts such as abdominal muscles. Faster training courses

  But not everyone has enough time to do a lot of training, so we should make full use of the only time to do more things, including training in the gym. Because the training of each body part corresponds to a training project, you can choose the project that does not have any time to do it. This way you will train the same muscle group several times a week. If the time is not enough, you can cancel a training or shorten the training time.

  Because it may take two days to train to the same position, a specific training can be cancelled. Because the parts you want to train are: chest, shoulders, back, legs, biceps, triceps, burn fat like there is no tomorrow! You can even put the two parts of training together wisely to free up more time.

  Reduce the chance of overtraining

  Although you are doing high-frequency training, you may have to train for a few days a week, but you can always rest for a day between two training sessions. The final result shows that your training volume will be reduced accordingly. This means you don’t have too many opportunities to overtrain, so you won’t be tired and don’t have time to recover.

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  Whether you really want to start an exercise program or just feel lazy at the moment, you have to face up to the question of how to start the exercise mode.

  There are so many ways to exercise, and your choice does not have to be the same as others. Some people like outdoor sports, while some people tend to go to the gym. And even if you choose to go to the gym, there are many different exercise schedules to choose from, and everyone should choose a fitness plan that suits them.

  Creating your own gym schedule allows you to adjust your time more freely according to your own schedule, and then you can make your own plan. This is very beneficial to those who have a clear goal in mind, and it is undoubtedly beneficial to those who want to train muscles. It gives the muscle training group a chance to achieve their goals.

  And, you are definitely not the first person to lie there and do post-deformation without knowing what the purpose is. If you don’t want to gain muscle or increase the strength of the supine posture for any functional role, you don’t need to do this exercise at all.

  Continue to do supine recommendation as an example. This exercise has many benefits for improving muscle strength, and it is also a necessary item for many fitness experts to train in the gym. Pectoralis, arm and shoulder muscles can be exercised, such as anterior deltoid, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapula fixation, trapezius and triceps. However, when you decide what exercises you need, you should reconfirm what your training goals are. The training method of these muscles does not necessarily require exercise, or even go to the gym.

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  To be honest, if you are a little bad and have not been exposed to exercise, you will probably feel uncomfortable at first. Your muscles will feel pain and you may feel a little nauseous, but these are temporary side effects of increased heart rate and muscle function at the beginning of training.

  If you insist on applying for a gym membership card, then gym courses are a good choice for those who lack motivation or are exploring exercise methods. It provides diversity in your sports life. So if you find it boring to do treadmills and weightlifting day after day, multiple courses may be another option.

  It is very important to integrate fitness into our daily life. It’s not that you run on a treadmill every day, or do the same kind of training at the same time every night, because you are afraid of a health crisis. Integrating into daily life is to achieve this particular thing, or to allow your body to get the energy it needs in a way that you can persist.

  What we want to say is that exercise is not just about lifting weights or running a marathon. It does not necessarily mean that you must become a gym member. If you want to improve your physical condition, exercise should put interest first. If there is a sport you are passionate about, let it be your reason to start exercising. Who knows what will happen next? Maybe your physical fitness will gradually improve. One

  In essence, understanding the effects of cardiovascular and resistance training on weight loss and improving endurance, metabolism and strength can help you decide what your future goals are. From regular walks to rock climbing, you may find answers in many sports.

  Take a step back and take away your obsession with the gym, because there may be other fitness programs that better suit your physical needs.

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  This is a very common scene,——. You start running regularly, but before you realize the sports injury. If you feel uncomfortable, you should put an ice pack on the sofa.

  So how to prevent sports injuries caused by running, so that you can continue to run safely?

  Like other sports, it takes time and thinking before you start running. Unfortunately, most of us only think about how to prevent injury after knee discomfort. If you study this problem from the beginning, you will be one step ahead of many runners.

  Every one of us is different, so it’s hard to say how likely you are to be injured, because some people are more likely to be injured than others. A running injury survey in the Journal of Sports Medicine shows that the annual running injury rate is 37% to 56%.

  One thing is clear: about 50% to 75% of sports injuries are caused by overuse of the knee and repeating the same movements. Injured runners must pay attention to the difference between “complete recovery” and “no injury”, and understand the “early recognition of symptoms of overuse.” One

  So let’s take a look at how to prevent sports injuries caused by running.

  1. Strengthen muscles

  Many people rely heavily on the power of running shoes. However, recent research suggests that your shoes may not be the key to injury. The review of runner injury research does not even encourage the wearing of orthopedic and specially designed running shoes, but should focus on specific strengthening exercises for weak areas.

  Maybe you should worry less about what to wear on your feet (unless it’s flip flops) and pay more attention to the strength of your lower body. This means you need strength training to prevent potential weakness from causing injury. If you feel that you need to run and are worried about injury, you may need to find a professional sports rehabilitator to strengthen your body to prevent further running injuries.

  2. Maintain a good running posture

  You may think that there is no “correct” way of running, and running is natural. But in fact, there are some mistakes in form and technology that you should avoid. For example, a heel impact may cause injury when stepping on it.

  There is evidence that the damage caused by a forefoot impact (when your sole touches the ground first) is much less than the injury caused by a rear foot impact (when your heel touches the ground first). Therefore, you may need to carefully consider how you run and how to strengthen or weaken specific parts of your lower body. Although it is technically possible to change the foot stroke from the back foot to the front foot, it is still uncertain whether this change will cause injury before the lower limbs become stronger.

  3. Stretch

  Lack of exercise is a pain in the lower body of many people. If your calves and feet lack exercise, and you have tight hip flexors, you may be more prone to injury. Remember to stretch after running, it can not only help you improve flexibility. Stretching the muscles when they are warm is the safest way to improve flexibility. Remember to stretch different parts of the body, especially calf lift and extension, wall push/push-ups, hip flexor extension, hip opening hamstrings (such as clam extension, upper body squat and leg lift) and quadriceps extension .

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  It is also important to remember that all muscles are connected. Back problems usually cause lower body injuries, so don’t forget to stretch the upper body: chest, shoulders and back to minimize upper body tension.

  4. Correct training and rest

  Maybe at the moment you think that a day is not complete without jogging, and running is an addictive exercise. But overtraining is also a common cause of injury. Running 8 to 10 miles a day, enduring any pain, seems to turn yourself into a running machine, but it will only make you unable to continue running.

  Don’t make low-level mistakes. Make sure you train wisely, listen to your body and give it proper rest. Use correct methods such as stretching and foam rollers to relax and rest to ensure that you get enough quality sleep (at least 7 hours). The usual “overtraining” situation is likely to be that the body is actually recovering.

  5. Water and nutritional supplements

  For running and recovery, nothing is more important than adequate water and nutrition. For those who want to lose weight, a low-calorie diet plus a few miles of running seems to be a good solution, but in fact, doing so is harmful to your metabolism and muscles.

  Even if you lose weight, you need to eat to maintain your metabolism. Instead of damaging your long-term health or being hurt by an unsustainable lifestyle, it is better to lose weight gradually. Make sure you eat enough food and water to run and recover.

  Eat high-fiber carbohydrates before or the night before running to fill the muscles with the necessary glycogen (energy). After running, you must supplement your blood sugar levels with foods rich in carbohydrates and protein to maintain muscle growth.

  There is nothing like the pleasure of dopamine after running that will motivate you to hit the road next time. Therefore, you must provide the body with the most suitable things at the most suitable time, so that you can run faster in the next run.

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  How about the voltrx protein shaker bottle, the quality is really good–

  1. Thickness is the best thickness in Shaker Bottle I have seen

  2. Material

  Do you see the 5 in the triangle symbol? Do you understand the number at the bottom of the drinking cup? Do you see the 5 in the triangle symbol? Do you understand the number at the bottom of the drinking cup?

  Plastic bottle, look at the numbers in the triangle at the bottom:

  No. 1 PET: heat-resistant to 65°C and cold-resistant to -20°C.

  HDPE No. 2: It is recommended not to recycle.

  PVC No. 3: It is best not to buy.

  No. 4 LDPE: not strong in heat resistance.

  No. 5 PP: microwave lunch box, fresh-keeping box, high temperature resistance of 120 ℃.

  No. 6 PS: It is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, but it cannot be placed in a microwave oven.

  No. 7 PC other categories: water bottle, water cup, milk bottle.

  3. Smell

  Smell on the premise of packaging, you open the sealed bag, twist open the cap for the first time, and then smell it. There is no peculiar smell. I opened several of them and tested it without any peculiar smell,

  It’s said that it will get smelly when you wash the protein shaker bottle. It has nothing to do with the water cup? Is it the characteristic of protein? It’s because you don’t wash it right away after drinking the protein powder. Of course it will smell bad the next day. There is a reason that raw eggs will stink if they are not cleaned up for a day.

protein blender bottle

  Of course, poor quality cups are not clean at all. .

  4. Easy to use

  With a pull ring, you can hang it to your backpack or hang a key. You can pick it up with one finger. There is a steel wire ball inside to stir. Protein powder, milkshake, milk powder, juice, etc. Shake it, everything!!!

  5. Easy to clean

  Just put your hand in and you can wash it. You don’t need to buy a special brush, it’s too much trouble. Drinking water is easy, right?

  Specially designed for sports and fitness people

  Large capacity, timely supplement of water and nutrition during exercise is essential

  Large capacity means you don’t go to the water dispenser several times

  With powder grid, easy to carry, protein powder, supplements, pills, portable food

  provides you with simplicity and convenience

  7. Don’t mention leaks. .

  No water leakage No water leakage No water leakage Say important things three times

  Can such a high-end, professional and flowery cup leak?

  can’t do it! Otherwise, it’s unprofessional

  put it in your backpack with confidence!

  caveat. . . Unless you fill it with boiling water!! Don’t use it as a thermos

  Okay, just do it like this!!

  Besides, it’s easy to buy

  Domestically, all major shopping websites have them. The prices are a little higher than those in foreign countries.

  I also sell it. If you need it, you can search the store with X treasure. Monster 168

  Little seller, elementary school students, there are still many things to learn, life is not easy, working hard together, do not expect to get sales here

  Go up and drill the crown, operate with integrity, walk there and count there, all are real shots, not to buy orders

  What’s the purpose?

  I just want to let everyone know the good things, it’s all collected information plus my own understanding

  You can go and see for yourself to feel different. Hope to adopt, thank you.

funny shaker bottle

  voltrx sports protein shaker bottle with stirring ball blue 600ml, made of high-quality PP material, high heat resistance, not easy to deform, healthier and safer to use; hanging ring can be rotated and adjusted, easy to lift; sealed design, not easy to leak; free to match powder Mixes, snacks, candies, milk powder, etc., is a good partner for exercise and fitness~

cheap shaker bottle

  Voltrx is an American brand founded in 2000. Most of its products are designed for fitness enthusiasts. Its protein shaker bottle with patented stirring ball is the most famous. And this voltrx SportMixer protein shaker bottle is one of the main series of voltrx. It adopts new Tritan Copolyester material, does not contain BPA and phthalic acid, it is safe to use, and will not absorb any taste or residual odor; leak-proof design, no pressure to carry. Contains voltrx’s exclusive patented spring stirring ball. Lifting the water cup, the stirring ball can break the insoluble fitness supplements such as protein powder and muscle building powder in the bottle. It is more convenient to prepare and drink, which is very suitable for fitness people. use. The capacity is 643 ml.

funny shaker bottle

  voltrx protein shaker

  I feel that the quality is still very good. The acrylic material is matched with macarons. The capacity is 500ml. There is also a 710ml. I personally feel that 500 is just right. If it is only used in class, 500 is enough and more suitable for girls, but in fact The 710 is not very big. If you go out for more than half a day, the 710 is completely okay. There is a portable buckle on the top of the cup, and the water outlet is an elastic cover and a lock buckle, so the sealing is also very good, and it is convenient to use. This

  The protein shaker is used to drink juice, the color is relatively small and fresh, and the milkshake can also be shaken very evenly. voltrx protein shaker

electric shaker bottle

  The quality of the plastic is very good. It is a tritan cup, which is super thick and worthy of the price. This cup can really shake a whole piece of fruit into dregs like in the legend

  , Not so much that many people on the Internet say that it is so exaggerated. After using this cup, I especially like to drink water, soaking everything is high in value! Little fairies who don’t like drinking water can consider it. This sports protein shaker

  It is specially designed for summer. You can shake it yourself to make a smoothie milkshake. This green color scheme is really hard to find, which is very suitable for summer. It is the feeling of first love to see!

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Life can be very busy sometimes. Whatever the reason, you can spend some time on daily training.

  It’s ok

  In this article, you will find some things to consider before you get into trouble.

  Be patient, start small

  As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. Waiting for you to return to your training level before taking a break can sometimes be frustrating and painful. After a few weeks of training, it will slowly recover.

  Doing strenuous exercise that you may have done before may increase the risk of injury. In order to minimize the risk of injury and improve the overall level of development, remember to slow down and follow your own plan. This will ensure that you move steadily and enable you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

  After rest, people recover muscles and strength faster than normal people. This is the so-called muscle memory.

  Muscle memory is the result of an increase in muscle fiber cells. These cells help increase our muscle strength and muscle size. Even after a few weeks, these cells can still be found in muscle fibers, which helps restore growth during training. [1,2,3]

  don’t expect immediate results

  Taking time to exercise may mean that you may lose some muscle, strength and cardiovascular health. Don’t let this disappoint you-you don’t need to start from scratch. It may take a while for you to return to the original state. This may mean choosing a lighter, shorter distance or slower time than before the break.

  In a study conducted by McMaster et al., researchers found that participants who stopped training were able to maintain strength during up to three weeks of training, but recorded significant levels of muscle atrophy or wasting. 5 to 16 weeks later.

  McMaster believes that although training age or continuous training time is increasing, strength and strength gains will decrease. In other words, when you train your body for more than 12-24 months, the adaptability of muscles and nerves to resistance training will decrease. The longer the training time, the slower the body changes. This is completely normal. You can see relatively large changes at the early training age, while at the older training age, the changes are relatively slow.

  Remember, you will get hurt

  Remember to warm up and relax before you start exercising.

  This is an important stage of exercise that can help you prevent muscle soreness or injury, and delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

  Delayed-onset muscle soreness can cause muscle soreness or stiffness anywhere within 24 to 72 hours after exercise.

  Therefore, you may need more rest to recover from this pain. The most precious recovery you can focus on is a good night’s sleep. A good sleep can greatly increase the speed of recovery. By falling asleep, your body can adapt to exercise faster and more effectively.

motorized blender bottle

  In a study conducted by Vitale et al., it was emphasized that sleep plays a vital role in the recovery process. In this study, it is recommended that most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Research also shows that those who participate in strenuous exercise may need more sleep. Ask the teacher/instructor

  If you have difficulty adapting to the development of things, it may be worthwhile with the help of a personal trainer/instructor. Sometimes someone needs you to be responsible, and sometimes it may be your motivation to return to your daily work.

  If you don’t want a personal trainer and don’t know where to start, all beginners should learn these basic exercises. If you are looking for conventions, you can read this article, novices can remember this article.

  I strongly recommend that you slow down and consult your doctor or physical therapist, especially in case of injury, to ensure safety.


  Don’t make these mistakes before you start to exercise your habits. You can refer to this article to learn how to avoid people falling into common traps.

  These suggestions will help you restart your exercise program. However, keep in mind that sometimes it doesn’t matter to be overwhelmed. Don’t be discouraged, you already understand!

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Protein electric shaker bottle allows you to release instant protein drinks in the workplace, gym, on the road, camping ground or in the car.

  The easy-to-clean protein electric shaker bottle provides a healthy way to mix protein beverages anytime, anywhere. The vibrating screen consists of a cup or bottle with a sealed lid, usually with a drinking nozzle.

  The most important function is the electric shaker bottle, the spokes in the shaker or the equipment on the lid. The mixer helps to mix protein powder (like the whey described by the Mayo Clinic) with the liquid and break it down into lumps to make a smooth drink. Choose a vibrating screen that is easy to disassemble and clean to prevent bacteria from entering the gap and accumulating bacteria.

  The first step: add liquid

  Add the required liquid. The protein electric shaker bottle usually has a measurement mark on the side. For example, pour 16 ounces of water, fruit juice, milk or almond milk into a protein electric shaker bottle. Before adding protein powder, please add liquid to prevent the powder from agglomerating on the bottom of the shaker or coating the side with a layer of powder.

  Step 2: Measuring the powder

  test protein powder. The packaged protein powder comes with a spoon to measure a serving of powder. If you can’t see the spoon, you have the foundation. If you buy protein powder in large quantities, please use 2 tablespoons.

harry potter shaker bottle

  Step 3: Add other ingredients

  add any other ingredients. The protein electric shaker bottle provides a convenient way to take powdered nutritional supplements. Please consult your doctor for supplements and do not exceed the recommended dosage.

  Step 4: Put the lid on and shake

  Put the lid on the shaker. Make sure it clicks into place for sealing. This prevents the lid from falling when shaken. Shake the protein electric shaker bottle vigorously and shake it slowly 20 times. The blender breaks up the protein powder and helps to mix the various ingredients together.

cheap shaker bottle

  You can make delicious milkshakes without using an electric shaker bottle. Choose your taste characteristics, add ingredients to the shaker cup, shake the Vega shaker cup and enjoy. Don’t know how to stack vibrating cups correctly. Please follow the formula below and make sure to stack in order!

  Basic layer technology

  1. Ice

  2. Water, non-dairy beverages or 100% juice

  3. Your favorite Vega protein powder

  4. Water

  5. Ice

  Now that you know how to stack cups correctly, here are four different recipes for you to try.

  1. Low-key, a little sour

  Just add a little lemon juice to your Vega powder and selected liquids to get a rich flavor.

  2. Rich cream

  Add a spoonful of non-dairy yogurt substitute to thicken the mixture.

  3. Chocolate on the head

  Chocolate lovers, happy! Cocoa beans and cocoa powder make this taste like dessert.

  4. Tropical twist

  frozen fruit can add some delicious snacks to your milkshake.

  Raw materials

  low-key and a bit sour


  Your favorite Vega plant protein powder has a berry, natural, tropical or vanilla flavor

  sprinkle lemon juice (seasoning)


  rich cream

  a cup of non-dairy beverage

  Your favorite Vega plant protein powder has the flavor of chocolate, vanilla or berry

  a cup of non-milk yogurt

  a cup of non-dairy beverage

  overhead chocolate

  a cup of non-milk

  Your favorite chocolate flavored Vega plant protein powder

  1 tablespoon of cocoa beans

  1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

  a cup of non-milk

  tropical twist

  a cup of frozen mango (instead of ice)

  a glass of orange juice


  Your favorite Vega plant protein powder has vanilla, natural or tropical flavor

  a glass of orange juice


  a cup of frozen pineapple (instead of ice)

electric shaker bottle

  From simple powder mixes to crazy mixes at smoothie shops. I believe you have many healthy breakfast options.

  In a healthy world, everyone is looking for the best skills, the best recipes, and the best food choices. Of course, we do this to optimize our health.

  Of course, all simple things are good, not always complicated. However, encountering new things is always monotonous.

  Have you used an electric shaker bottle for breakfast? I’m not talking about smoothies or protein shakes. It’s a little different. The texture is different, but it is also very nutritious. This is a breakfast that will make you feel full and satisfied.

  Let me talk about the ingredients first.

  do you need:

  a cup of dried oats

  -1 tablespoon of Tzu Chi seeds

  1 cup almond milk (or any other milk)

  1 tablespoon of your favorite protein powder (preferably with vanilla)

  1 banana

  1 teaspoon cinnamon

  1 tablespoon nut butter

  This is a very simple ingredient list. Oatmeal is rich in energy and fiber and is very suitable for digestion. Kia seeds not only provide fiber, but also provide omega-3 fatty acids for all brain functions and heart health. Almond milk will give you almost a creamy texture, which is always better than pure water. Some protein powder should be put in for breakfast. 1 Banana thickens and provides potassium. Cinnamon and nut butters can provide flavor and add some fat.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  This combination will make you full, but it will involve a wide range of nutrition.

  how to deal with all this now:

  Use a blender to grind the oatmeal into powder.

  Remove the oatmeal, add milk, protein powder, banana, cinnamon, nut butter.

  Stir until almost liquid, more than smoothies (you may need to add more milk).

  Take your protein Shaker Bottle, add the mixture, then add oatmeal and Zhengda seeds.

  Shake the shaker strictly, and put it in the refrigerator.

  Take it out of the refrigerator in the morning and enjoy it.

  If necessary, you can even pour it from a shaker into a bowl, but it should be enjoyed completely as a liquid breakfast.

  This idea was inspired by all night oatmeal. Oats and oat seeds will thicken overnight, making the mixture more textured. This almost requires chewing something, which helps inform the brain that you are full. Sometimes, the shaking of the liquid can make you hungry. You may not even finish this breakfast. You will be ready the next day.

  Voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Shaker Bottle is made of stainless steel and has a stylish design. Thanks to the use of stainless steel, it can keep everything cool. So, suppose you have prepared breakfast, but you will travel all morning. In a hurry to save time, you can throw it in the car to keep it cool for several hours. This makes everything super convenient. The shaker does not leak water, indicating that your delicious breakfast will not leak. The NitraPro bottle will be launched soon. February 4, 2020. Learn how to buy your own products on nitroapro.com

  Make yourself a super cool vibrator NitraPro, and turn your breakfast into a great Shaker Bottle. You can even be creative and add other fruits and even vegetables.

electric shaker bottle

  The world is just full of uncertainty. The whole country is blocked and restricted. It is difficult to know exactly what the next agenda is. We cannot control what is happening around the world, but we can control our attitude and behavior towards the current environment. With this in mind, we have made some suggestions that can help you keep your head clear in these unpredictable times:

  Set some goals: We know it’s hard not to meet your friends, go out for a few drinks or enjoy a meal as usual, but if you are willing to change your mindset, this may be a blessing to you. Grab a pen and notebook and write down the five things you most want to achieve, the date you want to achieve, and how you feel after successfully achieving it.

  Develop a new habit: You can start by establishing a new routine, abandon your hangover on Sunday morning, go for a walk in the park, reduce your time on social media, and do a morning ritual to make your day better! Look at you Now in your daily life, think about what you want to improve. First, keep the change small and maintainable, and then build on it.

blender bottle radian

  Change your training method: Whether you are going to a real gym or just exercising at home, make sure you exercise at least a little bit every day. Research shows that when it comes to stress release, physical activity brings huge benefits. When you exercise, your body releases a chemical substance called endorphins. Endorphins stimulate your body to feel positive, not to mention that you will work hard to build a new and better body in the next few months.

  Cooking by myself Now I have more time to cook my favorite dishes at home, so I can focus my energy on nutrition. Make sure you eat enough protein, especially when you are doing any kind of exercise, and focus on nutritious and low-calorie foods… (PS.): Have you tried our delicious meringue Is the recipe on the blog, or you can find it on Facebook/Instagram.

  Go buy ZZZ! In so many situations, sleep priority is one of the most overlooked factors. Overtraining/anxiety/depression and weight loss contribute to a normal and good sleep. Most nights, try to sleep and wake up at the same time, so that you can enter a more efficient day!

  Conclusion: Set new goals. These goals can be achieved by developing good habits, exercising, paying attention to nutrition and ensuring adequate sleep.

electric protein mixer bottle

  Here is a quick and easy donut recipe for when you crave something sweet and “naughty”, but actually Macro is a very impressive day!

  Ingredients (make 6 doughnuts)

  * *40g@spartan protein pure whey (snierdoodle or vanilla works best here)

  * 65g self-supporting flour

  *3 tablespoons of coconut flour

  *3 tablespoons of stevia

  *1/2 teaspoon baking powder

  *1 egg

  * 120ml almond milk

  the way

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

  2. Mix protein powder, self-rising flour, coconut flour and stevia.

  3. Add milk and eggs.

  4. Put the mixture into the donut pan and bake for 15 minutes.

  5. Take them out and let them cool for a few minutes.

  As optional ingredients, we use cinnamon, reducing sugar raspberry butter and peanut butter, and melted dark chocolate.

  Nutrition (only donuts, no additives):

  525 calories (88 calories/doughnut)

  48g protein

  65g carbohydrates

  10g fat

protein shaker

  Recently, fans wrote a private letter BB asking how to buy an electric shaker bottle that suits you.

  It depends on whether you lose weight or exercise.

  The difference between the two before editing is the popularization of science.

  Fitness requires drinking protein powder to increase muscles, which is why every BB product has a metal ball

  Rinse the protein powder evenly.Shaker Bottle Milk Cup 650ml Lake Blue

  An obese figure is rich in protein powder and is loved by muscle bullies.

  Each BB model is specially created for fitness professionals.

glitter shaker bottle

  If you want to lose weight, especially girls, who like fashionable multi-functional cups that can reduce the weight of your backpack, then you should like fun cups# Spell glass shaking glass protein powder fitness water cup 585ml rose powder for aerobic exercise (such as Yoga).

  Lightweight figure, all held in the palm, made of glass, can be used for scented tea, fruit tea, etc., many uses

  Many girls who fall in love with sports will buy it back, because life and health are high-frequency babies.

  Now do you know which protein shaker bottle to choose?

shaker bottle amazon

  If you want to start a sports trip, but are worried about making mistakes, please rest assured, you are not alone!

  Qualified personal trainer Jonathan outlines five common practice mistakes and explains how to avoid them.

  not preheated properly

  Ignoring the warm-up phase of exercise is a mistake that many people often make during exercise.

  Nowadays, many of us work at our desks, or we don’t have physically demanding jobs. Therefore, it is important to warm up before exercise and prepare for exercise or exercise. Warm up before exercising, and then draw blood! This in turn can deliver oxygen to your muscles, reduce the risk of injury, and actually improve your athletic performance.

  Warming up is an important stage of exercise because it prepares you for the next exercise.

  You can follow the steps below to help you warm up:

  preheat at least 5-10 minutes

  includes exercise or activity that increases blood flow.

  try to increase your core temperature (keep working hard!)

  Use all muscle groups, not just the muscles targeted for exercise.

  Use mobility exercises.

  It is important to use dynamic stretching during preheating. Dynamic stretching refers to any stretching performed by exercise. In other words, individuals use controlled swing or bouncing movements to expand their range of motion and flexibility.

  Dynamic stretching not only warms you up, but also increases the movement and flexibility of muscles and joints. [2, 3, 4] A win-win situation!


  this is very simple. In some cases, too fast or too much exercise can lead to exhaustion or injury.

  It’s easy to think that if you don’t push yourself as hard as you can, you won’t make any progress. The key is to find balance. Efforts to improve yourself are good for muscle growth and development, but it is also important to give your body enough rest and recovery time.

  How do you know if you are doing too much?

  Breathe hard-you cannot breathe during exercise, but if you breathe too much during exercise, it means excessive exercise. When resting or pausing, wheezing should slow down within 60 seconds.

  Disease-Disease is a way our body tells us to slow down. prompt!

  Changes in sleep-We have heard that exercise can help us sleep better, but in fact, too much exercise or exercise can actually be harmful to our sleep. If you find that this happens to you, you need to reassess it.

  Persistent pain or joint pain-our training is to believe that delayed onset of DOMS or muscle soreness is usually a sign of progress! Although this may be true, it is important to understand your body and when you have learned enough . Don’t exchange potential damage for benefits!

  don’t plan ahead

  John (Johnson) said that he often sees among beginners that not planning ahead will waste your time, motivation and progress.

  He suggested starting with the planned exercise. Try to plan for this week’s training, such as when to do strength training or aerobic exercise, and when to do some form of active recovery.

  Remember, if you are not ready, be prepared for failure. If you don’t know where to start, you can go to our article “Top Ten Best Practices for Beginners” to get a free downloadable exercise plan.

  format is incorrect

  The wrong format is a common mistake that affects beginners and professionals.

  If we don’t use the correct form, then we actually don’t even exercise the muscle groups we want. In any part of the body, having the right form and skills is essential to ensure that you are exercising the specific muscle groups you want to develop and grow.

kelp shake bottle

  But more importantly, in many cases, backward technology or improper exercise methods can lead to injuries.

  Seek help from a coach or personal trainer to reduce the risk of injury. This will teach you the correct form and skills to minimize the risk of injury and maximize the impact.

  expect immediate results

  Lose 10 pounds in two weeks! You can wear a set of clothes in one week. Get the body you dream of right away.

  From tea to fad diet, we are used to losing weight is a fast process. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Of course, if you consume 500 calories a day and exercise three times a day, you may lose weight. But is this sustainable? It will be a resounding “no”.

  When it comes to fitness, the key is time, effort and persistence. Forget the “immediate” results and focus on developing long-lasting, healthy habits that are good for you.

  Let this happen. Stick to your plan, set aside the time and energy you need, and you can achieve your goals.


  Work hard and be patient with the results. There will be good days and bad days in the gym, we all have. Keep working hard, you will get a stronger body and more flexible thinking!

nike shaker bottle

  Protein is the most important of all other nutrients. In terms of proteins and their functions, it is easy to understand why. Protein is used as an energy source to promote muscle recovery and muscle growth.

  Even if it is very important, sometimes it is difficult to meet all your protein needs, because protein is a source of protein supplements. Protein supplements are the most widely used supplements and are a very convenient way to increase protein intake.

  But if you ask yourself: “When is the best time to consume protein? Please know that you are not alone!

  In this article, we will explore the best time to consume protein based on your health goals.

  different forms of protein

  Whey Protein

  This is a dairy-based protein. It contains rapidly released protein.


  This is a dairy-based protein. It contains slow-release proteins, which are most beneficial for consumption before going to bed.


  This is a plant-based protein. This is a good alternative to animal protein, and it also shows health benefits.


  This is a plant-based protein that exhibits health-enhancing benefits.

  When is the best time to consume protein?

  The answer to this question depends entirely on the goals you set. Is your goal to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain existing muscle?

protein shake mixer bottle

  Here, we turn to science. According to this research, here are some of the best times to add protein to your diet.

  lose weight

  Protein plays an innate role in reducing fat.

  Research shows that eating a high-protein diet can help you lose weight. This is due to the thermal properties of protein. Protein also helps increase metabolism and reduce hunger.

  This means that eating high-protein snacks can help you fill your stomach. Eating snacks can help you reduce your calorie intake, which will make you feel fuller and less likely to be exposed to food stress.

  strengthen muscles

  Protein is a key factor in muscle movement.

  Building muscles requires a lot of resistance training to promote muscle growth. To help your muscles grow, you need to consume more protein. Protein is important for muscle protein synthesis. The window for maximum muscle protein synthesis depends on nutrition and exercise time.

  A study conducted by the International Sports Nutrition Association (ISSN) showed that protein intake within two hours after training is an ideal choice for improving muscle mass. [8] Therefore, after exercise, there is no real need to eat. On the contrary, protein will be consumed within two hours after finishing exercise.

  For those who train at the athletic level, it is particularly important to consider the issue of time. For the average person, it is more important to consider protein intake and comply with the recommended daily physical exercise guidelines.

  Prevent muscle loss

  As we get older, we are more likely to suffer muscle loss, fractures and diseases.

  Nutrition and exercise are an important part of strengthening bones, muscles and joints.

  It is recommended that the elderly add more protein to their diet to prevent muscle loss. This can be achieved by eating complete foods and supplements, with the recommended 25-30 grams of protein per meal.

  Can I have some protein before going to bed?

  The short answer is yes.

  Ingesting protein before going to bed can help you gain muscle faster. This is because during training, we break down the protein in the muscles. These broken down forms of proteins are called amino acids.

  The protein intake before sleep is low or zero, and the synthesis of muscle protein tends to slow down during sleep. By taking in these essential amino acids, your body will synthesize protein more efficiently during sleep.

  The recommended dose is 20-30 grams, about 30 minutes before going to bed. [11] When choosing a source of protein intake before going to bed, casein proved to be very effective because it is a sustainable form of protein. 13 Other sources include dairy products such as yogurt, cereals and berry snacks, or a piece of brown bread with cheese.

  How much protein is too much?

  Long-term intake of too much nutrition usually brings risks, just like protein.

  The recommended daily protein quality can be calculated based on your weight.

  According to Healthline, for most people who rarely exercise, experts recommend at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. [14] If you exercise mainly through weight or body weight for most of the week, you can eat up to 1.2 to 1.7 g/kg of body weight a day.

  However, some people, including elite athletes, may eat 3.5 grams per kilogram without any side effects.

  Generally speaking, experts also believe that most healthy adults can tolerate 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for a long time.


  In general, it is important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Adjust your plan to achieve your goals, whether it is weight loss or muscle growth, is the best for your health and can be maintained for a long time.

electric protein mixer bottle

  Many people swear that the invention of the electric shaker bottle is one of the greatest things because it is sliced ​​into thin slices. But for a bottle that can only achieve one goal, the high price seems useless, right?

  What if we told you that broken protein powder is only one thing your baby bottle can do? If you don’t invest in protein shaker bottles, check everything they can do, not just protein before and after exercise!


  This seems obvious, but many people don’t realize that your electric shaker bottle can be twice your water bottle! Shake bottles come in various sizes, but the typical size is about 20 ounces. You can track how much water you drink and make sure you reach the recommended daily intake! (approximately 64 ounces).


  Making pancakes can become messy; the batter always tries to flow out of the bowl, picking up a heavy bowl, and pouring the batter into the pan will only cause disaster. However, with a shaker bottle, you can easily mix the batter evenly and pour it into the pot without causing confusion!

personalized shaker bottle

  Coffee Drink

  It’s a thing of the past to spend money on interesting ice lattes. With a shaken bottle (don’t forget the spring), you can drink a few cups of cold coffee or coffee, then mix the milk with other favorite flavors (sugar, cinnamon, wood, etc.), shake it well, and then shake it! At least $4 was saved. Check out our coconut firewood coffee recipe!

  protein shake

  Don’t forget what the purpose of the protein shaker bottle is! If you don’t try a protein shaker, a shaker is an ideal way to try it. The main difference is that they are equipped with a mechanism that can correctly decompose and mix these ingredients so that they can shake smoothly every time! (Some people even keep them cold.

  cocktails and mixed drinks

  Secondly, besides using it in actual protein shakes, what better way than to make interesting cocktails? Not everyone has room for a cocktail shaker, so put your favorite ingredients in one Enjoy it in a bottle with a lot of ice cubes! The added benefit is: if you use a protein shaker bottle as a cup, make sure your drink is kept at a low temperature for a longer period of time.


  For those who live on their own, buying a large bottle of condiments may be a waste. In addition, when you make your own seasoning, you can control the content of salt and sugar, which is healthier for you! You can mix any seasoning recipe you like with a bowl and whisk and put it in the protein shaker bottle , And then mix quickly and easily.

  If you are not familiar with homemade dressing games, please check the following eight healthy and simple recipes, and then try to go home.

  Fluffy scrambled eggs

  Scrambled eggs may be ugly. If you eat too much/not enough eggs, you may end up with taste or texture issues. Who wants this? Shaking the eggs in a shaker will make them smoother and form a plate of crispy and delicious scrambled eggs!

  Other tips and suggestions, including recipes and exercise methods, please subscribe to our blog! Do you want us to discuss a topic? Please feel free to contact us!

electric shaker bottle

  When choosing the best plant protein powder to meet your needs and goals, you must do your research. There are a variety of plant protein powders on the market, including: soybeans, peas, brown rice, hemp and sand tea. Each plant protein has its unique characteristics and nutrients. In this discussion, we will provide you with all the information you need to make the best educational decision about which plant protein is best for you.

  Soy protein

  Whole plant protein is not enough to provide all 9 essential amino acids, but soybeans are not classified here. Soy protein has a high leucine content, and its amino acid composition is much more effective than other vegetable protein powders on the market. When comparing soy protein and whey, soy has a more nutty taste, with approximately 27 grams of protein per 30 grams of soy. This is considered a high protein ratio, but when comparing the content of essential amino acids in soy and whey, you need to consume 40 grams of soy instead of 25 grams of whey in order to consume the same amount of amino acids.

  The process of preparing brown rice protein powder from brown rice involves removing most of the fat and carbohydrates in the rice and retaining the remaining protein source. In terms of amino acid content, brown rice has relatively low specificity for lysine, while other essential amino acids are relatively low, which cannot make brown rice protein a complete source of protein.

  For every 30 grams of brown rice protein consumed, there are 24 grams of protein. Brown rice protein is easily absorbed by the body due to its low fat and carbohydrate content. The results show that to consume the same amount of essential amino acids as whey, 39 grams of brown rice protein and 25 grams of whey protein must be consumed. Compared with other plant proteins, brown rice protein powder is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.

  hemp protein powder is ground hemp seeds into a fine powder. The protein content of hemp is lower than other plant-based proteins, but on the other hand, it has other nutritional benefits. Hemp contains 50% protein, and every 30 grams contains 15 grams of protein. The nutritional value of hemp protein includes: an important source of dietary fiber, rich in fatty acids, and a lot of iron, zinc and magnesium.

  In terms of amino acids, hemp protein lacks a complete protein, nor does it contain enough essential amino acids like other proteins. Compared with whey, it takes 48 grams of hemp protein to 25 grams of whey to get the same intake of essential amino acids.

  pea protein

  Pea protein powder is made from dried peas because they contain more protein than green peas and contain phytochemicals that are good for overall health. Peas contain about 80% protein, so for every 30 grams you eat, you can get 23 grams of protein. Pea protein contains more amino acids than other plant proteins, and is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA). BCAA is composed of leucine, isoleucine and glutamine. They are the main amino acids and help stimulate The human body synthesizes protein and consumes energy when training, exercising, and repairing muscles.

plastic shaker bottle

  Pea protein (such as hemp) can be enhanced by other nutritional sources. Pea protein is rich in fiber, vitamin K, B6 and B2, as well as manganese, folic acid, copper, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Compared with whey protein, 37 grams of pea protein is needed in 25 grams of whey to achieve the same intake of essential amino acids.

  SachaInchi protein

  Compared with other plant proteins mentioned above, SAHHAINCHI protein is relatively unknown. Sachainchi protein powder is made from peanut seeds grown in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Sachainchi protein is about 60%, and every 30 grams of protein can provide 17g of protein. Sachainchi protein is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and iron. For a type of SAhainchi protein, it accounts for approximately 16% of your daily iron intake. Compared with other plant proteins, Sachainchi protein is rich in amino acids and is as easy to digest as brown rice protein.

  So, which plant protein should you choose?

  The simple answer is that none of the above should be considered separately.

  The best way to eat plant protein powder is to combine plant protein powder with plant protein powder. The combination of plant protein powder can provide complete amino acid properties and increase protein consumption by adding minerals and vitamins that traditional whey protein cannot provide.

  P92 organic lean plant protein powder is the best combination protein powder on the market today. All-star lineup combined with plant protein:

  Organic germination and fermentation of pea protein

  Organic Brown Rice Protein

  Organic Hemp Protein

  Organic Sacha inchi protein

  P92 has organic advantages, high protein content, low fat and carbohydrate content, rich mineral and vitamin content, which can help you achieve goals and milestones in all aspects of daily life and happiness.

protein shaker bottle

  So far, everyone knows the importance of protein in muscle training and recovery. But you might ask yourself: “How many grams of protein do I need to build my muscles?” The purpose of this article is to provide you with accurate information.

  What is protein?

  First of all, there is a very good problem to be solved. This problem is rarely solved! Protein is one of the four major nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate and alcohol) and is composed of long-chain amino acids. We use protein to perform thousands of functions in the body, one of which is to maintain muscles.

  If you want to build new muscles, you need to get enough protein in your diet. If you want to keep all the muscles you already have, you can do the same. But only one kind of protein is not enough. You also need a variety of proteins, because doing so can ensure that you get a complete amino acid profile.

  Note: Different combinations of amino acids constitute dietary protein. You want to master all the combinations in the diet. If you want to eat, drink and enjoy the fun like amino acids, there are many combinations for every few people.

  Contrary to popular belief, it is completely possible to obtain all the protein and amino acids needed for a vegetarian diet. In other words, most people (vegetarians and non-vegetarians) have low protein content in their diet, which is certainly not enough to strengthen muscles.

  How much protein do muscles need?

  The common goal of    protein is 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of lean meat. Therefore, if you weigh 100 kg and have a fat content of 20%, your lean weight will be 80 kg (20 kg fat). Need 120 grams of protein per day. This is a good goal for people who don’t exercise and don’t like to build muscles.

  Research shows that if you want to exercise your muscles, you should consume 2.1-3.1 grams of protein per kilogram of lean body mass. It doesn’t seem to make a difference, but it can add up quickly:

  If you weigh 100 kg and the trace content is 20%, you need to consume 160 to 240 grams of protein per day. Here, whey protein shakes (or vegetarians) are easily available. Even so, most ordinary people still consume 240 grams of protein a day.

  And, for most people, finding your lean body mass is out of reach. A better way is to ignore the weight/aunt and only use the actual weight. If your weight is 100 kg, use this size.

  In this case, you need to be more conservative with the numbers. The rule of thumb is 1.5 to 2 times your body weight, which is a good indicator of how much protein you need to add to your muscles.

free shaker bottle

  If you classify yourself as overweight, low weight, low weight, high weight.

  How do I calculate how much protein my muscles need?

  If you know your body fat percentage, you can use this percentage to calculate your lean body mass. Then multiply by 2 to get the protein intake requirement.

  If you don’t know your body fat percentage, then multiply your weight by 1.5 (if you are overweight) or 2 (if you are underweight).

  If all this sounds too troublesome, focus on implementing strategies to increase the protein content of each meal. Eat a high-protein breakfast and add a protein shake at lunch. Add beans, legumes and legumes to dinner.

  Is the type of protein that makes up muscle important?

  No, it’s a good idea to extract protein from various foods, but when it comes to actual muscle development, it doesn’t matter as long as you have all the appropriate amino acids.

  However, one thing you have to be good at is identifying foods with poor protein/calorie ratios.

  Generally, foods like peanut butter are high in protein. But in fact, when you add calories together, they contain a lot of protein, while fat and calories are much higher. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.

  Don’t avoid these foods altogether. The peanut butter is great. But remember this. One gram of fat is 9 calories, and one gram of protein is 4 calories. Therefore, something with 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat will contain 80 calories of protein and 180 calories of fat!

  frequently asked questions

  This is a set of frequently asked questions that are often published in articles about proteins. I hope this solves any problems you have.

  Is there too much protein in 200 grams?

  It depends on your size. If you weigh 50 kg, 200 grams of protein may be too much (although it will not cause any problems). If you weigh 150 kilograms, that might not be enough! Think that protein content is too high is dangerous, although many foods with high protein content may also be unhealthy (that is, due to the high protein content of cooked fat, all protein cannot Obtained from cooked food).

  Can you eat too much protein?

  But in fact, it’s not. Protein is difficult to digest and eat in large amounts, which will make you feel full. It can also slightly increase your metabolism. One theory is that eating too much protein will not lead to fat gain, because it is too difficult to do so.

  But remember, most foods are not made of pure protein! Eating too much protein will not have much benefit. Try to stick to your goals, but if you indulge too much, don’t worry.

  How much protein per kilogram?

  If you sit still for a long time, your weight per kilogram is about 1.5 grams. If you are very active, the maximum weight per kilogram is 3g. If you don’t know your body fat percentage, your weight is 1.5 or 2 times your weight.

  Can I still use plant protein to build my muscles?

  of course. Many vegetarians or vegetarians used to work hard to build muscle, not because of the poor quality of plant protein, but because of lack of choice. If you only eat ordinary food a day, it will be difficult to eat 200 grams (or any other weight).

  Thanks to vegan protein powder and better vegetarian options, you can reach your goals and build muscle more easily.

cheap shaker bottle

  Voltrx is the original creator of the world’s most advanced sports electric shaker bottle. We are the first company to set new standards for protein shaker bottles through eddy current mixing technology innovation.

  With so many protein shaker bottles, choosing the right bottle may be daunting. It is easy to convince you to choose a low-quality, low-cost protein shaker bottle, but you found us, and we are here to tell you why voltrx Is the only option.

  There are four reasons why you should not meet voltrx, because there are four reasons:

  Athletes serve athletes

  ProMiXX Eddy Current Mixer was created when the company’s founder and avid health and fitness enthusiasts participated in Olympic training. As a frequent visitor to protein shakes, he was frustrated with the poor performance of plastic protein shakes and determined to find a better solution.

  After several months of work and contact with other athletes, he found that there is an urgent need for a hybrid sports bottle with better performance, more sustainable use, better quality, and better appearance. After countless months of pursuit and collaboration with designers and athletes, voltrx was born.

  Today, for many years, voltrx has been the mixing bottle of choice for some of the world’s top athletes.

  A real improvement to existing products

  Sports nutrition is a huge market, and the community is one of the most popular markets. When you think the industry is worth billions of dollars, it’s hard to believe that low-quality plastic milk bottles are the standard for many protein milk bottles.

  For anyone who values ​​health and nutrition, the protein shaker bottle is undoubtedly a must. voltrx broke all expectations of this product. It completely exceeds all existing shaker bottles on the market.

shake my bottle

  But that was the situation at the time. Incredibly, as the original creator of vortex mixing technology and the first person to manufacture vortex mixing bottles, voltrx will dominate the field of sports nutrition. They have no similar products similar to the success of voltrx. The standard shake flask pales in comparison to voltrx. Since the market is flooded with similar products and other strange and wonderful ideas, voltrx is still the top choice of 750,000 users worldwide, despite the proliferation of new brands claiming that this is the only way to mix protein shakes.

  Relentless design evolution

  Voltrx’s team of design and engineering experts (and those freaks who think they are small) are not content to simply provide people with a world of mixed bottles that is different from the existing bottled world. Its mission is to continuously develop design. voltrx will continue to improve with every new model, customer/user feedback, and every new revolution in materials or electronics-anything we can improve in design will be discussed or already in use.

  Starting with the less noticeable voltrx, the original black vortex mixer, and the subsequent release of the same bottle in pink and arctic white in two different colors-until the latest release of voltrx XR, the most advanced agitator in the world The bottle-voltrx has always been ahead of the competition, our vision, vision and original design.

  Our bottle is unparalleled. No limit, no imitation!

  Voltrx’s IX-R

  A smoother and more delicious milkshake.

  The genius of   voltrx lies in its unique patented X blade. The rotating plastic blade is specially designed to create a vortex when charged in the bottle-a smooth foaming milkshake that can be mixed together instantly. The problem with the metal blade is that although you can achieve a smooth consistency, the delicate protein structure in the protein powder/whey protein will face irreparable damage. The voltrx X-leaf is invented to maintain the integrity of micronutrients and ultimately provide you with other more delicious smoothies.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  After rigorous exercise, nothing is better for restoring energy levels than a completely natural fruit and vegetable smoothie. One of these fitness mixers will shake your world.

  Personal nutrition Shaker Bottle or ice sand machine series that can be used now make them a minefield.

  How to choose the right nutrition mixer

  However, we have narrowed down the selection of ice sand machines or nutrition mixers after fitness to meet these three important and necessary standards.

  A) Fast and effective

  The post-workout personal nutrition mixer needs to be fast and efficient. Whether you are returning to the office for a fitness trip or just preparing for the next appointment, the post-workout nutrition mixer needs to be able to quickly and effectively dispose of anything given to it. Minimize the time required for installation and troubleshooting.

  B) Processing large pieces of fruit or frozen whole fruit

  The main part of this efficiency requirement is the ability to process large fruits or even whole fruits. This reduces the need to cut the fruit into small pieces, thereby saving time and cleaning time. The ability of frozen fruit to process fruit is an added benefit, because frozen fruit produces excellent cold sand, not to mention the convenience of buying and storing refrigerated fruit.

cheap shaker bottle

  C) Easy to use and clean

  For a nutritional mixer after fitness, the most important thing is probably the ability to use and clean. Whether it is simply popping and mixing, then rinsing, or spinning quickly with soapy water, it can save time and use and clean up quickly. Ability to clean the smoothie machine first after fitness requirements.

  The five best personal nutrition mixers can extract the most after exercise.

electric protein shaker bottle

  White milkshakes are usually purchased in the form of a mixture of powder and water. Like all powdered beverages, protein shakes need to be mixed very thoroughly to ensure a perfect drink.

  protein best shaker bottle

  Whey is the most commonly used base in protein beverage powders. Whey contains nine essential amino acids, which help to repair damaged muscles and at the same time promote muscle growth and fat loss.

  In the manufacture of cheese, milk is used to separate from whey. The curd is converted into cheese, and the whey is the liquid remaining in the water.

  Custard can also be made into protein shakes. Pea protein shakes are a good substitute for vegetarians.

  The market is full of harmful powder. This can cause confusion, but in essence, there are three main types of protein shaking: concentration, hydrolysis, and separation.

  Concentrate is usually the cheapest-it usually contains 70%-80% protein. The remaining percentages include carbohydrates, minerals, fats and water.

  Hydrolysate is a protein used by serious athletes and is the most expensive of the three main types. It is effectively pre-digested, which means it has an ultra-fast absorption rate.

  The allergen content of these isolates is very low, so it is recommended to patients who are lactose impatient. It contains high levels of protein.

mini shaker bottle

  The recommended muscle exercise protein consumption rate is 0.0015 pounds per pound per day.

  How to mix protein shakes?

  Of course, please follow the instructions on the package. However, here are some tips for you to shake completely and smoothly-

  Be sure to use the recommended water. The most common recipe is to mix one tablespoon of powder with 8 ounces of water.

  Pour the powder into the mixing bottle. If the powder is placed in front of the liquid, it will clump and stick to the bottom of the bottle.

  Stirring does not eliminate quality, it is best to shake quickly. It is recommended that you shake for at least 30 seconds. Check for lumps before drinking.

  You can add ice cubes, fruit or oatmeal to the drink to increase nutrition.

  You can add some protein powder products to soups, sauces or hot drinks. Check the label to make sure it is suitable for heating.

  So, which one is the best mixer for protein shakes?

  All these protein shake mixers have many popular places. The charging unit is convenient for making super fluffy drinks, but we decided to change our job.

  Our favorite blender is the manual electric shaker bottle. We believe that the 16-ounce portable electric shaker bottle is the most versatile mixing bottle, capable of mixing fruits and vegetables, and using the strongest stirrer. The manual operation is very satisfactory and can effectively mix protein powder and smoothies. Cleaning is very simple. After cleaning, you can put it on the drying rack.

Shaker Bottle mixer

  This electric protein shake Shaker Bottle Steel can stir your beverage by spinning within 30 seconds. It is also recommended to use the device to froth frozen coffee, juice and mixed infant formula.

  The detachable base can hold the built-in battery, which can be charged via usb. Lithium-ion battery can be charged by personal computer, usb charger or portable mobile power supply.

  The stirring action rotates at a speed of 9000 revolutions per minute-the cup capacity is 16 ounces, which is smaller than the other stirring cups described in this article.

electric protein mixer bottle

  Through scientific design, the stirring blade can maintain the nutritional integrity of the stirred liquid food.

  The ideal filling volume of this cup is 8.5-16 ounces, without BPA. The rotating sealing cap is completely leak-proof, and this movement of the flip makes the SSAWcasaVortex mixer an ideal choice for road users.

  All you have to do is fill the cup with water, add powder, and then press the button on the front of the device to create a vortex.

  This is a thing that can only wash hands.

  Professional evaluation voltrx protein shaker bottle:

  Smaller capacity unit-don’t take up the space in the gym bag

  BPA-free cup

  The ideal filling volume is 8.45-16 ounces

  USB rechargeable battery (cable company)

  9000 revolutions per minute

electric shaker bottle

  Then I decided to try the protein powder, which actually gave me a sense of ritual!

  What do I need to drink a protein powder electric shaker bottle? Is this electric shaker bottle a trick, or is it really useful?

  We all know that the protein powder’s instructions also mention that it must be shaken evenly so that the protein can be better absorbed by the body. This is true. The focus is on shaking. If you use a bowl or an ordinary cup, it is difficult to shake completely. This is mainly because the electric shaker bottle has a professional “blender”, usually a stainless steel ball or The spiral spring, in fact, even if you take an ordinary cup and add a stirrer in it, you can shake it well.

  Then why should we choose electric shaker bottle?

  1. Material is safe. The material of the electric shaker bottle is mostly equivalent to that of baby bottles, which is more environmentally friendly and does not contain BPA. Bisphenol A can be mixed into drinks when heated. Bisphenol A can disrupt the body’s metabolism and cause cancer. However, it should be mentioned that many of the low-quality electric shaker bottles that are bought for protein powder can not be counted among them. Many of them are not only inferior in material, but also prone to water leakage due to poor sealing, which makes people embarrassed in the process of shaking the powder.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  2. More beautiful and professional. Most electric shaker bottles are layered, leaving a functional area for protein powder and pill supplements at the bottom. Friends who have used it all know that adding water and then pouring powder is not easy to form a precipitate at the bottom. Pour the powder first. If the cup is wet and then add water, it will stick to the bottom and it will not be easy to shake.

  Therefore, it is recommended that everyone use a professional electric shaker bottle to shake the powder, the purpose is to be convenient, easy to use, and safe.

  But in the process of using the electric shaker bottle, an “invisible bomb” will be planted inadvertently.

  I dare say that most people have been tainted by the bad gas in their electric shaker bottle because they forgot to clean the electric shaker bottle in time. As a result, they were overwhelmed by the smelly shock wave when the lid was opened. If the electric shaker bottle is not cleaned in time, it will really kill your appetite in minutes.

  As for why it smells? It’s not because of the quality of the powder, it will happen to any protein powder. The main reason is that after we finished drinking the protein powder, we did not clean up the residue in the cup in time, while the bacteria, mold and other microorganisms in the air survived in the cup. Especially when you close the lid, these bacteria will decompose the remaining protein in the cup to form hydrogen sulfide, skatole and other substances. When you open it again, the stench will blow on your face. Moreover, it is very difficult to remove this peculiar smell after cleaning again, because hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and will penetrate into the inner wall of the cup.

  So please wash it immediately after drinking the powder, wash it immediately, wash it immediately! Do not cover the lid after washing, and ventilate it to dry, so that there will be no odor.

  At the end of this issue, I am Pope Dong. If you want to know more about it, you can leave a message at the end of the article or directly send me a private message.

  Pop Dong Fitness, daily sharing fitness knowledge, make you and me more stylish.

protein shaker bottle

  Q: This Shaker Bottle from Competit. Drink protein powder. How to use it…

  Answer: The cup for you should be three-layered, right? There are two parts at the bottom that can be unscrewed separately, the middle layer can hold powder, and the bottom part can hold capsules or tablets. The top part has a volume of 400ml. Water can be loaded directly; because many protein powders and muscle-building powders in the fitness process are used after exercise, in this case, we are preparing to go to fitness…

  Q: How to use the spring ball in the Shaker Bottle for protein powder?

  Answer: After adding water and protein powder, shake to make the water and protein powder fully fuse.

  Q: How to use the fitness Shaker Bottle?

  Answer: The bottom one is for protein powder, which is convenient to take to the gym. The middle one with compartments can put some amino acid replenishment similar to capsules. Needless to say, the cup on the top is for protein powder. Go in the powder and shake it to drink.

  Q: How do I use the Shaker Bottle for fitness? Where is the protein powder?

  Answer: Fitness enthusiasts generally use a shaker for making protein powder (better dissolves), and a three-layer shaker is a more common and practical one. However, enthusiasts who are new to fitness often don’t know how to use these cups when they first come into contact with them. This experience explains the use of the shaker in detail

  Q: What size Shaker Bottle should I use for 400ml protein powder?

  Answer: I feel that I put about 200ml every time

  How to use Shaker Bottle for protein powder

  Answer: General steps: Open the lid of the cup, add an appropriate amount of protein powder, pour in cold boiled water, close the lid, shake vigorously, and then open the lid to drink.

  Q: How to use muscletech fitness Shaker Bottle

  Answer: Disassemble the shaker and clarify the purpose of each part. As shown in the figure below ① bottom layer (place the powder) ② middle layer (place the capsules and tablets) ③ upper layer (water) ④ filter (place the upper layer) ⑤ cover ⑥ After the combination, usually go out in the morning and put the “powders and capsules” in order in the “lower layer” It’s very convenient to carry it out after the middle floor. Remove the bottom layer, pour the protein powder into the upper layer, pour…

electric protein mixer bottle

  Q: I bought a shaker for soaking protein powder because of fitness, but every time I finished the cup…

  Answer: I am glad to answer it for you. 1. You can try to soak it with edible acetic acid. 2. You can also pour cola or white wine to soak. But remember, be sure to wash with cold water. 3. Do not cover the lid after washing, and use it after air-drying. Hope it helps you.

  Q: How to use Xizi Shaker Bottle

  Answer: Put the protein powder and water (below 40℃) according to the proportion, put the iron ball into the cup, close the lid, and shake it up and down until it is even.

  ask protein powder Shaker Bottle

  Answer: The question you asked is not very clear. Give you some answers based on experience and see if I can help you. 1. The problem of lumpiness: first pour some warm water into the protein powder, twist the lid and shake well, then add boiling water or hot water and shake it again; 2. It is better to bring the net on the top of the cup, there is It helps to shake more evenly; 3. It is best to use sponges and new dishes when cleaning…

electric protein mixer bottle

  Without carbon water, where is the power?

  What is carbon water?

  It’s sugar!

  If 3-5 hours before training,

  Did not consume any form of carbohydrates.

  The lunch is not very rich,

  Then you can’t train at all!

  Four reasons why you must take in carbohydrates before practicing

  NO.1 insulin


  Can balance the body’s blood sugar.

  Prevent muscle breakdown,

  And the intake of carbohydrates,

  Can quickly promote the secretion of insulin.

  So as to promote muscle growth,

  Prevent muscle breakdown.

  of course,

  More insulin is not the better.

  Too much insulin,

  Can cause cell receptors to develop resistance,

  Lose sensitivity,

  It also causes the body,

  Lost the opportunity to use fat as fuel.

  What we need to do is:

  Get insulin at the right time,

  Play the right role.

  And before training is a perfect time,

  This one is not only suitable for people who gain muscle,

  The same applies to people who lose fat.

  NO.2 protect muscles from being broken down

  And insulin has a protein protective effect,

  In targeting some burn patients,

  And the study of the general population found that

  Although insulin cannot promote protein production,

  But it can prevent protein breakdown.

  The use of large doses of exogenous insulin,

  With other steroids,

  It can effectively improve muscle synthesis.

  But this technique is limited to,

  Extremely professional bodybuilder,

  General sports people,

  It is definitely not recommended.

  NO.3 The heat of the tower near the water

  One gram of carbohydrate provides four kilocalories,

  A bowl of white rice can be provided,

  40-60 grams of simple carbohydrates.

  One apple can provide,

  20-40 grams are rich in dietary fiber,

  And vitamin C carbohydrates.

  NO.4 Hearty pump feeling

  The so-called muscle pump sensation,

  It means that the target muscle gets more “blood flow”,

  It means the “dilation” of the target muscle blood vessel.

  The blood contains many nutrients,

  Including sugars, amino acids, etc.

  They make your muscles get enough nourishment,

  So as to achieve “pump sense”.

  High-quality carbon water source

  Composite carbohydrates:

  Oats, brown rice,

  Beans and other grains.

  Fast Carbon Water:

  Sports drinks, glucose

  Supplements such as maltodextrin and branched-chain cyclodextrin

  Everyone has been emphasizing the importance of protein for lean people to build muscle, but PT has often repeatedly emphasized in the community that for lean people to build muscle, the significance of carbohydrate is far greater than that of protein. Because you can’t lose muscles.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  The answer to whether you can exercise without going to the gym is yes. But it depends on what your goal is to maintain a firm body shape. Let me share with you some solutions that can be used at home.

  Home exercise for beginners

  The goal of this beginner’s exercise program is to exercise the muscle groups that maintain core stability and core strength. You don’t need any special equipment. You can do it in one training session, or you can split them up several times a day.

  Set 2 to 3 sets of training, and repeat each set 10 to 12 times. If you can only do 4 to 6, that’s okay. Because the purpose of this is to make you tremble a bit during the last practice, which means it is in place. In each subsequent week, increase the repetition of each group until you can finally do 3 groups of 12 reps.

voltrx electric shaker bottle

  Here are four exercises to start a home exercise program:

  Push-ups: When doing push-ups, the correct posture is essential. I won’t go into details about the specific standards. Anyone who uses a bit of a snack will know how to learn from the overwhelming free videos. When you can do it 10 to 12 times without shaking the core instability, you move on to the next stage.

  Step squats: First do a set of simple step squats, which help strengthen the buttocks and thighs. If you can’t finish it, you can use a wall or chair to keep your balance. When you can do 10 to 12 retreat squats without support, try an up squat.

  Squat: Help build firm buttocks and thighs. Keep the hips clamped throughout the process. The feeling of sinking hips imagine that you are sitting on a chair. The two squatting methods in the picture below are correct, and feel for yourself which part is stronger.

  Plank support: Plank support exercises can strengthen the abdominal muscles and those that support the back. First maintain the flat position for 15 seconds. When you become stronger, advance to 30 seconds, eventually 90 seconds, and even load.

gym shaker bottle

  In life, it is absolutely surprising that a “blender” that does not require a battery to make a fruit milk “smooth”.

  Since its launch in 2017, voltrx’s innovative Tumbler Original has been shaking up the health and fitness industry, making smooth protein shakes and easy-to-clean, odorless shakers the new standard that all athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders desire. Protein shakes can make it easy for you to get proper nutrition after exercise, but mixing protein shakes thoroughly can be a chore. The voltrx shaker makes it easy.

  Its patented capsule shape (which means there won’t be any similar products on the market, and you will stand out from the crowd). Keep the ingredients moving in the cavity, so that the beverage does not require a filter. Shake for another five seconds, you can even enjoy the soft fruit in your shaking, and ultimately improve the effect after exercise.

  The shape of the product capsule is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic, which can protect you from harmful diseases and make you feel good. On the top of the capsule, you will find a sturdy sliding cap to ensure that your bottle will not leak anywhere.

  Remember, it cannot be put in the dishwasher, but it can be hand washed with a small amount of water in a few seconds. Because there are no horns, when you run out of the bottle, nothing is left. This not only means you spend less time on cleaning, but in the long run, you need less powder, which saves you money. No waste can also prevent the accumulation of peculiar smell, when the undissolved powder remains in the corner of your shaker bottle.

  Tumbler was voted as the best protein electric shaker bottle of 2019 by Men’s Health. It has won 9 awards this year and has become the best electric shaker bottle on the market.

  Anyway, this thing is great. It looks cool, it’s easy to clean as advertised, and it won’t leak a drop. Do yourself a favor and get it.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  I recently bought a bucket of Optimum protein powder and a Shaker Bottle. There is no indication that hot water can not be used in the instructions for the protein powder. However, I saw such a warning in the Shaker Bottle. The above picture says To be very clear, please do not pour hot water or soda into the Shaker Bottle. The main reason is that the pressure inside the cup will rise. If the pressure difference between the inside and outside reaches a certain level, the lid may pop open and the liquid inside will Spill out. It has nothing to do with what kind of hot water destroys protein activity and affects absorption…Since foreigners generally use Shaker Bottles, they also strictly follow the notice of not using hot water. As a result, it becomes impossible to use hot water. Made protein powder

gym shaker bottle

  It feels that more and more people are eating protein powder. But there are still many people who don’t know how to make protein powder. Many people say that each time you make protein powder, you can’t make it. Whether it is cold water with boiling water, it will form a pile of piles.

  In fact, brewing protein powder is not as difficult as everyone thinks. The first thing to emphasize is that it is absolutely not possible to brew protein powder with boiling water. The principle is that protein is composed of peptides, but it will fail when encountering high temperature and strong acid, and lose its nutritional value. Therefore, the protein powder should be brewed with warm water.

  You can also use the electric shaker bottle for brewing protein powder. People who drink protein powder often should be familiar with it. The lid is so tight that it won’t leak when shaken, and it can be opened by shaking it hard.

  The key to brewing protein powder is with warm water and shaking. Here are a few more points.

  Some people are tired of drinking protein powder and want to add it to milk or soy milk, but they are afraid of affecting the effect. Let me tell everyone here that this is completely okay. Protein powder can be taken with amino acids, honey, and vitamin tablets. These supplements complement each other and do not conflict.

  Some people will also report: drinking protein powder will cause diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, and stomach gurgling symptoms. If something similar happens, it is not advisable to drink protein powder on an empty stomach.

mixing bottles for protein shakes

  There are also some people who get angry when they eat protein powder. This is because the protein is converted into muscle and will consume vitamin B, and getting angry is the manifestation of lack of vitamin B, so if you find that you are angry, it may It’s because your protein powder dosage is large. The solution is to reduce the dosage, add vitamin B, and drink more water.

  There are many types of protein. Proteins from different food sources can be digested by the human body, but the degree of absorption and utilization is different. That is to say, the nutritional value of different types of protein is different, and the main factor that determines protein nutrition is protein. Types of essential amino acids. Among them, the closer the amino acid arrangement of human protein is, the more high-quality protein is. One thing that needs popular science is that protein powder is not dedicated to fitness (the purpose of fitness supplement protein powder is mainly to build muscle, so protein powder with whey protein as the main raw material is more suitable). If you want to enhance your physical fitness and improve your resistance, you can also supplement it. Protein powder.

  According to the raw materials of the protein powder, choose the one that meets your own needs. For example, Tomson’s protein powder is supplemented with high-quality protein to improve immunity and enhance physical fitness. This nutrient value is higher, and it is easier to be absorbed and utilized by the human body. It is of great help to boosting energy, enhancing the body’s resistance, and improving immunity.

protein shaker bottle

  I bought a bucket of protein powder, and it tasted like tea dregs. The reason is that there is no protein shaker bottle. If the merchant did not sell you this mini shaker bottle when you bought the protein powder, I guess you look too professional, and the merchant thinks you don’t. need…

  1 There are roughly two types, one is that there is a steel wire ball in the cup, and the other is that there is a layer of mesh in the cup, as shown in the figure below. There are other types, similar to each other. The usage is to pour protein powder and water (milk, etc.) into the cup, close the cap tightly and shake it evenly. Steel balls or screens are used to aid mixing.

  2 It is generally recommended to use warm or cold water to rinse the protein powder, and it is recommended to pour the water first, then the protein powder, otherwise the powder with good solubility will often have low viscosity

disney shaker bottle

  3 I think many Taobao merchants buy protein powders and give them mini shaker bottles. There are free mini shaker bottles. It’s better to get a few more, because plastic cups for protein powder will smell bad after a long time.

  4 There is a plastic spoon in the protein powder bucket (sometimes at the bottom…) that is the one scoop (one scoop) on the nutrition label

  5 It won’t matter if you pour more water, according to your taste

protein shaker bottle

  People who have gained muscle for three years tell you how to gain muscle for thin people!

  I have spent 3 years summing up the experience from a 55kg weight gain to 79kg now. I hope you can gain experience from this sharing and avoid detours!

  Today I’m talking about diet! I’ve talked about training last time! Those who haven’t watched it can go and see it! *

  As the saying goes: “Train in three points and eat in seven points”, there is no reasonable nutritional intake! No amount of hard training will only yield little effect!

  Muscle growth does not grow during exercise. Your exercise will destroy muscles, and protein supplementation is used to replenish the damaged muscles. In the process of muscle recovery, the original muscle fibers will gradually grow. This is muscle growth. The basic principle!

  Diet plan

  Breakfast 8:00

  Carbon water: oats

  Protein: 3 eggs

  Fat: a small handful of nuts

  Supper 10:00

  Two spoons of muscle powder +-banana

  Lunch 12:30

  Carbon water: a large bowl of rice, steamed buns, noodles, dumplings can all be larger

  Protein: shrimp, fish, chicken breast

  Vegetables: green vegetables are ok, I prefer broccoli

  Extra meal 15:00

  -Two bananas on sliced ​​bread

  Dinner 18:00

  Carbon water: a large bowl of rice, steamed buns, noodles, dumplings can all be larger

  Protein: shrimp, fish, chicken breast

  Vegetables: all green vegetables

  Supper 20:00

  3 slices of bread

  Note: Two bananas half an hour before training, 2 scoops of muscle powder plus 1 banana after training!!

glitter shaker bottle

  You have to eat at least 5 meals a day!

  Because no matter how you eat three meals a day, the nutrients you can absorb are also limited, and our skinny appetites are generally not large, so you can solve it by eating more meals!

  To gain muscle is to consume more than consume!

  For Mi Shou Zi, it is a good match to drink muscle powder + creatine!

  If you don’t know much about supplements, you can send a private message to PT  brother

  Hope this article will help you!

shake that bottle lyrics

  Shaker Bottle is mainly the material. Generally, the more expensive Shaker Bottle is very solid in your hand.

  Apart from this, I think there are roughly three types of Shaker Bottles.

  Multilayer Shaker Bottle

  Single layer Shaker Bottle

  Electric Shaker Bottle

  I use the multi-layer Shaker Bottle the most, and I have been using it all the time. There are usually 3 layers. One layer contains amino acids/granules/capsules for drinking water, and the other layer contains protein powder. The price generally starts at 30 yuan. The disadvantage is the capacity. Smaller, usually only about 450, and a bit cumbersome. We recommend the SMARTSHAKE signature Shaker Bottle. The price is about 30 yuan. The blender bottle Shaker Bottle is also very good. This brand specializes in Shaker Bottle, and there are many types, but the price is generally not Cheap.

  The single-layer Shaker Bottle is even the most common Shaker Bottle. The price starts at RMB 20. It is impossible to install anything except water at the same time. The advantage is that the capacity is generally larger, about 700ML. Some single-layer Shaker Bottles will have a similar The spring thing is convenient to break up all kinds of protein powder and amino acids. It is better than a simple stirring ball. I recommend Perfect Shaker’s superhero co-branded Shaker Bottle, which is for personal use, and the price is about 30 yuan.

funny shaker bottle

  Electric Shaker Bottle, the price is at least 50. It looks good, spicy chicken stuff. I regret buying it. It’s okay to use amino acids. It is basically impossible to open a little more protein powder or muscle building powder, and it is basically your own. Repair, cleaning is also very troublesome, it can’t be soaked in water, and it’s very inconvenient to get it to the gym. I bought one a long time ago, and if it breaks, I haven’t studied this spicy chicken stuff.

  My friends often give me some Shaker Bottles. Generally, I keep them for my own use or give them to others. The ones with a bad feel are given away at the gym. So I haven’t bought a few Shaker Bottles. Basically, I use them. Some mid-range gadgets, high-end ones that are more than 80 yuan or more, have basically never been used

protein shaker bottle

  Since the birth of voltrx, we have always provided athletes and bodybuilders with a leak-proof, non-toxic, portable, and more effective mixing of protein powder Shaker Bottle. Through continuous research and innovation, our company and product series have now been developed to meet the needs of anyone with an active lifestyle.

cheap shaker bottle

  Today, our users not only use it as a Shaker Bottle, but also use it as a lunch box, water bottle, snack box, coffee cup or anything else.

  Voltrx has evolved from a gym to a great lifestyle accessory suitable for various occasions. Don’t be limited by your imagination.

shaker bottle ball

  The type of protein shaker that meets the subject’s requirements can only be an electric shaker bottle. Compared with the ordinary protein shaker, there is only one more small thing (removable) for mixing, and it is designed to be more sporty. Don’t say much, let’s start recommending~!

  Voltrx Shaker Bottle limited electric shaker bottle   

     This electric shaker bottle is made of Tritan material, with a small and fresh appearance design, with a capacity of 24oz and about 709ml. A brief introduction to what is Tritan™, Tritan™ has passed the FDA certification of the US Food and Drug Administration, and is a designated material for infant products in Europe and the United States. According to the National Standard GB-4806.6-2016 of the People’s Republic of China implemented on April 19, 2017, it is approved as a plastic resin for food contact, and the approved use environment is not greater than 100°C. It is recommended to use water temperature ≤50℃. If hot water is poured into the cup, high air pressure will be brought to the inside of the cup. Opening the lid will easily cause splashing and risk of scalding. In addition, it will accelerate the aging of the material in advance, reduce the performance and affect the appearance.

  American BlenderBottle Classic classic electric shaker bottle

  This electric shaker bottle is made of high-quality PP, free of BPA and phthalate. The wide-caliber design makes it easy to clean the cup. The classic screw cover and safety flip cover prevent water leakage and ensure that the cup does not leak. There is a scale on the side of the cup body, and the product capacity is 20oz about 591ml. A small steel ball is an item put into a cup for stirring.

cute shaker bottles

  Classic classic electric shaker bottle American BlenderBottle Classic classic protein powder electric shaker bottle sports protein shaker milkshake cup 20oz​detail.tmall.com

  Thermos Tritan electric shaker bottle TP4086

  This electric shaker bottle also uses Tritan material, with a capacity of 500ml or 710ml. The difference from BlenderBottle is that it uses an upside-down detachable grid, and the whole body is transparent without printing, and the design is more concise.

  Thermos Tritan electric shaker bottle Zhu Yilong same style electric shaker bottle Thermos sports cup Tritan plastic protein shaker Portable sports protein shaker TP4086-tmall.com Tmall​detail.tmall.com

  In addition, I recommend two cheaper protein shakers that I personally like.

  Pasha Paqi with scale can be heated high temperature cartoon glass

  PASABAHCE originated from Turkey, is a simple and elegant brand. Made of lead-free tempered glass, the pattern is fresh and lovely, the printing is firm and clear, without fear of high temperature, daring to ice, and strong temperature difference without cracking. The capacity is 570ml.

  Pasha Paqi with cartoon glass cup Pasha Paqi imported cartoon glass milk cup ins with scale microwave oven can heat high temperature protein shaker -tmall.com Tmall​detail.tmall.com

  Tupperware Yingcai portable protein shaker

  I used this protein shaker for four years, and I dropped it more than 20 times, but it did not burst. The cup body is made of PP material, transparent and logo-free design, the capacity is 430ML, and a variety of colors are available. The strong, durable and simple design is what attracts me.

protein shaker bottle

  Hello everyone, I’m PT brother, I’m a person who loves cleanliness

  But it is inevitable that there will be carelessness. After drinking protein powder, I forgot to use Shaker Bottle. Then I drank water while watching TV. I took it in one mouthful and almost choked myself to death. Don’t make the same mistake, because it’s very disgusting.

  So! How can protein powders that can increase muscle mass and make us look better?

  What makes the protein shaker smelly?

  After drinking the protein powder, we covered the Shaker Bottle. The bacteria, molds and other microorganisms in the air exist in the cup. Most of the bacteria are anaerobic bacteria that can carry out anaerobic respiration. The protein is decomposed to form hydrogen sulfide, amines, Skatole, indole and other putrefactive substances, which emit foul smell. Hydrogen sulfide gas and H2S are corrosive after being dissolved in water, and will slightly penetrate into the cup wall, which will result in a smell after cleaning.

blender shaker bottle

  Experience sharing!

  How to prevent the smell of protein shaker​

  1. Wash after drinking

  After drinking the protein powder, wash it immediately so that the protein cannot remain, and the fungus has no decomposed raw materials, so it will not produce odor.

  2. After washing, open and ventilate

  Since 100% washing cannot be guaranteed and there are more or less residues, the fungus will not be let go. Opening the Shaker Bottle will not create an oxygen-free environment, which is not conducive to fungus decomposition activities, and ventilation can help dilute the odor.

  3. Deodorizing soaking

  You can use lemonade and other solutions for soaking. White vinegar is also very good, so that it can isolate the fungus in the air. Secondly, the taste of the lemonade itself can also cover the peculiar smell.

  After the weekend, I won’t be a long story, and I will share some short and useful tips with you.

electric protein shaker bottle

  Recently, Starbucks added a new cup. On the day of the release, people went to the hospital for a cup. So what is this cup?

  The price of this cup has been out of stock on Taobao recently. Not only is the price tens of thousands of dollars, but the point is that it can’t be grabbed at all.

  Although it looks good, it shouldn’t burn your hands, but with such a small capacity, I’m afraid it’s nothing but good-looking!

  Because of this cup, there are still fights? Probably poverty limits my imagination.

  The most important thing is this cup. If you accidentally drop it, I am afraid that you will not eat for a week to show your confession!

  Can this cup allow me to make protein powder? Can I take it with me?

  For friends who often exercise, the protein shaker bottle is my partner to help myself replenish protein during muscle gain.

  Will you really use protein shaker bottle?

  First of all, of course, it is a material problem. After all, it is not glass or ceramic. If you use a poor quality cup, it will be counterproductive. The general protein shaker bottle is made of PP and does not contain BPA.

  Then how to prevent leakage is also a very important question. After all, many people are confident to put the lid on and shake them, and they are spilled by some unknown liquid inside. If it is juice or something, it is more difficult to wash.

  How to use    protein shaker bottle:

  1. Disassemble the shaker to clarify the purpose of each part. Lid, cup body and oscillating steel ball

  2. Take the lid, pour the protein powder into the cup, and pour warm water. Generally, pour 30 grams of protein powder into 200 ml of water (the cup usually has a scale). You can also add skimmed milk to improve the taste.

  3. Put the shaking steel ball into the shaking cup, screw on the lid, shake for 30-60 seconds, so that the protein powder is fully dissolved.

  4. Finally, you can drink it.

  5. There will always be a little residue in the cup every time you drink it. Rinse the residue with clean water and dry it. It is not easy to produce peculiar smell.

  And the working principle of the protein shaker bottle is divided into three layers: thermal conductivity layer, micron phase change material and thermal insulation layer.

  It adjusts faster to 55 degrees, which is suitable for the human body. This is also the reason why the prices of protein shaker bottles on the market are quite different. Would you choose a cup? Which of the two cups do you prefer?

electric protein mixer

  Don’t forget that protein powder should be paired with fitness, so let’s do abdominal muscle training!

  curl belly turn


  1. Lie on your back on the cushion, with your legs bent, and your feet on the cushion.

  2. Bend your arms and place your hands on both sides of your head.

  3. Raise the head and thoracic spine first, and then the abdomen is fully exerted.

  4. Then rotate the upper limbs to the left, and then rotate to the right, holding each place for 1 second.

  5. Return to the initial position and stick to the cushion surface.

  A set of 10-15 times, a total of 4-5 sets.


  1. The core must always be tightened.

  2. The lumbar spine is always close to the cushion surface, do not lift up, and do not shake your body.

  lie on your back and raise your leg


  1. Lie on your back on the cushion surface, put your arms straight on both sides of your body, and stabilize your body by pressing your hands on the cushion surface.

  2. Lift both legs and buttocks away from the cushion surface, and bend the legs and thighs close to the abdomen.

  3. Straighten your legs upwards. At this time, the lumbar spine also leaves the cushion surface, and your feet extend upwards as much as possible.

  4. Then the legs fall back to the initial position, and the lumbar spine is close to the cushion surface.

  A set of 10-15 times, a total of 4-5 sets.


  1. The core is important tightening.

  2. Don’t speed too fast, keep your body stable.

  Lie on your back alternately touching your ankles


  1. Lie on your back on the cushion, with your legs bent, and your feet on the cushion.

  2. Raise the head and thoracic spine, with both arms straightened up and placed on both sides of the body.

  3. Stretch the tip of the left hand to the ankle of the left foot, and then swing the body in the opposite direction after touching it, and touch the ankle of the right foot with the right hand.

  A group of 10 times each left and right, a total of 5 groups.


  1. The abdomen is always kept tight, and the head and thoracic spine should not touch the cushion surface.

  2. Complete the action at a constant speed, not too fast.

  Today’s training is complete, be sure to control your diet, a good figure is not far away from you!

Shaker Bottle mixer

  Shaker Bottle is made for protein powder. Early protein powders had to be brewed with Shaker Bottle due to poor solubility.

  With the continuous advancement of technology, when the instant technology of protein powder has made a breakthrough, after the emergence of a new generation of cup protein powder, it is no longer necessary to use Shaker Bottle to brew protein powder.

  Everyone who has used Shaker Bottle has encountered many problems more or less.

  1. What awkward things will I encounter when using Shaker Bottle?

  1) Poor sealing and various water leaks.

  2) Shake out a lot of bubbles and drink too much air.

  3) It stinks for a long time, it takes time to clean, and it is not clean.

  4) There are many kinds of materials, and there are many problems with recycled materials and plasticizers, which are not easy to distinguish.

  5) Generally too large, inconvenient to carry, and not suitable for your temperament.

  6) PP material is fragile, and it will break if you accidentally drop it on the ground.

  7) The continuous collision of the spring or metal ball with the wall of the cup can easily damage the wall.

  8) Shaker Bottle has become one of the important labels for fitness and muscle gain, which is not suitable for the image positioning of many people.

  2, what are the hidden losses and costs that have to be considered when using Shaker Bottle to drink powder?

  In addition to the price, it is easy to overlook the loss of drinking powder, such as deterioration, expiration, the expense of using Shaker Bottle, and the time cost.

  For low-frequency protein powder users, they must pay attention to deterioration and expiration loss.

  For high-frequency protein powder users, it is necessary to focus on the use expenditure and time cost.

marvel shaker bottle

  3. Looking at the future trend from the development of protein powder

  The three major nutrients of the human body are carbohydrate, oil and protein.

  It was not until the 1970s that protein powder officially became a commodity and entered thousands of households with the help of modern industrial technology. This is another revolutionary breakthrough for mankind in the field of nutrition after pure oils and pure carbon water, achieving the purification of three major nutrients.

  Soy protein powder first came out in the 1970s. Since then, protein powder products have continued to introduce new products. In the 1990s, driven by ultrafiltration technology, whey protein powder went on the market, with higher purity and better quality.

  With the continuous improvement of the quality of raw powder, various brands have begun to launch a series of protein powder products. The quality of raw material powder determines the quality of protein powder products. Starting from low-purity products, the purity of the products continues to improve. At the same time, the powder’s fluidity and solubility are getting better and better.

  At present, mainstream products in the protein powder market still generally have problems such as poor brewing properties, poor taste and taste, inconvenience to carry and use, and many additives, which are closely related to the quality of the raw powder.

  From the perspective of the development process of protein powder, protein powder will develop in the direction of high nutrition, good taste, healthy 0-addition, portable and instant Shaker Bottle-free brewing, and the product experience will be further improved.

smart shake bottle

  There are always times when you need a stir stick in your life. Stir in protein powder, instant coffee, etc. Stirring sticks are not portable, so many cups with stirring functions have appeared, but after using them for a while, you will find that these products bring convenience and new troubles at the same time-the electric shaker bottle is not durable, the stirring ball There are too many dead corners, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell if it is not cleaned…

  Now, the innovative protein shaker bottle with purely mechanical design has come out.

  Say goodbye to stirring balls, stirring wheels, and stirring rods! Unplugged! Zero dead ends, easy to clean! Completely rely on ingenious mechanical design, shake the protein powder in 5 seconds! It can also shake soft fruits such as bananas, blueberries, and cranberries into fruit puree!

  The inside is composed of two capsule-shaped hemispheres. Shaking produces centrifugal force, which can easily shake the protein powder, coffee powder, and milkshake.

  The inner wall of the capsule with smooth, zero dead angle and simple structure makes it difficult to produce food residue in the cup.

  Not only is it a protein shaker, it can also be used as a soft fruit crusher to make fruit puree.

protein shake mixer bottle

  Peel and cut small pieces of fruit with soft flesh, such as banana, mango, dragon fruit, kiwi, etc., into a cup, close the lid tightly, shake it up and down for about 10 seconds, it will become a fruit puree, add milk Or yogurt or drinking water, a cup of nutritious and delicious drink is done!

  Protein, vitamins, moisture, and wonderful flavors, none of them can’t be less~

  At the same time, it can also shake out dense and smooth milk foam to make fancy coffee.

  Comes with a sturdy handle, which can be hung or lifted.

  Push the lid smoothly, completely sealed, and drink immediately.

  Sealed design, no water will be spilled when shaken vigorously. There is a volume scale on the inner wall, and the number of brews is proportional to the heart.

  Seven styles are available: classic style, window style, stainless steel style. The function is slightly different.

  Hurry up and experience the convenience brought by innovative design~

protein shake shaker bottle

  The viscous texture of milkshake or protein powder will not only cause a lot of waste, but also make the electric shaker bottle dirty and difficult to clean.

  And all kinds of dead corners are not cleaned up, and various bacteria will breed

  Over time will become a place of hidden dangers affecting health

  This product from China is suitable for health and fitness people. It is easy to use and has a super high value-ShakeSphere “capsule” shaker cup, with no dead angle design, more convenient to clean, bid farewell to the stirring ball, filter, 5 seconds to shake the protein powder , It can easily shake soft fruits such as bananas, blueberries, cranberries into fruit puree.

aldi shaker bottle

  no dead angle design makes cleaning more convenient

  Farewell to the stirring ball and filter

  5 seconds to shake the protein powder

  can be easily shaken into fruit puree

shake that bottle lyrics

  Everyone has drunk sports drinks. Drinking sports drinks for fitness looks very good, but the truth is often not so beautiful!

  Basically, most sports drinks are sweeter. What is the sweetness? In fact, you have already guessed it, it is carbohydrates. One of the functions of sports drinks is to replenish body energy, so carbohydrates are indispensable in the ingredient list of drinks. If you are more concerned about carbohydrate intake, the carbohydrate content of this sports drink naturally cannot be underestimated.

  Let’s take a closer look at sports drinks. So what does a bottle of sports drinks contain? Carbohydrates, water, and vitamins will all be present. Generally speaking, the current capacity of a bottle of sports drinks is about 500ml. Take XX brand sports drinks for example, its capacity is 600ml. See the figure below for the specific nutrient composition. Simple mathematics can be converted into a calorie of 88 * 6 = 528KJ.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  Assuming that we exercise for one hour, let’s try to calculate how many calories we consume in one hour of fitness exercise. There are not many data on direct calorie expenditure in strength training, or it is because the related factors are too complicated. The direct calorie consumption of strength training is generally not very high, and it is generally lower than that of moderate and low-intensity aerobic exercises at the same time. For example, in the following data, “Strong bodybuilding”, METs is only about 6. 6METs is equivalent to 6 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight per hour. For example, a person weighing 70 kilograms, who exercises heavily for bodybuilding, consumes about 420 kilocalories per hour.

  An ordinary person weighing 70KG consumes 420 kilocalories per hour of fitness, which is 420 * 4.184=1757.28KJ, 528/1757.28=0.3, which means that a bottle of XX sports drink is relative to the calories consumed for 20 minutes of fitness. If you work out for only half an hour on weekdays, a bottle of sports drink will basically recover your calorie consumption, which is really not worth it!

  If you don’t have precise control over your usual food calories for fitness, you obviously have not counted the calories of an extra bottle of sports drink. So bodybuilders still drink boiled water or mineral water. After all, the “energy” of sports drinks is a bit high, and it absorbs a lot of energy unknowingly, sin!

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  If you have been looking for indicators to quantify the amount of training, how to calculate the power factor? The amazing effect of the power factor training method has in fact been confirmed by many bodybuilders.

  The principle of power factor training

  The theoretical basis of the power factor training method is well known: overload and super recovery.

  Another indispensable factor that promotes muscle growth is the amount of exercise performed by the muscles per unit time. In other words, it is necessary to increase the weight (power factor) lifted by the muscle in a unit time. Therefore, the exact meaning of “load”: excess recovery is the result of increased exercise intensity (increased exercise volume per unit of time), and has little to do with total exercise volume.

  Many recent studies have proved that peak load is an indispensable condition for muscle growth. We can naturally draw the following conclusion: There must be a training method that can make the muscles receive the strongest load from training and thus obtain the fastest growth. This is why the power factor training method was born.

  The following explains the principle of the power factor training method with the principle of half-movement exercises.

  Take the bench press as an example. The minimum range of bench press strength is the few inches when the barbell is lifted from the chest, and the maximum strength is the few inches when the bench press is about to be completed. Under the traditional training method, an athlete with a maximum weight of 200 pounds on the bench press can actually lift a barbell of up to 365 pounds. Traditional training method, full range of exercises, only mobilized part of the muscle fibers to lift 200 pounds of weight. Once he started to perform small bench press exercises with a maximum weight of 365 pounds only within the maximum strength range, and able to mobilize as many muscle fibers as possible to participate in the effort, his strength and muscle circumference increased rapidly. If the power factor is not calculated, we cannot accurately reflect the substantial increase in training intensity with numbers.

  Leaving aside academic research, from a common sense point of view, practicing to exhaustion in the range of maximum strength is much more intense than practicing in the range of minimum strength. The more weight you use, the more muscle fibers that participate in the exertion, and the more work the muscles do. Furthermore, the recovery time of this kind of high-intensity training is also longer. The reason is simple. The combination of heavier exercise weight and higher strength will inevitably cause fatigue of deeper muscles.

  Special training methods can produce special training effects. This is the most basic causal relationship between training and muscle growth. When you exercise in the range of maximum strength, the effect of muscle growth is very obvious. This is directly proportional to the load placed on the muscles during training. On the contrary, if you do exercises with sufficient range, the training effect will be divided into two parts: muscle mass and strength and flexibility. As a result, the speed of muscle growth is significantly slower. It should be clear that sufficient motion range is not a necessary condition for muscle overload, and overload is the only factor that promotes muscle growth.

  Basic concepts of power factor training method: time and power factor

  The weight used for exercise is a very important factor for muscle fibers to participate in the exertion process, and another equally important factor is the time spent on exercise. The time mentioned here is not the time used for a single set of exercises, but the time used for all the exercises of a certain muscle group and the time used for the entire training session. Because this is the area where the power factor plays a role.

funny shaker bottle

  If the efficiency of muscle work is the only factor that affects muscle growth, then it is very important to learn how to calculate the muscle workload for each exercise and each training session. In this way, you can use precise numbers to compare the load of each training session, the workload of the muscles, and the overall training effect.

  You must learn to calculate your own power factor. The calculation is simple, but it is very important, because it determines whether you can grow blocks. Divide the total weight used for training by the training time to get your training power factor.

  A good way to test the effectiveness of training

  So far, the only way for bodybuilders to measure training is by “feeling.” When other conditions (rest, nutrition, etc.) are the same, if you lift some weight or feel particularly tired after a training session, and the congestion is particularly good, you will feel that this training session is more rewarding than before. But this is a rough and subjective estimate after all, not a precise reflection of mathematics. After checking the power factor, you immediately know whether you have lifted more weight in a certain period of time than in the last training. Calculating the power factor is the most effective way to measure your progress. By calculating the power factor, various bodybuilding theories and training methods can be unveiled; how much work does the muscles do? Does this training method grow stronger? How much can it grow? How fast? More meaningful, all The factors that promote or hinder muscle growth can now be quantified. You can accurately and objectively measure and compare the effects of training more or less, light weight or heavy weight training, and see how the length of the training session and the number of rest days between training have any effect on you. In bodybuilding training, weight training and any other form of strength training, this rapid and accurate assessment can play an inestimable role.

  The mystery of power factor training to promote muscle growth

  The power factor training method requires the body to provide a lot of energy to the muscles in a short time. The energy in muscles is stored in the form of glycogen, and the amount of glycogen stored determines the ability of muscles to contract. When the glycogen in the muscle is exhausted, the muscle contraction stops. However, it is precisely because the glycogen in the muscles is exhausted that the body can be forced to improve the muscle’s ability to store glycogen and achieve the purpose of “super compensation”.

  Bodybuilders can increase the ability of muscles to store glycogen to twice that of ordinary people. With more glycogen, the ability to train for longer periods of time with higher intensity (a necessary condition for stimulating muscle growth) also improves. At the same time, the increase of glycogen storage in muscle can also promote the increase of muscle circumference. This is also the reason why bodybuilders can further increase the circumference of their flesh and blood by ingesting a large amount of carbohydrates before the competition.

  Another reason why the power factor training method can promote the increase of muscle circumference is that it promotes more blood flow into the muscles of the training site and generates more capillaries. In addition, it can also increase the natural secretion of growth-promoting hormone, which is another important reason for promoting muscle growth.

  development trend

  Whenever an innovation causes earth-shaking changes, it will be considered revolutionary. The power factor training method is like this. It successfully applies precise mathematical calculations to the field of fitness and shows that training within the maximum range of strength is extremely effective. It provides a new, exciting, and excellent alternative to traditional training methods. I believe that future bodybuilders and all athletes engaged in strength training will widely use this training method.

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  Good-looking pectoral muscles can be seen as “full and stylish” in clothes, but most bodybuilders may appear weak in the middle seam. How to improve it?

  Our center seam does not look full at all. It must be that we did not pay attention to the training of the pectoral center seam during the training process. Although we spent a lot of effort training ordinary bench presses, ordinary push-ups and other pectoral exercises, they are indeed excellent exercises for pectoral muscle training. However, their stimulation of the center seam is limited. The following are some exercises that are often used to strengthen the center seam training (that is, the inner side of the pectoral muscles). Adding them to your pectoral muscle training plan can help improve the problem of insufficient center seams.

  1. Narrow bench press

  We know that the ordinary barbell bench press mainly trains the chest muscles, but because its grip is the same width as the shoulder width, it stimulates the inner side of the chest muscles, “there is more than enough but not enough”, so the grip distance needs to be narrowed. In addition, it can more effectively stimulate the inner side of the pectoral muscles. Narrow bench press can mainly stimulate the triceps brachii. Due to the narrowing of the grip distance, the center of gravity of the training chest muscles shifts from the middle of the chest muscles to the inside of the chest muscles. In addition to the above two muscle groups, you can actually train to the front of the deltoid muscle.

  Action steps:

  1. Use a narrow grip to hold the barbell;

  2. Slowly lower the barbell until it touches the chest;

  3. Push up the barbell until the elbows are tight.

  The elbows close to the side of the body focus on training the triceps, not the chest muscles. We are talking about the narrow range means that the grip distance of both hands is narrower than the shoulder. In order to maximize the work of the triceps, the movement needs to be completely stretched.

  Finally, the barbell bench press should not use excessive weight to avoid being injured, which is quite dangerous. The May Day holiday is over, the fitness is back, it’s time to take care of it!

  Second, the tensioner crosses the chest

  The chest cross of the rally is actually a variant of bird training. In the gym, the rally is also often used for bird training, so it is also called the rally to clamp the chest and the rally to fly. The anterior cross of the chest stretcher mainly exercises the lower pectoral muscles, and of course it can also stimulate the deltoid anterior bundle and triceps. In addition to the aforementioned muscles, it can also stimulate the pectoralis minor. In addition to fixing the scapula, the pectoralis minor can also be pulled forward.

  Action steps:

  1. Stand upright, hold the handle of the tensioner with both hands;

  2. Pull the handle down to one piece until the two hands are in contact with the waist and the elbows bend slightly;

  3. Return to the initial position slowly and in a controlled manner, with both hands flush with shoulders.

  During the training, the torso is straight or slightly bent forward, and the height of the contact between the hands determines the muscles to be stimulated. Use a low-trajectory training method, with hands crossed in front of the hip or waist, mainly for the lower edge of the chest muscles; cross hands on the chest, high-trajectory training, mainly for training at the midstitch of the chest muscles. If our training focuses on the middle seam of the pectoral muscles, then we must train in a high-trajectory way!

  Three, butterfly machine clip chest

  The butterfly machine clip chest is also called butterfly machine flying bird. It is mainly used to exercise and depict the depth of the pectoralis major muscle, so that the pectoralis major muscle looks fuller, and it can stimulate the deltoid muscle.

  Action steps:

  1. Sit on the fixed chair of the butterfly trainer, keep your upper body upright, chest tall, abdomen, and waist tight;

  2. The forearm with both hands should be tightly attached to the pad of the forearm resistance device, so that the forearm is perpendicular to the ground and the upper arm is parallel to the ground;

  3. Exhale while pinching the chest with both arms at the same time, try to keep the two resistance devices together for 2 seconds, and then inhale slowly to restore.

  When using the seated butterfly training machine, be careful to move slowly. Don’t use sudden force. Accidents may occur. Be sure to straighten your body without using external force, and use your pectoralis major muscle to exert force when you clamp inside. Keep the elbow joint back and outside during the movement, rather than down. The height of the stool should be appropriate, otherwise the position of the handle is too high, and the shoulder deltoid muscles will be exercised more.

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  4, diamond push-ups

  Diamond push-ups are also called narrow push-ups. It is mainly a change in the shape of the hands. The hands are no longer separated on the sides of the body, but close together, and the thumb and index finger of the left and right hands are in contact with each other to form a diamond shape (this should be the origin of its name). From the point of view of the training method, it is basically touching the hands together, so in fact it is a narrow training method, but the distance is very narrow. Then it is not difficult to know that it is mainly used to focus on training the inner side of the pectoral muscles (also known as the midstitch of the pectoral muscles). The practice of changing ordinary push-ups to diamond push-ups is usually very challenging. The simple version is to train diamond push-ups in a kneeling position. I call it kneeling diamond push-ups.

  Action steps:

  1. Support the ground with both hands, keep the palms of both hands as close as possible, and use your thumb and index finger to form a diamond-like diamond shape;

  2. Straighten your body, bend your arms and close your elbows close to both sides of your body, make your body fall straight until your shoulders and elbows are at the same level, and stay for a while;

  3. Hold the body straight up.

  The whole process must maintain abdomen and chest, keep the body straight, which is the same as all push-up requirements. In addition, after doing diamond push-ups, bend the elbows to the sides of the body.

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  Many bodybuilders will ask: Which training method is the best? Many people will argue for or against a certain training method. But one thing we must know is that for weight training, everything is effective, but it will not always be effective. This means only making some changes to your existing training regimen (whether it is adding passive contractions, single maximum exercises, supergroups or other) at least for a certain period of time, about 6 to 8 weeks, Make new changes in your strength or muscles.

  By switching between two extremely effective training programs, the “fifths and a corner” training program will bring you more changes, allowing you to double the effect when using each program individually. The “five points” in the training plan comes from the 5×5 training method, and the “one corner” in the “five points and one corner” training plan comes from the 10×10 training method used in the plan.

  Combining these two practice-tested training methods into an up-to-date training plan can make your muscles grow rapidly. For most bodybuilders, the typical problem in their training is not the design of the training plan, but the inability to truly complete the continuous improvement plan. Their goal in entering the gym is just to be stronger than last time. But the “fifth and one corner” training method does not rely on hope to survive. It pushes your muscles to the limit by changing stimuli.

  The first transformation training is 5×5 training. Choose a sport to exercise each muscle group. Although you will use the second exercise to do 5 sets of 5 reps, it is much harder to achieve this goal in the second exercise than in the first exercise because the auxiliary muscles are already tired. .

  In the 5×5 training day, try to complete the same exercise 1 and exercise 2 in the same order, and complete the same exercise in the 10×10 training day. The third sport in the 5×5 training day and the second sport in the 10×10 training day should be isolated exercises and should change frequently. Before training the same muscle group again, give it a full 5-day rest period, and you may reach the 5×5 goal first. Add weight to your 5×5 training day again and continue to improve until you reach the 10×10 goal. Then change to another training plan, such as a single growth training plan, 5, 10, 20 training plan, inch training plan and so on.

  According to these basic principles, construct your “fifth and one corner” training plan for each major muscle group. Starting with the 5×5 training method, let it rest for 5 days before using the 10×10 training method to exercise the same muscle group again. After the 10×10 training program, rest for 5 days, and then return to the 5×5 training method. Follow this alternate method until you can complete 5 sets with 5×5 initial weight, 5 reps for each set, and 10 sets with your 10×10 initial weight, 10 reps per set.

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  Today this sports protein powder Shaker Bottle is not only a professional fitness protein shaker bottle, but also a fashionable sports bottle.

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  In various health Weibo and WeChat big V photos, the common voltrx Bottle protein powder mixing Shaker Bottle is also a good partner of major European and American celebrity gyms. The lid that can be opened with one hand is completely leak-proof, and the patented stainless steel stirring ball inside can quickly shake out supplements such as protein powder, which is a must for bodybuilding and drinking white powder!

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This Shaker Bottle belongs to the quality of one of the brand’s main series. The cup body is made of the brand’s unique Tritan Copolyester material, which has passed the quality inspection, does not contain BPA and phthalic acid, etc., providing the safest and safest use.

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  It contains an exclusive patented design spring stirring ball, as long as you simply pull up the water cup, the stirring ball in the bottle can break the protein powder, muscle building powder, etc., which are difficult to replenish muscle fitness supplements, so as to make it more It is easy to blend into liquid and easy to drink.

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   Recall the scene at the end of each buttocks and leg training. It can be said to be painful and happy. It is very fulfilling. Leg exercises require some big muscles and a lot of exercise, which is definitely a particularly hard exercise.

   Buttocks and legs training not only exercises the largest muscles, but also poses a challenge to the central nervous system, because this compound exercise involves different muscle groups. No wonder many people like and hate “buttocks and legs”. If you want to be lazy, it is difficult to convince yourself to finish the sport.

   The following article will share some tips to make it easier for you to motivate you to do high-quality leg exercises and fall in love with hip and leg training days!

  #1 Scatter a few days of training

   The first step is controversial. Some people say that the leg muscles should be fully exercised on the same day. We think that you can certainly do overnight exercise on the same day, but you can also choose to exercise separately.

  The three main muscles of leg movement are the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, and in some cases the gluteal muscles. The quadriceps exercise can also fully exercise the gluteal muscles, so some exercises cannot take out the gluteal muscles alone. You can adjust them according to your body or goals.

   Within a week, quadriceps, leg muscles and calves can be exercised separately, such as shoulder and quadriceps training, back and hamstring training, chest and calf training. If you only exercise three days a week, you can exercise your legs every day. However, other parts of the body can rest because they only exercise certain muscle groups in the legs every day.

   Does this sound as painful as leg exercises? Exercise is more efficient because you do less exercise every day. In addition, since only a portion of the muscle groups are targeted every day, you can better focus on effectively exercising the target muscles.

  #2 Find a way to enjoy buttocks and legs

   If you don’t like sports, you may fall into a vicious circle. The less you like it, the worse it will be. If you change your mind and enjoy the process, it will be more helpful to stimulate motivation. If we maintain a positive attitude throughout the process, we can maintain better focus and energy.

So, how can we feel the feeling of enjoying hip and leg exercises? This feeling varies from person to person, such as wearing shorts when practicing, so that you can better see your body and cheer yourself up; or reduce Exercise frequency, increase weight, or increase exercise, reduce weight, and make some changes to reduce the boring degree of exercise.

   Another good way is to exercise with friends. These two people can motivate each other and reduce frustration. Of course, if none of these work, then you’d better exercise your legs before cheating, and then you can reward yourself with hot pot or ice cream. Will I be more motivated after doing hip and leg exercises?

  3 some carbohydrates before exercise

   Of course, it is normal for some people to supplement carbohydrates before exercising on their hips and legs, but many people eat low-carb water during weight loss and do not deliberately supplement them before exercising.

   However, if you find that the buttocks and legs are particularly difficult, you’d better add more energy before exercise to make the exercise more effective and easier. MyProtein provides some good options, and a cup of coffee can help you to a certain extent.

  #4 Reasonable arrangement

   Put your hips and legs on the first day of a week’s training, because you are always full of energy and motivation. Usually after a week of training, if you feel tired, you may easily give up training for the hips and legs. Bite off the hard bones for the first time and hit your hips and legs on the first day of the week. This will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also make it easier for you to complete your exercise program psychologically.

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   Similarly, do leg exercises early in the day. Some studies have found that bodyweight exercises late in the evening or a few hours before going to bed work best, because subsequent sleep means that the body begins to repair muscles quickly after hypoxic exercise. In other words, we don’t have to be so strict. If morning exercise can ensure that you can really complete the day’s exercise, then it is worth doing hip and leg exercise in the morning. In addition, this can also encourage yourself to go to bed earlier, get up early, and exercise.

   In short, hips and legs should be the most important day. The main source of physical strength is the lower body, and the best way to stimulate the growth of physical strength is through the legs. You will find that the strength of the legs also increases the strength of the upper body, not the other way around.

   Of course, everyone is different. Some people are born with strong lower limbs, so they can do more exercises for the upper body. For most people, pay attention to the hips and legs and learn to enjoy it!

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  Nowadays, we can always receive a lot of health-related information, but sometimes it is better to use this information to examine the scientific theory behind it. You can see the latest news in the field of health and fitness science on our website and apply the newly discovered knowledge to your life.

  This time, we will study how to retain hard-won muscle mass as we age, and whether playing with mobile phones during meals affects food intake. Finally, we will study the recent hot topics, that is, is exercise really harmful to the immune system, and what is the relationship between exercise and immunity?

  Now you may have a clear understanding of the key role of protein in muscle exercise, but what you may not know is that according to the latest research, as we age, we need to ensure that we can get enough protein a day. Because age affects muscle growth.

  Scientists studied the protein intake of young, middle-aged, and elderly people, including the source of protein intake, the frequency and amount of protein intake per day. They found that older people need to eat more protein to see the same muscle-building effect, and they need to supplement protein alone throughout the day.

  They also found that if the person also exercises regularly, the muscles will make better use of the protein they added. Although this study only investigated a few people for a short period of time, it shows that if you want to maintain muscle, you may need to increase your protein intake as you age.

  Does playing with mobile phones affect appetite?

  Always look at the phone when eating? The next study may provide answers to your appetite control.

  According to the latest study of 119 young people, playing simple computer games during the 15-minute meal time may mean that the meal time is greatly reduced.

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  Participants measured their food consumption in two different meals, it was a video game, and the other was concentration. But the games they play are actually to test memory and sustained visual attention, so they need a lot of attention. This may mean that Weibo or watching TV will have a different effect on food intake.

  Does exercise affect immunity?

  Worried that long-term exercise will weaken your immune system? Don’t worry, research on exercise and its impact on the immune system shows that exercise can actually improve the function of the immune system during a lifetime.

  According to this study, people have long believed that strenuous exercise may have short-term adverse effects on the immune system, and there is insufficient evidence to support this. If you feel tired or unwell, you should not force your body too much, but do your best to prevent the immune system from being negatively affected.

  This week, we found that as you get older, you may need to reassess your protein intake; good distraction may help reduce your food intake; don’t worry about the effects of moderate exercise on your immunity Negative Effects.

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  Just imagine, if our watch can tell us if we have the flu, wouldn’t it be very useful? Maybe technology can do it now.

  Fitness bracelets can detect and record some specific symptoms, and data collected from a large number of people can provide some very important information for people to fight the virus. So how does the fitness ring work? let us see.

  the study

  Researchers looked at the data of 200,000 Fitbit wearers in the past two years, which is a large amount of data. They then compared these data with the weekly flu prevalence estimates reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Specifically, the researchers compared increased heart rate and sleep levels with reports of flu symptoms.

  We know that influenza infection can increase resting heart rate and disrupt sleep patterns, such as nasal congestion, poor sleep quality, and difficulty falling asleep.

  Therefore, it is meaningful to study the heart rate and sleep status of Fitbit wearers. It can help us track diseases and take measures to prevent the spread of diseases. In fact, by focusing on resting heart rate and sleep levels, this study has greatly improved flu predictions in five states in the United States.

  What does this research mean to us?

  Although this data study is used to observe the health of the entire population, for individuals, wearing a fitness bracelet can help you notice subtle differences in resting heart rate and sleep patterns, which may indicate signs of illness. Although a sports ring cannot prevent you from getting sick, it can make you aware of your health problems and take action to prevent the spread of diseases to others.

  In addition to illness, there are other reasons that can cause elevated resting heart rate or lack of sleep, such as stress or even hangovers. Therefore, when you see these data every day, don’t feel too stressed, and don’t worry too much.

  By consulting the data of a large number of fitness watch wearers, it can provide some useful information for relevant departments to understand the origin of the disease and even know where to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease. After infection, people can also see changes in their resting heart rate or sleep patterns through the fitness ring, but they may also be affected by factors such as lifestyle. In the past, we may not have thought that the fitness ring has such an important function.

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  Many people in the gym focus on training the muscles of the arms, chest, or hips, but often overlook the back, which also has an important visual impact on body shape.

  Since we can’t see the back in the mirror, we usually ignore this muscle. In fact, a stronger back can bring very beautiful lines and contours to create an ideal physique.

  Not only that, in addition to the pleasing back line, think about how many young people suffer from cervical spondylosis due to prolonged sitting!

  Strong back muscles are also essential to maintain good health and correct posture. For people who want to exercise other upper limb muscles, a solid and strong back can provide an ideal foundation for compound weightlifting.

  In today’s article, we have compiled a series of the most effective exercises to help you achieve the V font type. More importantly, it doesn’t matter if you are in the home, these actions can be done in your own home.

  Home exercises for the upper back

  Resistance band rowing

  Place the resistance band horizontally on the floor, step on it, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the ends of the resistance band and stand up straight.

  Relax your knees, lean forward from your hips, and lean forward anywhere between 90 and 45 degrees as your starting position.

  Tighten your shoulder blades, open your chest, and then yank your elbows back toward your torso, contracting hard at the top. Slowly return to the starting position to complete an action.

  Perform 3 to 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps, depending on the strength of the resistance band.

  This exercise uses the least equipment to exercise the back at home and can exercise the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles well. You can also try to make your hands pronation, supination, or neutral. The wider the distance between the feet and the stronger the resistance band can make the exercise more difficult.

  Back stretch

  Lie down and stretch your arms in front of you. Grasp the ends of a T-shirt or towel with both hands and pull it apart as if you are about to tear it off;

  Tighten the hips and core, and clamp the shoulder blades. The chin and chest should be a few inches off the ground.

  Maintain a tense state, slowly pull the T-shirt or towel to the chest position, and then return to the extended position to complete the action.

  Perform 3 to 4 sets, 12 to 15 times in each set.

  Back stretching is an alternative to the pull-down equipment of the back muscles in the gym. The goal is to exercise the outside of the latissimus dorsi during contraction and the internal during stretching. It is important to always maintain a constant state of tension so that the muscles in the corresponding parts can be effectively exercised.

  Betrayer rowing

  Prepare for the push-up position, but place your feet on a raised platform (such as a sofa or chair).

  Support the core to keep the body straight, and pull one hand to the body once in a rowing motion. Tighten at the top.

  Return the arm to the up position and repeat on the other side.

  Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions in each group.

  This rowing movement is a full-body burner, which can not only reach the lower part of the latissimus dorsi, but also exercise the shoulders, chest, triceps and core muscles. Increase the number of repetitions to slowly increase the difficulty of the exercise.

  Superman Rowing

  Lie down flat, holding both ends of the resistance band with both hands. The arm is locked into a V shape before stretching to keep it tight. Your hands should be wider than shoulders.

  Keep your head and chest a few inches away from the ground, straighten your legs, and tighten your hips to keep your hips on the floor.

  Clamp the shoulder blades, and then pull the resistance band to the back of the neck. Try to tighten and return to the stretched position.

  Perform 3 to 4 sets, 15 to 20 times in each set.

  Resistance bands may increase the difficulty of this action. It may be difficult to complete the action at first, but it can exercise muscles effectively. Combining this action with W rowing and back stretching can exercise the back very efficiently.

  Surface tension of resistance zone

  Wrap the resistance band around the tree (or similar object) that is parallel to the head position. Hold the end of the resistance band with both hands, and then move back until the belt is tightened and your arms extend.

  The height of the elbow joint is the same as the height of the face. Open the chest and squeeze the shoulder blades. Pull the shoulder straps to the sides of your chin while maintaining the height of your elbows.

  Slowly extend your arm back to its starting position to complete the movement.

  Three sets of 20 repetitions.

  This action is useful for the upper back area (including the posterior deltoid and oblique muscles). Keep the core tight and control the entire movement in order to truly maximize its effect.

  Back to back exercises


  Lie on your back with your arms straight in front and as wide as your shoulders. Straighten your legs, straighten your feet, and put your feet behind in the same way, making them as wide as your shoulders.

  Tighten your hips, shrink your shoulders, and lift your legs and hands off the floor. Relax and let them return to their original positions.

  Three sets of 25 repetitions were performed.

  This upper back and mid-back exercise, including spinal stabilizers and superman, is also a very effective core exercise. You can try to repeat more times, or you can stay still and timed like a tablet, you can say that you can give full play to your creativity!


  Find a suitable bag. Whether it’s a shoulder bag or a suitcase.

  Separate your feet from your shoulders, bend your legs and hips, and grab the bag. Make sure your back is straight so you won’t get hurt.

  Tighten your hips, stand up and lift the bag. You should be careful to use the strength of your legs, not your back, to control your movements.

  Carefully place the bag on the floor to complete the action.

  Complete 6 sets, 15 times in each set, depending on the weight of the package.

  This exercise is a traditional deadlift deformation. It is easy to exercise at home and can exercise all major parts of the body, including the muscles of the back, core and legs. You can put something in the bag to gain weight.

  W Rowing Boat

  Lie on your back with your arms straight and the front of your body in a V shape.

  Tighten the core, maintain the tension of the whole body, and retract the elbows to the hip. Open your chest, bend your waist, and lift the ground.

  Reduce the arms to the limit of the hips and then return to the starting position

  Repeat three sets of 20 to 30 seconds.

  This family exercise is a broad exercise that can increase the strength of the core and lower back. It can stretch together with the back and effectively exercise the upper back and lower back.

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  Hip bridge

  Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet flat, your arms at your sides, and your palms on the floor for support.

  Keep your back straight, push your heels away, and lift your hips from the ground. Tighten the top of the hips.

  Slowly return to the starting point.

  Complete 4 sets, 8 reps for each set.

  The hip bridge effectively moves to the lower back by its own weight. Using only one leg at a time will make it more difficult, and try to shrink the hips to maximize the muscles.

  The home exercises we introduced above can allow you to create a perfect back without going to the gym. You can also exercise various parts of the back through various movements. Understand the basic form of movement, you can creatively use tools that we don’t usually think of to practice.

  In addition, as we said before, most people neglect back training when exercising at home, so it is best to add more variants to create a good back line.

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  Do you feel this way? You want to start practicing, but you don’t know where to start? This article combines the basic postures that beginners need to lay a solid foundation for you. Armed with these basic knowledge, you will soon become an expert.

  So, it’s time to start working out the mat and enjoy the physical and mental benefits that it brings to you! Whether you are young or old, whether you are a man or a woman, it can help you calm down and strengthen your body.

  Do at home

  Many people are worried about how to do it at home. But in fact, it’s easier than you think. As long as you practice regularly (even once a week), it will be of great benefit to your health.

  Here are our suggestions for starting at home:

  Create a comfortable place: Remember that there is no perfect place, but it is important to create a space that is as far away from chaos and distractions as possible.

  Find an empty wall: As a beginner, finding a space with an empty wall is very helpful for you and can help you maintain your balance.

  Light a candle: You will also find that adding candles or incense will make you more comfortable, but this is not necessary, it depends entirely on your personal preferences.

  Focus on breathing: Before you do, you can take a deep breath to relax your body.

  Rest: Even if you want to increase your strength and flexibility through daily practice, we recommend that you rest at least one day a week.

  Buy a cushion: Have a cushion to make any room or environment more comfortable.

  10 basic actions

  We will outline the 10 basic postures you need as a beginner. Below are the 10 basic postures you need to learn to establish a routine exercise.

  1. Mountain style

  It looks like you just stood there effortlessly, didn’t you?

  This is not the case. Mountain posture, or “active”, has many benefits, including improved posture and relief of back pain. It can help you strengthen your thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen and hips.


  You should start to stand together, distribute your body weight evenly on the ball and the arch of the sole, and make sure that your big toes are pressed together.

  Now, put your toes apart on the mat. If you have trouble with your balance, separate your feet slightly first.

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  Straighten your legs, but make sure all the weight is evenly distributed on your feet. You should pull your thighs back and rotate them inwards slightly. This will bring your quadriceps together.

  Now, retract the tailbone, keeping the hips in line with the center of the body. Pull the abdomen slightly inward to maintain the natural position of the pelvis.

  Stretch your torso, push away your shoulder blades, and expand your collarbone. Keep your arms straight and straighten your fingers, allowing the inner arm to rotate slightly outward.

  Now, by stretching your neck and drawing lines on your ears, shoulders, hips and ankles, you can continue to do breathing exercises, and you can feel the benefits of mountain style every time you breathe.

  If possible, put it in this position for a minute.

  Two-arm type

  The arm display is carried out in the mountains. Regular practice of this posture can help improve breathing and lung function, increase energy and health, improve the cardiovascular system, and help you calm down.

  This posture helps reduce symptoms of fatigue, asthma and indigestion.

  To start this pose, you need to extend your arms, keep them away from your torso, and make sure your thumb face is facing back.

  Now, move your arms to the side and face the ceiling. If your shoulders are not flexible enough, don’t worry that your hands will not fit and feel uncomfortable anymore.

  Now, you need to fully extend your elbows, stretch your fingers upwards, and your thumbs should naturally bend slightly toward your head.

  Tilt your head back slightly, but don’t squeeze the nape of your neck. Ideally, you should be able to see your thumb. If you don’t have this degree of flexibility, don’t force it-with practice, it will get better.

  Extend the tailbone to the floor, and then evenly move the chest away from the pelvis.

  If possible, keep this position for one minute.

  3. Bend forward

  Forward bending has many benefits, such as reducing stress and restlessness, fatigue and anxiety.

  It can also stimulate the liver and kidneys, stretch the hamstrings, calves and buttocks, enhance the function of the thighs and knees, and improve indigestion. If you have asthma, high blood pressure, infertility, osteoporosis or sinusitis, standing forward bending can reduce symptoms.

  First, stand up straight and put your hands on your hips. When exhaling, bend forward from the hip joint. When bending forward, pull the torso out of the groin. In this action, the extension of the front of the torso must be emphasized.

  Keep your knees straight and place your palms and fingers on the ground, slightly in front of your feet or behind your ankles. If your hip joints are stiff, but you can’t do this, put your hands as far as possible behind your legs.

  Every time you breathe, try to lift your front body a bit.

  Keep this position for one minute.

  4. Wreath type

  Wreath is a basic exercise that can help restore waist or knee injuries. It can also adjust the abdomen, enhance core strength, stretch the ankles, groin and back trunk.


  First, squat down, as close to your feet as possible. Make sure your feet are on the ground.

  Now spread your thighs a bit wider than your torso. As you exhale, tilt your torso forward so that it is between your thighs.

  Place your elbows on the inside of your knees and put your palms together. Make sure that the knee does not move forward.

  Keep this position for one minute.

  5. High bow

  The high arch position is not suitable for severe knee injuries. This posture has a good therapeutic effect on indigestion, constipation and sciatica. High lunges can also stretch the groin while strengthening the legs and arms.

  First, enter the forward bend (as described above) and bend your knees.

  Now, take a step back and place your foot on the floor at a right angle to your right knee.

  Next, you should focus your torso on the front of your thighs, stretch forward, and look forward. Push your left thigh to the ceiling while keeping your left knee straight. Stretch your left heel to the ground.

  Hold this position for one minute and repeat with the other leg.

bulk shaker bottles

  In life, it is absolutely surprising that a “blender” that does not require a battery to make fruit milk “smoothies”.

  Since its launch in 2017, voltrx’s innovative Tumbler Original has been shaking up the health and fitness industry, making smooth protein shakes and easy-to-clean, odorless shakers the new standard that all athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders desire. Protein shakes can make it easy for you to get proper nutrition after exercise, but mixing protein shakes thoroughly can be a chore. voltrx Shaker Bottl makes it simple.

  Its patented capsule shape (which means there won’t be any similar products on the market, and you will stand out from the crowd). Keep the ingredients moving in the cavity, so that the beverage does not require a filter. Shake for another five seconds, you can even enjoy the soft fruit in your shaking, and ultimately improve the effect after exercise.

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  The shape of the product capsule is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic, which can protect you from harmful diseases and make you feel good. On the top of the capsule, you will find a sturdy sliding cap to ensure that your bottle will not leak anywhere.

  Remember, it cannot be put in the dishwasher, but it can be hand washed with a small amount of water in a few seconds. Because there are no horns, when you run out of the bottle, nothing will be left. This not only means you spend less time on cleaning, but in the long run, you need less powder, which saves you money. No waste can also prevent the accumulation of peculiar smell, when the undissolved powder remains in the corner of your shaker bottle.

  Tumbler was voted as the best protein electric shaker bottle of 2019 by Men’s Health. It has won 9 awards this year and has become the best electric shaker bottle on the market.

  Anyway, this thing is great. It looks cool, it’s easy to clean as advertised, and it won’t leak a drop. Do yourself a favor and get it.

cheap shaker bottle

  Is the protein shaker bottle for fitness really tasteless? Its function is actually here

  What protein shaker bottle do I need to drink a protein powder? Is this protein shaker bottle a fool, or is it really useful?

  We all know that the protein powder’s instructions also mention that it must be shaken evenly so that the protein can be better absorbed by the body. This is true. The focus is on shaking, and if you use a bowl or an ordinary cup, it is difficult to shake completely. This is mainly because there is a professional “blender” in the protein shaker bottle, usually a stainless steel ball or The spiral spring, in fact, even if you take an ordinary cup and add a stirrer in it, you can shake it well.

  Then why do we choose protein shaker bottle?

  1. Material safety. The material of the protein shaker bottle is mostly equivalent to that of baby bottles, which is more environmentally friendly and does not contain BPA. Bisphenol A can be mixed into drinks when heated. Bisphenol A can disrupt the body’s metabolism and cause cancer. However, it should be mentioned that many of the low-quality protein shaker bottles that are bought for protein powder can not be counted as many. Not only the material is not good, but also because of the poor sealing, it is very easy to leak, which makes people embarrassed in the process of shaking powder.

shake my bottle

  2. More beautiful and professional. Most protein shaker bottles are layered, leaving a functional area for protein powder and pill supplements at the bottom. Friends who have used it all know that adding water and then pouring powder is not easy to form a precipitate at the bottom. Pour the powder first. If the cup is wet and then add water, it will stick to the bottom and it will not be easy to shake.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you use a professional protein shaker bottle to shake the powder. The purpose is to be convenient, easy to use, and safe.

  But in the process of using the protein shaker bottle, an “invisible bomb” will be planted inadvertently.

  I dare say that most people have been tainted by the bad gas in their protein shaker bottle because they forgot to clean the protein shaker bottle in time. As a result, they were overwhelmed by the odorous shock wave as soon as the lid was opened. If the protein shaker bottle is not cleaned in time, it will really kill your appetite in minutes.

  As for why it smells? It’s not because of the quality of the powder, it will happen to any protein powder. The main reason is that after we finished drinking the protein powder, we did not clean up the residue in the cup in time, while the bacteria, mold and other microorganisms in the air survive in the cup. Especially when you close the lid, these bacteria will decompose the remaining protein in the cup to form hydrogen sulfide, skatole and other substances. When you open it again, the stench will blow on your face. Moreover, it is very difficult to remove this peculiar smell after cleaning again, because hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and will penetrate into the inner wall of the cup.

  So please wash it immediately after drinking the powder, wash it immediately, wash it immediately! Do not cover the lid after washing, and ventilate it to dry, so that there will be no more peculiar smell.