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  I am a penniless college student, so when I look at blender water bottles, I find that most of them are expensive because of their value. The protein shaker is over $50, so I won’t spend that much on a piece of plastic. I have been looking for. I only bought a voltrx electric shaker bottle for $39.95. I am very satisfied with the voltrx electric shaker bottle product because it is durable, blends well, and is very cheap (it also has a good handle). In short, I really recommend anyone who needs a bottle of their own protein shake to get a voltrx electric shaker bottle!

  Voltrx protein shaker bottle is easy to clean-just like the extra compartment at the bottom with extra protein powder inside, when you work hard and work/start. It’s been a year, and they look quite fresh. Suggestion: Be sure to add water before adding protein powder. Before shaking, otherwise the mixing will not be good!

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  At this time, I will tell you that, in fact, push-ups vary from person to person. There are thousands of people. Even for the same age group, there is no fixed standard. The standard for push-ups should be adjusted according to the individual’s physical condition and ability. Even for different genders, the standards for doing push-ups have their own merits. So everyone must be curious now, how many push-ups in a group can you get the perfect chest muscles? Don’t worry, you can read it patiently next, I will teach it slowly, and I promise to give you a satisfactory answer.

  First, if you want to truly master the exercises of push-ups, you must first have enough knowledge about push-ups.

  Once as a student, it must be difficult for everyone to forget the punishment for physical education, because at that time one of the punishments must be push-ups. But at that time, what we only knew about push-ups was the posture and number of punishments. The knowledge and understanding of push-ups was not comprehensive, but what we want to understand today is comprehensive push-ups.

  1. Push-ups are a basic training of military physical training. As we all know, not all actions are items of military training. Therefore, the selection of push-ups as one of the military physical training is the basic affirmation of push-ups.

  2. Push-ups are simple and easy to do, but the effect is better. It’s not that the more complex the movements of the exercise program, the better the exercise effect. On the contrary, although the push-up is simple and easier to do, its exercise effect is also very good. Moreover, by practicing variant push-ups, it is easier to train the perfect chest muscles.

  Second, the exercise parts of push-ups

  Although we often did push-ups when we were students, and many times we would choose push-ups when we did exercises at home, so which part of the body does push-ups exercise? Push-ups are a very effective exercise for strength training, so they mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially for the chest muscles. Therefore, many men and women who want a good-looking body line choose to join the push-up training program when they work out.

  Third, the exercise standard for push-ups

  Generally speaking, the standard of push-up exercise is not unique. It will change at any time according to the physical condition of each person, but there must be a general standard for your reference. Then for everyone’s needs, we recommend the following standards for men and women:

  1. Male:

  ①Beginners: Because you are just new to push-ups, you can practice two groups and try them. Normally, each group is 15 to 20 times, and you can make appropriate adjustments according to your physical condition;

  ②Athletes with a certain foundation: You can add a group to the beginners, and keep it at about 3 groups, and each group can try to keep 20 times;

  ③Push-up expert: add another group, try 30 to 50 reps in each group, do 4 groups, but be sure to pay attention to the breathing rhythm;

  ④Ultra-high level people: You can do 50 to 100 repetitions. As for the groups, you can adjust yourself according to your body’s acceptance status.

  2. Female:

  ①Beginners: Generally, the training intensity of women is lower than that of men, so the first time is to do two groups, but each group can do 5 to 8;

  ②Athletes with a certain foundation: you can try to do 3 or 4 groups, each group is about 8 to 10 times;

  ③Push-ups: try to do 4 to 6 groups, each group can be appropriately increased to 15 to 20, and you can keep breathing smooth;

  ④Ultra-high level people: You can challenge to do 6 to 8 groups, each group keeps more than 20, but you must do according to your own physical condition.

  Fourth, the practice of push-ups

  1. Keep your body in a prone position, with your arms stretched out into parallel lines, and your hands should be shoulder-width apart. If you can’t hold it, you can also make your hands slightly wider and shoulders, so that you can really exercise your pectoral muscles.

  2. While inhaling, bend your elbows so that the outline of your chest is close to the ground, but do not directly touch the ground. At the same time, do not arch your lower back excessively to avoid injury.

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  3. Slowly push up your body until your arms are completely straight and parallel.

  5. Slowly exhale through your mouth at the end of the action, don’t act too haste, so as not to lose your breath.

  Five, the benefits of push-ups

  After introducing push-ups for so long, everyone must be particularly curious about the benefits of doing push-ups? Don’t worry, I will explain clearly to everyone one by one, the benefits of push-ups are probably the following:

  1. It can better improve one’s own balance ability, and at the same time can promote blood circulation, activate bones, thus promote physical development, and further improve everyone’s athletic ability; at the same time, it can also train perfect chest muscle lines.

  2. It can reduce the physiological aging of the human body and improve the muscle memory to a certain extent. Through activities, it can increase the strength of the person to stretch forward, thereby preventing accidental falls;

  3. It can enhance the physical fitness, and at the same time, exercise can improve the active ability of motor cells, strengthen the willpower of the person, and have great benefits for the long-term development of physical and mental health.

  Six, warm tips for doing push-ups

  1. Push-up variants: When doing push-up exercises, you can exercise different parts of the pectoralis major while changing the inclination angle of the thorax, so that different parts of the pectoralis major can be exercised. Depending on the angle, the parts that can be exercised by the pectoralis major will be different. This is also the most critical part of training the perfect pectoral muscle.

  2. Matching companion: Since standard push-ups are more suitable for exercising pectoralis major and triceps, in order to achieve better exercise effect, you can strengthen the exercise of triceps when exercising pectoralis major.

  3. Kneeling push-ups: Because the main part of the push-up exercise is the pectoralis major muscle, beginners can try the kneeling push-ups in order to better master the push-ups.

  4. Types of push-ups: In addition to the postures recommended by beginners, we also recommend postures for exercisers of other stages of push-ups, such as diamond push-ups, one-handed push-ups, diagonal push-ups, wide and narrow distance push-ups, handstand push-ups, etc. But these push-ups in trick postures are more suitable for push-up players with a certain foundation.

  All in all, how many push-ups do in a group can finally train the perfect chest muscles. You must constantly adjust according to each person’s physical condition. Don’t blindly follow the trend and make a training plan that is not suitable for you. That will not only fail to exercise the effect, there are It may be self-defeating and damage your health. I hope our suggestions can help you all.

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  That’s because they didn’t use the right method. There are still many methods and skills needed to lose weight with exercise. Without these skills, no amount of exercise may help, so you must have your own exercise method, especially the correct and suitable exercise method. The correct exercise method is very important for exercise. Sometimes it’s not just about losing weight by exercise, but also exercise alone is also very important, because it can avoid injury caused by exercise and reduce unnecessary physical injury.


  What are the goals of the exercise? What are the effects? For some friends, they still stick to it happily. Why? Of course, they are not idle because they have nothing to do.

  1, changes in body shape

  Maybe the purpose of their training at the beginning was just to make the figure better and the proportions better. But with the improvement of their abilities and the accumulation of relevant knowledge, they will find that each person has different characteristics, for example, are their abdominal muscles symmetrical? For example, is the ratio of their hips and legs coordinated, such as whether their waist circumference Thinner? So they are based on the premise of slowly accepting themselves and accepting their own body shape, rather than shaping their fitness.

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  2, after a long time, they get benefits other than fitness

  Every time they persist, they will get a sense of accomplishment for their persistence. This sense of accomplishment makes them look forward to the next movement. This sense of accomplishment allows them to focus on their food because they don’t want their efforts to be wasted. This sense of accomplishment allows them to develop good living habits in order to one day achieve their goals. With this persistence, their lives slowly became more and more regular.

  3. Persistence

  Through regular persistence, you will find that the body does not change much, but they look young. After insisting on exercising, their weight may not change much, and there is not much difference in appearance, but they will find that their skin has changed. Tight, stiff body, looks younger and more energetic than his peers.

  4. The role after persistence

  They find that their physical condition is getting better and better. Two years later, they will find that their legs are stronger. I used to be out of breath when I went up to the third floor, but now I have no pressure on the tenth floor. Their backache habit has long since disappeared, and they don’t know when they will be able to move freely.


  There are different opinions on some reasons, and different people have different opinions on the reasons. These reasons are not convincing for friends who want to exercise for the purpose of good figure. Because their concern is not here. But we need to know that everyone is different. Even if we want a good figure like a supermodel, we have to have someone else’s height and long legs. But I have to say that everyone’s innate factors are uncontrollable. If we give up this and only pursue the figure, not only will we not achieve good results, but we will also be hit hard. So all we have to do is to admit and accept ourselves. Under this premise, we pursue something that is relatively perfect.

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  This is the protein shaker bottle you want. The price is very good, you bought two, leak-proof. I like the extra compartment. The vibrating screen does a good job of eliminating lumps, but I hope the sieve is smaller, because if it is shaken improperly, sometimes lumps may leak out. If the sieve is smaller, these will get stuck in it. In general, it can complete the task as scheduled. I have a little problem with how easy it is to clean the parts. The body is easy to clean, but the design of the cap is strange, which sometimes makes it difficult for the dishwasher to clean.

  I really like these Shaker Bottles. Loosen the screw at the bottom to store the dry powder. The cup itself can hold your milk or water. I used it for about two weeks, and no leakage was found. I really like the handle on the spout. The only slight dislike is that there are small cracks in the lid, the powder will get stuck inside, and you need a toothbrush or a small brush to take it out.

  If I lose or damage these Shaker Bottle Steel, I will order them again.

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  This is a great protein shaker. The design is very good, almost as described. For anyone who wants to know, the “ball” is made of a sturdy plastic floating. It is neither soft nor sticky. I’ve read a review before, in which someone shakes/makes his drink break the bottom of his glass. But it must be difficult for them to do this, because you don’t need to use this protein shaker to make such a hard drink between the ball and the honeycomb partition, between the lid and the drink. The powder I use absorbs quickly in water and does not require much agitation, so I don’t understand how they scrape Protein Shaker Electric. Their powder tends to agglomerate. One more thing I want to say is that what I care about is oral medicine. That part is “fragile”, it will turn over and turn off the drink in place. It may be the wrong word, but I am worried that after using it many times, it will eventually leak or be completely destroyed. In addition, I admire its large size and handle. I especially like storing dry powder at the bottom of the compartment! A genius idea!

Automatic Shaker Bottle

  I can’t drink this bottle for long. I either lose a part (for example, shake the ball), or lose the whole thing, or the lid will start to leak, or the electric shaker bottle will crack (in the sun, or because I hit it with a car). The list goes on. Surprisingly, my water bottle has always been there. Think about it.

  So I bought these electric shaker bottles because they are cheap, have high ratings, and because they are a pair (in case I lose it right away). I don’t have high expectations, but I expect something “good enough”.

  My expectations were broken: these electric shaker bottles proved to be the best sports accessories I have ever bought.

  First of all, I didn’t even notice the storage cups on the bottom of these electric shaker bottles. I always make up my milkshake before going to work, then sit for a whole day at work, and then continue to sit after get off work until I drink it immediately after exercise. After the powder is stored, it will produce a more delicious protein shake! Day and night.

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  The storage cup is safe (will not fall off accidentally) and is well sealed. It also contains a lot of milkshakes. Owning it is a very pleasant surprise, which makes this electric shaker bottle more valuable.

  Second, the vibration system, including a blade ball and a top screen, is well done. Literally, it shook for 3 seconds without any lumps. What I like most is that this system never traps dry energy in the corners: it’s all shaking, which means that the cleaning is just a quick rinse and air drying.

  Third, the flip-top plug is perfectly sealed and will not drip. I have plugs, and the trembling water droplets hold them tightly, just fall on my nose and run down my face. It’s disgusting. No problem here! The stopper is hydrophobic and it is even hard to get wet.

  Because even a five-star review should look balanced and fair, I did find a little quirk: you end up having to add powder, water, balls, and screen to the electric shaker bottle. The first time I used the electric shaker bottle, I used powder first, then another, and then stuck the semi-moist powder on the blade of the ball, and they met in the middle. Put gunpowder at the end, it will never happen.

  just buy these things. They are great electric shaker bottles and real bargains, and their weight far exceeds their weight.

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  With the improvement of the training level, many small partners have learned to experience the benefits of various shapes of barbell rods in training. For example, when doing double-ended curls, the curved rod is much more comfortable than the straight rod.

  However, you must have found some weird barbell bars and want to try them but don’t know how to start them. Today we will take a look at the relatively common barbell bars and guide you how to use them.

  Professional barbells come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and reasonable use can add diversity to training and supplement heavy weight training. In some cases, it can also allow you to break through restrictions and avoid injury.

  1. Standard Barbell

  Do barbell training in a general gym. This is the barbell you have used. They are usually more than two meters long and quite rigid, but they may also bend slightly under heavy weight. They have different qualities, so the weight they can bear is also very different.

  Most barbells are made of hard steel, and its quality determines the quality of a barbell. Some barbells can bend and rebound.

  The barbell is called the knurled part, which can produce greater friction to help you hold the barbell tightly. The cheaper the barbell, the knurling is often not so good, and the friction generated is not ideal.

  This type of barbell is most suitable for traditional strength training, such as bench press, squat, deadlift, press, Romanian deadlift or bend rowing. Most standard barbells can bear 600 pounds, and competition barbells can bear 1200 pounds.

  Although you can use these barbells for all kinds of training, there are some small differences that make some barbells superior to their counterparts in certain exercises, such as thickness, knurling, and elasticity. These characteristics are becoming more and more important for heavy exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

  Squat Barbell

  There will be knurling in the center of this barbell, which helps the barbell create friction with the back of the clothes and ensures that it will not slip around. A barbell without a center knurl is not the best tool for squats. Squat barbells are generally thicker in diameter and less elastic.


  This type of barbell has better elasticity than a squat barbell. Therefore, you can pull up the middle part of the barbell before you pull up the barbell, so that the barbell will gain a greater upward speed. The diameter of deadlift barbells tends to be smaller so that you can hold them more firmly.

  Bench press barbell

  This barbell has almost no elasticity, which prevents the barbell from bending and makes the bench press more stable. The diameter of the bench press barbell is also larger so that it sits better in your hands.

  Barbells generally weigh 45 pounds (but some thicker ones can reach 55 pounds).

  2. Powerlifting the barbell

  This kind of barbell is designed for Olympic weightlifting events, which can improve athletes’ performance and reduce injuries. They look like ordinary barbells, but due to different sports characteristics, their designs are slightly different.

  They are made of special steel and have better elasticity than ordinary standard barbells, which makes them easier to hold. Because of the precision bearings at both ends, they are easier to rotate, helping to prevent injuries to the wrist and arm.

  The knurling of this type of barbell is not as deep as the deadlift barbell. Many power barbells have no center knurling at all, because the barbell is actually in front of your neck during high turns and front squats. Barbells generally weigh 45 pounds.

  3. Hexagonal Barbell

  The hexagonal barbell is named after its shape. As the name suggests, this barbell is trapezoidal or hexagonal. You can put yourself in the middle of the barbell’s center of gravity for deadlift exercises.

  We highly recommend the use of the hexagonal barbell for deadlifts for athletes and enthusiasts, because it is more joint-friendly than traditional deadlifts. Due to the position of the handles, it is easier to use the hexagonal barbell to enter the deadlift position when training with heavier weights. A typical barbell weighs 45 pounds.

  4. Safe squat barbell

  The safety squat barbell is a special type of barbell. It usually has two “arms” extending from the barbell, and the contact area with the neck is covered with a cushion, which makes the neck and shoulders more comfortable and allows you to do it. Grab the barbell as you move.

  If you feel that your shoulders are not flexible enough or feel pain when doing traditional squats, this is a good tool because it is more shoulder-friendly and you can grab the two handles that extend forward.

  This barbell will also change the mechanical mode of the squat. Compared to the traditional squat, you will be forced to use more hamstrings, hip muscles and back muscles. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for developing deadlifts and squats. Barbells generally weigh 60-65 pounds.

  5. Arched Barbell

  An arched or “bow-shaped” barbell is another option for training squats. It can challenge the hip muscles, similar to a safe squat barbell. This type of barbell also poses a great challenge to stability because it swings, forcing the core to tighten when squatting.

  Due to the high difficulty of this exercise, the threshold for using this kind of barbell is also high. It is not recommended for beginners to try it. The barbell weighs 45 pounds.

  6. Swiss barbell

  Swiss barbells are usually used for traditional upper body exercises such as press, rowing, or flexion and extension of the arms. The pair grip is more friendly to the shoulders when doing these movements. It is worth a try for small partners with shoulder problems. The barbell weighs 35 pounds.

  7. Curved bars (also known as EZ bars)

  The purpose of designing the curved bar is to allow you to perform the bicep curl more comfortably, because the wrist can be rotated internally, and it is also a good choice for exercising the triceps.

  These barbells are usually short, and curved bars can often be found near the priest’s bench, and they generally weigh 15 pounds.

  The type of barbell you choose depends on your training goals, experience, and your own body type. Different barbells can add fresh elements to your training program, help you get through some plateau periods, and add new excitement to your daily training.

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  If you are still shaking after a workout, you have done a mistake. The ending of the story.

  When I realized that adding protein powder to the beautiful and powerful Typhoon Almond Dew (rising from the depths of my voltrx bottle) increased its efficiency, my world opened up. Add your liquids (such as water, milk, vodka, etc.), add your ingredients, and start! It perfectly combines the advantages of Lingtuo.

  In addition, it is sexy white, so if you have a lighting-themed kitchen, it will be the perfect choice for sitting in the corner of the counter.

  Buy one today. You will not regret it.

voltrx mixer bottle

  Voltrx electric shaker bottle is equipped with a powder container that can be put in a glass, so you can hold the whole set in one hand without mixing in advance, so you can taste a lot of drinks.

  Voltrx electric shaker bottle is good at blending light drinks, but I don’t want the voltrx electric shaker bottle to crush the berries. The voltrx electric shaker bottle is just a mixer, not a stirrer.

  The top seal is very good, there is no leakage, and the mouth can make you stick bigger.

  The whole thing is easy to disassemble and clean.

  In general, this is a good toolkit.

voltrx premium electric protein shaker

  This is a great drink electric shaker bottle! I am really impressed by its effect on energy mixing. I don’t use heavy protein powder like other reviewers—he gave a poor evaluation because it didn’t work well. For me, I only use some protein powder or energy powder, the effect is very good! It is an excellent substitute for conventional vibrating cups!

mini shaker bottle

  It comes with a “nutrition pod”. I’m not sure what it is, but now I see that the protein shaker bottle stores your protein powder. You can also use it for other things-like eating fresh fruits or berries. I like this idea. I think its overall design is really great.

  In my opinion, this protein shaker bottle is really good. I am used to Shaker Bottle, but this is better. In addition to using an electric electric shaker bottle, you can also give it extra vibration.