voltrx Shaker Bottle

  The voltrx protein shaker is perfect for instantly creating a very smooth, better tasting shaken food. Mixes powdered supplements perfectly into liquids without leaving a powdery structure and without clumping. Easy to use and extremely efficient, it has been carefully designed to mix powdered supplements with liquids. Simply fill the shaker bottle with liquid, activate the switch, and pour the powder into the spinning vortex.

  Traditional shaker bottles have always let us down because of leaks, splashes and subsequent undesirable messes voltrx . Protein shaker bottles are the solution to these problems. For something you use every day, why settle for poor quality, poor performing items. Voltrx electric shaker bottles have an excellent seal and are 100% leak-proof, so there is no need to worry about spills and splatters.

voltrx blender bottles

  I have an old-fashioned electric shaker bottle. I have to say that the new voltrx protein bottle is a big improvement. I don’t need to worry about locking it up when shaking or letting it leak in my lunch bag. The water bottle pocket on my backpack is also easier to grab and hold.

  I use voltrx protein bottle to stimulate my spark energy. Like the ergonomic design, it will not leak, super easy to clean, and there are no hidden wrinkles to worry about. This is also a beautiful juice bottle. I received many compliments and inquiries about where I got them. There are almost too many outside, but this is definitely my favorite!

voltrx blender bottles

  For those who drink various kinds of protein every day, it will change your life. I will never go back to the non-screw-top protein shaker again! I love how easy it is to open and clean, it never leaks! Woohoo! Be sure to buy one. You will not regret it. I have four now and will buy more Christmas gifts!