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  Nowadays, more people have higher requirements for their body. So for a woman, what is the representativeness of a good body? Except for the well-known vest line, it is the hip. I believe everyone has heard the saying, “No buttocks don’t work out. If you don’t have a buttocks, you can’t see that you have a good habit of fitness.”

  Many people will inquire about more lazy weight loss methods on the Internet, which means that they can be done well indoors, because they don’t want to go to the gym or don’t have time to go to the gym, or there is no gym around where they live. At this time, indoor lazy exercises will be more convenient, but you must not underestimate the weight loss effect of these indoor lazy exercises.

  1. Side lunge

  The action is very simple. First of all, we need to stand naturally. When standing, we should pay attention to three points, raise our heads and tuck our abdomen. Take the left foot about a step to the left, and then quickly return to where you started. Then he changed his right foot, and took about one step, and quickly returned to the starting position.

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  This action is equivalent to an active action. If you have HIIT experience, you have seen him in many videos, which can make our body quickly adapt to the rhythm of the movement. It’s simple and easy to use. Basically, after doing a few back and forth, you can feel the fever in the whole body. Even the muscles and bones can be stretched along with it. At the beginning, there is no need to pursue speed, but to pursue the standard of movement.

  2. Sofa squat jump

  As the name suggests, we need to use the sofa. First, we need to stand in a standing position, and then sit on the sofa slowly, so that we can put our hands behind our heads at this time. The back movement is very important. First, you need to be straight, and then slightly reverse the bow. It is safer to choose a sofa with a backrest, sit in the deepest part of the sofa, and then use explosive force to make yourself jump up.

  3. Hip bridge

  This is a very common indoor training exercise for lazy people. Lie flat on the bed, then bend the knees and touch the soles of the feet to the ground. At this time, your arms can be placed on both sides naturally. Then slowly lift your hips up to the position of your knees. Here you should pay attention that the abdominal muscles should be in a state of tension at all times. Feel the contraction of our hip muscles naturally.

  The hip bridge is a good exercise for the buttocks. Freehand training will be more convenient and there is no possibility of overload. Except for the hip joint, there are no other joints in the body, so they will not cause damage to the joints. This action can last for one minute each time, and then rest for another 30 seconds. Exercise in bed is the most suitable way of exercise for lazy people. Just set aside five minutes before going to bed to do a hip bridge.

  Conclusion: The indoor lazy training methods mentioned here are more suitable for some beginners who exercise buttocks. If we want to have a more perfect body, want to have a more warped buttocks, then more still need to assist some other equipment. What benefits can hips bring to our body? Not only will the visual effect be better, wearing a dress in summer, even if you wear flat shoes, can also bring you the effect of wearing high heels.

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  For women, the perfection of curves is the top priority in life. The smooth body shape and the meticulous calf are the “front” of the overall image. However, whether it is going to work or shopping, most of us women like to wear high heels. After a few hours, and the rest time is too short, our leg muscles will be well “trained”, which leads to us His calf is getting thicker and thicker.

  When the calf is thick, it goes against the original intention of our slim body. Moreover, once the leg muscles have been trained, it is still very difficult to lose weight again. But don’t worry, I will give you a 4-step stovepipe method today to help you get rid of your fat legs easily. By reading this short article, you will understand two aspects:

  1. How to thin the calf?

  2. How to prevent thick legs?

  One. How to thin calf?

  1. Kneading method

  This method is very simple. After we take a shower at night, we can sit on the ground with our legs crossed, keeping the leg muscles relaxed, and knead the calf with the index finger and middle finger of the thumb. The strength of the kneading should be moderate. It is advisable for the muscles to feel slightly hot and slightly painful. Do it on your legs for about ten minutes.

  2. Tap and relax

  After a day of fatigue, the calf muscles are often in a tight state, and the tight muscles tend to become stronger. Therefore, at this time, we must perform slapping movements to assist the muscles in relaxing. Sit cross-legged, tap the calf muscles with both hands and alternate left and right legs. The purpose of this is to promote blood circulation in the calf muscles and help relax the muscles.

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  3. Stretch the leg ligaments

  At this time, we can choose bedside or stool as auxiliary equipment. Support your hands on a stool or bed, and straighten your feet for 3 to 5 minutes. Then lift the left foot upwards, after reaching the limit of the person, stay for a few seconds to return to the position, and then lift the right foot in place. This action is not difficult, stick to 10~15 minutes every day, the effect is amazing.

  4. Aerial bike

  First, we have to lie flat on the bed, and then put our hands behind the waist for support. Raise your legs gradually and do a bicycle pedaling in the air. This action not only helps us to reduce our legs, but also helps our abdominal muscles and thigh muscles to burn fat. It has a very obvious effect on weight loss. When doing this exercise, we usually do it for 30-40 minutes. If you feel tired in the middle, you can adjust the rest according to your own situation, usually between 30-60s.

  Two. How to prevent stout legs?

  Generally speaking, if the body is not obese, the reason why the calf is strong is related to our exercise habits. When our calves are subjected to too much exercise, especially for some mountain climbing, cycling and other sports, our calves can easily become thicker.

  The best way to prevent stout calves is to relax. Usual stretching can lengthen our muscle fibers, thereby relaxing the tense muscles. At the same time, after exercise, massage and pat the muscles should be added to promote the elimination of fatigue and prevent the calf from being too thick.

  Conclusion: Strong calf is a nightmare for every girl, after all, we want to wear a beautiful skirt and want to leak out the slender calf. If we happen to have some fleshy calves, then we should not lose confidence, just follow these four steps to exercise, plus the usual precautions, then the thick calf will not happen to you!

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  The advantages of strength training for each age group, the purpose we pursue for strength training 1. The purpose of sports for each age group is different

  So, for middle-aged people who are between young and old, their fitness goals are not clear, or their sports goals are more inclined to the requirements of the body. Because for middle-aged people living in society today, they may appear very young mentally and physically. But for the elderly, their health consciousness is not strong, but the pursuit of their own appearance.

  strength training improves health

  But middle-aged people have many health risks. For example, as they grow older, their weight will increase uncontrollably, which may cause various potential health risks, and our body functions are also degrading. Even if we can’t see it, we can’t just let young people waste their health. Moreover, hidden dangers will make us lose our health unconsciously.

  strength training to shape the body

  Therefore, for middle-aged friends who have a good body, it is important to lose weight to have a good body, but don’t use too much force and don’t sacrifice your health. Therefore, in the process of losing weight and shaping, we must choose the right method. First, we must ensure our health as the prerequisite, and then make a suitable exercise plan on this basis.

  We need to cultivate good exercise habits to get a more perfect body 1. Cultivate good exercise habits

  In addition, we also need to cultivate regular exercise habits. We know that exercise and fitness not only help regulate and lose weight, but also bring various benefits to health. Middle-aged people choose strength training to improve our health, because strength training can stimulate muscle growth by exercising muscles. Strength training plays an important role in avoiding muscle outflow. Muscle loss will not only reduce basic metabolism and prevent us from losing fat, but also lose protection to joints and increase the risk of injury.

  effective training actions

  Action 1: Goblet squat

  First, we need to stretch our feet, straighten our back, tighten our core strength, and lift dumbbells to our chest with both hands. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, push your hips back, squat slowly, and pause for a few seconds when you reach the top of the action. In the whole process of the movement, pay attention to straighten your back, don’t let your knees embed in, and keep your knees and toes in the same direction.

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  Action 2: Dumbbell straight leg deadlift

  This action requires us to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core strength, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and hang down in front of the legs. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, keep your calves still, bend your hips, and bend forward to move the dumbbells along your legs to below your knees. Stop slightly at the top of the action and feel the traction of the muscles behind the thighs. Straighten your back during the entire movement, keep it upright when you get up, and be careful not to arch your back.

  Action 3: Forward lunge squat

  First, we need to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core, make fists with both hands, and place them on the chest. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, step one leg forward, move your weight forward, and squat down slowly. The front side of the thigh is parallel to the ground, then stand up to return to the starting position, and then complete the action on the other side. During the whole process of the action, keep your back straight, keep your knees and toes in the same direction. When squatting, make sure that our front knees do not exceed the toes and the back knees do not touch the ground. Fully warm up before the start of the training. Ensure during the training The quality of the action.

  Conclusion: Adhering to strength training can not only make our body better, but also make us healthier, suitable for training for every age group. If we want to get a good figure, we need to exercise more, but we must do it within the range that we can bear. We must not blindly train, and we must pay attention to safety, so as to achieve the goal of scientific fitness.

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  It solves all my past complaints about seasoning bottles and even regular kettles!

  This mini shaker bottle is very convenient. Don’t worry about shaking the ball, the noise is small when shaking. I can put it into pre-exercise or protein powder, which is relatively easy to mix. Put water or milk first, then powder. If this is done, agglomeration will not be a big problem. Hope the lid can be opened directly to 135 degrees instead of 90 degrees.

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  Whether it is personal experience or the experience of skipping the battle happily, most people who have run a lifetime marathon will be familiar with the effect of “hit the wall”. For many people (including myself, sadly), it is the former rather than the latter. Hitting a wall at the end of the marathon may have a catastrophic impact on your overall completion time, which may take some time to restore physical and mental health. In this article, I will discuss the physical and psychological interactions during the critical period of the marathon, and provide some insights on how to prevent this painful experience!

  Central fatigue

  For physiologists, a marathon has always been a fascinating distance, and has long been considered a prime example of extreme sports. The deterioration of the running style at the end of the marathon strongly indicates that the muscle fibers are not optimally absorbed. A classic observation has shown that when the level of muscle glycogen drops to a critical level that requires a corresponding change in the activation strategy, running speed will drop significantly.

  Although the mechanism and causes of peripheral fatigue development have been widely discussed before, people often overlook the role of central fatigue in performance degradation. The increase in the level of serotonin in the brain effectively reduces the body’s ability to protect itself. As a result, the central nervous system is damaged, leading to a voluntary decrease in muscle fiber recruitment.

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  Ross et al. (2007) is a study aimed at understanding the effects of long-distance running on the central nervous system (CNS). The study found that within 20 minutes after the marathon, voluntary muscle activation was significantly reduced, but disappeared after 4 hours, which indicates that the cortical output has changed (Rasmussen et al., 2007).

  Central Governor Theory

  There is evidence that the “central regulation” mechanism of the central nervous system can protect the human body from harm. Professor Timothy Knox of the University of Cape Town is famous for his research on this particular theory. He firmly believes that fatigue can be overcome, not so much a physical event as a feeling.

  It is worth noting that the subjects did not consume any carbohydrates, which ruled out the possibility of carbohydrate metabolism leading to these improvements. This research strengthens Knox’s theory that the brain effectively limits our performance. The question is, can we persuade our “protective” brain to let us move forward? The answer seems to be yes, but the premise is that you have to be mentally prepared to survive the pain!

  So the wall was just pushed down?

  Although it is possible to “climb” to a certain extent, the answer is obviously “no”. There is a reason why the brain has proper protective mechanisms. Although it may have shown that we can extend the limit slightly, these findings do not mean that fatigue will never get better in our body. However, if you find yourself exhausted in the second half of the game, remind yourself that only by preparing for the last ounce of energy and working hard can you squeeze it out. After all, this may be different.