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  Many people who lose weight will encounter some difficulties in the process of losing weight. The biggest difficulty is that they cannot lose weight even if they lose weight. What is going on? In fact, everyone will encounter a weight loss plateau period when it is difficult to lose weight even if you lose weight. Weight stagnation is very common during weight loss, but if the plateau period exceeds one month, it means that there is a problem with your weight loss method. Today, let us look at the common weight loss mistakes, let us lose weight through the correct way to lose weight!

  1. Do not control your diet during exercise

  First, let’s take a look at the most common mistake that dieters make, that is, not controlling their diet during exercise. If we do not deliberately control our diet during exercise, but freely eat a variety of foods, it will easily lead to excessive intake of calories or other substances that cause obesity, which will backfire.

  Speaking of weight loss, exercise cannot be omitted, and exercise is a kind of consumption to the human body, consumption will increase our appetite. Therefore, during exercise, if we are unable to control our diet, we will easily consume more food, thereby absorbing more calories, resulting in more obesity.

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  This is also the reason why many people get more obese during exercise. If the diet is not well managed, our body may become fat instead of thin, and our weight may rise instead of falling. Here I have prepared some noteworthy points for everyone. Doing these small details can help us easily manage our three meals a day.

  (1) Eat as few staple foods as possible, and the carbohydrate intake of each meal needs to be the least

  (2) Insist on protein intake and eat no less than two eggs a day

  (3) Eat less for dinner, don’t eat anything after dinner

  (4) Give yourself a rich and nutritious breakfast every day

  2. Insufficient exercise

  Some people who lose weight do not exercise enough during the weight loss period, which also cannot achieve the effect of fat consumption, so the weight loss effect is naturally not good. I suggest that you ensure your own exercise volume and exercise at least 5 times a week to help you lose weight smoothly. Every exercise requires 5 minutes of warm-up activity, 1 hour of anaerobic and 30 minutes of aerobic. I have found a set of motion pictures combining anaerobic and aerobic exercises for you. Let’s see if it’s difficult, right?

  Action 1: From both ends

  Action 2: Dynamic side lying

  Action 3: hip bridge leg extension

  Action 4: Stand and bend over

  3, choose a messy weight loss method

  Some dieters choose various very unreliable ways to lose weight during their weight loss, such as the tea weight loss method, the banana three-day weight loss method, the 21-day weight loss method, the plastic wrap weight loss method, the apple three-day weight loss method, and the black coffee weight loss method. Law and so on.

  Turning on the Internet will mess up the eyes of the dieter, but most of the weight loss methods are extremely unreliable, and some can be very harmful to the body. Therefore, I suggest that you steadfastly manage your exercise and diet to lose weight, so that we can lose weight smoothly.

  Conclusion: These are three common weight loss mistakes. As long as we avoid these three mistakes, insist on exercising, and manage our diet well, we can definitely lose weight. Losing weight is not a difficult thing, but the difficult thing is persistence all the time. I suggest that everyone stick to weight loss and let yourself have the good body you want.

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  When training for weight gain and muscle development, muscles need protein in all possible absorption opportunities. Since the human body can only take in a limited amount of protein per meal, it is important that the type of protein intake should reflect the needs of the human body. Enter milk protein. When it is necessary to release protein for a long time to enhance the efficacy of whey protein, milk protein has proven to be extremely effective. This makes milk protein an ideal choice for long bedtime and daytime meals. Adding milk protein to your diet strategy will reduce any period when the body begins to break down muscle tissue. Milk protein has a strong anti-catabolic effect and many unique properties, which makes it an important part of any weight gain diet.

  The benefits of milk protein for weight gain

  Many scientific studies have shown that the digestion of milk protein in the body is very slow, reaching a peak in 3-4 hours, and it will be completely absorbed in about 7 hours. This is due to the high content of casein in milk protein. Milk protein is composed of purified components of filtered milk: casein and whey protein, accounting for about 80%-20%.

  One of the main advantages of    milk protein is its natural high glutamine content. Among all available protein types, casein in milk protein contains the highest amount of glutamine. This very useful amino acid can help bodybuilders and those who want to gain weight, help them maintain muscle mass, and help the immune system function. Another significant advantage of milk protein is that it provides sustained release and slow absorption. Because casein is digested in hours instead of minutes (like whey protein), its movement in the digestive tract is much slower. It is believed that the human body can absorb and use protein more efficiently.

  The role of milk protein in weight gain

  In order for the weight gain diet to be effective, we must use every opportunity to deliver protein to the muscles. More and more studies have proven that different protein supplements may be effective, but they should only be used when they are best. Whey protein is often considered the best protein due to its short absorption time. When protein is gradually needed, this property can cause defects in whey protein. Milk protein is not competitive with this ability. Studies have shown that when sleeping at night, the body’s metabolic activity and cell repair levels will be improved. During this period, if there is no protein in the diet, the body’s chances of breaking down muscle protein will increase. This is where milk protein is most effective.

  Milk protein (longer amino acid chain) can ensure the body to repair the continuous available protein flow for up to 7 hours. During the day, you can take advantage of this feature by adding milk protein to snacks between meals. Milk protein is more involved in preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue, rather than increasing protein synthesis. People often ignore the method of stimulating protein synthesis through training and supplementation. This method just wants to increase your body weight by half. If you can effectively reduce any potential catabolic factors, while promoting and stimulating protein synthesis, you will see results.