I have never heard of an electric shaker bottle until a friend showed it to me. I thought it was a good idea, so I bought this project. It is very suitable for mixing protein energy drinks quickly and thoroughly, or even making bulletproof coffee (I don’t have a blender). I would definitely recommend this product.

  I bought this protein shaker for my husband this morning. he likes. The shaker and the powder are perfectly mixed, so there is no lumps, and there is a measurement label on the side, so I know he got the right amount of almond milk. I have fallen many times. It has been washed and is well preserved.

electric shaker bottle

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electric paint shaker machine

  These are the prices of good electric blender bottles, all packaging is intact, before the delivery date. We have used it. They mix well and don’t leak at all: D, I will definitely buy something from this seller again