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  So far, these electric shaker bottles are great. The Shaker Bottle mixer has a net inserted into the top and a stirring ball. If you want, you can choose one or both. If you want to store some protein powder, snacks, or even pre-exercise supplements, the bottom compartment is really good.

  I like the extra compartment on the Shaker Bottle mixer so that I can take my protein and milk to work and add protein to the milk when I want. These shakers are big and the lids are tight, so there is no water leakage! I threw away the Shaker Bottle mixer and now only use these! I definitely recommend!

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  I have no complaints. The price is very high and it is very durable. Even the thickest protein shake will shake live feces, but I just fry it with water and it is very clean.

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  The protein powder for bodybuilding and muscle building has been trusted by fitness and fitness enthusiasts since its birth in the 1980s. In addition, with the overall development of the fitness industry, there are more and more muscle men, and there are not a few muscle men who have used protein powder for a long time, and protein powder has also become famous. Even in the minds of many people, protein powder has been equated with fitness. When it comes to fitness and muscle building, protein powder and muscle building powder are indispensable.

  It can be seen that protein powder seems to have become synonymous with bodybuilding and muscle building. However, many people have expressed doubts about the safety of protein powder. But at the same time, many people are convinced of the “efficacy” of protein powder, and even think that as long as they drink protein powder, they can “automatically build muscle.” Don’t think that the author is joking. Since protein powder was demonized by some netizens, some people really believe that only drinking protein powder can build muscle. And there are people around me who try to drink only protein powder and not exercise. So, what happened to those people who only drank protein powder and didn’t work out?

  1, changes in body

  Whether they drink protein powder for fitness or just drink protein powder for not fitness, without exception, they are all people who try to change their body, with the goal of gaining muscle. Drinking protein powder can increase muscle mass, but for people who only drink protein powder but not fitness, this wish cannot be achieved. After all, protein powder is not “clenbuterol”. The process of muscle growth is like this. You must first lift the iron to damage the muscles, and then add a lot of protein to repair and grow the damaged muscle fibers. Those who only eat protein powder and don’t work out, ignore the most important link-training. Therefore, no matter how much he drinks or how long he drinks, his body will not become the way he yearns for it in the end.

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  The author still remembers a friend from many years ago who wanted to have a muscular figure, but most of the questions he asked the author were about the price and quality of protein powder, and were indifferent to how to train. Because he is a little white and has no previous fitness experience, the author reminded him that it is useless to drink protein powder without training. He said that he knew, but he didn’t believe it. As a result, I could think of it with my fingers, and my wish to gain muscle was lost.

  2. Impact on the body

  If you want to talk about the effects of only eating protein powder without fitness on your body, many people may have to take the kidney as an example. It has always been said that drinking protein powder has an effect on the kidneys. Is it true? In this regard, the author believes that a word must be counterproductive. But for now, there seems to be no clear case of kidney effects caused by high-protein diets. Therefore, for people who only drink protein powder and do not exercise, the question of what their body will become in the future depends on the health of each person. Different people have different effects. In addition, most of their bodies will have several similar reactions, the frequency of their body’s gas emission will increase, and the taste of excrement will be heavier than before eating protein powder.

  3, give up the use of protein powder

  I believe that not many people will go to the dark one by one on the road without any return. The same is true for “fitters” who don’t want to make substantial efforts but just want to take shortcuts. Of course, it is not ruled out that there are people who simply like the taste of protein powder. When I was in school, I had a teacher who loved dairy products. It was fine to drink protein powder as a tea, so that he was just over 1.7 meters tall, but he had two hundred. How much weight. But people’s purpose is to drink taste, not to build muscle. In fact, people who only drink protein powder and don’t work out will gain muscle at the very moment when they first drink it. If they drink it for a few months, they won’t grow muscles. In the end, most people will give up this “shortcut”. After all, protein powder is also not cheap.

  In fact, the relationship between protein powder and fitness is very simple. I don’t know if it’s because of the biased views of some netizens or businesses that make protein powder a common but not simple thing in people’s eyes. Many people are obsessed with muscular body, but are too lazy to train. They just want to take the so-called shortcuts. Some fitness novices even asked the author in a private message, “Where can I take steroids?” It can be seen that there are still many people who don’t know enough about fitness. The author would like to say that there are only two words to gain muscle, training.

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  All things are born as primates, except for men and women in this world, although they are all humans, they seem to be very different. The biggest difference is the physiological difference. Due to the physiological differences, boys and girls have different thinking. Thinking is the most basic basis for guiding a person’s behavior. Different thinking behaviors and the purpose behind the behavior are also very different. So when boys and girls are doing the same thing, it is very likely that they have different goals.

  At a time when everyone is clamoring for national fitness, fitness training has long become an integral part of many people’s lives. The size of the fitness crowd is growing every year. This growth is inseparable from men and women who love fitness. Don’t think that the gym is full of sweaty gents. In fact, female bodybuilders also account for a large part of them. Closer to home, then, what is the difference and difference between the purpose of male fitness and the purpose of female fitness?

  1. Get the difference in positive emotions

  Everyone in life produces negative emotions. These negative emotions come from all aspects of life. It may be work or family. However, negative emotions cannot surround a person at all times. Smart people have ways to vent negative emotions. Fitness training is one of them. Fitness is a way for many boys to release stress. The release of strength through strength training can get rid of mental exhaustion, and thus get emotional relief. It is unavoidable to say that it is a bit bitter and sad.

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  The girls are a little different. Most of their negative emotions are talked to the same sex, or dumped to their spouse. Speaking of it, this is really a clever method of transferring negative emotions, which makes people feel a little embarrassed. Therefore, although girls can get positive emotions while exercising, this is not the purpose of their fitness. To a large extent, fitness training is just their habit.

  2. The difference in self-value enhancement

  Most people want their own value to be higher than others, and this is most obvious in men. Believe it or not, we see that in nature, males are always particularly conspicuous, especially in spring, the male bird with beautiful feathers always gets the priority to choose a mate. Its entity is now a human being. A good figure and strong muscles are obviously also bargaining chips to attract the opposite sex.

  The purpose of many boys’ fitness is self-evident, and to a large extent it is to get more high-quality attention from the opposite sex. Strong muscles and a stalwart figure are the purpose of their fitness. From being thin or fat to becoming a muscular man is a transformation that improves their own value. The purpose of fitness for girls is to improve their figure or maintain their health. Although it is also a manifestation of their own value enhancement, the purpose is not to attract the opposite sex. You must know that there are few boys in China who prefer European and American muscular girls.

  3, satisfy hobbies

  I have to say that fitness deserves several benefits in one fell swoop. People who love fitness must feel it. Not to mention satisfying their hobbies, but also improving their physical fitness, and enjoying the praise and admiration of others in the back. Therefore, regardless of whether men or women, fitness training is their hobby, it is often the same on this point, because fitness brings them the same happiness. In short, fitness training does not distinguish between men and women. Although they have different goals, they are all positive and self-improving.

  Finally, can you reveal what your fitness purpose is?

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  In the previous dry goods article, we just talked about the difficulty of dumbbell press. If you still have an impression, you should remember that we said at the time that the over-the-top action has the longest power chain, and requires higher scapula and core stability. The dumbbell press is typical.

  Many friends may feel that doing dumbbell press is not as difficult as imagined. Amuscle thinks that you must be sitting during inertial training. During the sitting dumbbell press, our back leaning on the back of the chair has already helped us. Takes most of the stability, but what if you change from a sitting position to a standing position?

  You must be able to imagine that it is inevitable that the core cannot control the body to lean back a little, and the weight of the dumbbells will be greatly reduced. It is precisely because the standing posture better manages our core abilities, which greatly tests our shoulder blade stability and improves the strength of the whole body. It is more worthy of being arranged in our plan.

  Of course, today we still start with the advanced action-alternate standing dumbbell press

  Our preferred variant is to let the dumbbells face you at the beginning, and then rotate your palms outwards when you push, which is more in line with the natural range of movement of the shoulder joint and helps reduce the risk of injury.

  In contrast, when most people push dumbbells in a sitting or standing position, their elbows are spread out to the sides. The result of the outward elbow is that the shoulder joint is in an unfavorable position on the mechanical level, which may cause damage to the joint because the shoulder joint is in an external rotation posture.

  Below we will give you a clear explanation of standing dumbbell press, bringing you effective forms of action and common mistakes, so that all friends can safely and effectively complete standing dumbbell press.

  Arnold standing alternately

  1. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height with palms facing the body

  2. Separate your feet, shoulder width apart, fix your knees, and tighten your gluteus maximus

  3. While keeping your back straight, push up the dumbbells and turn the dumbbells with your right hand, slowly turning your palms forward until your arms are fully extended. At this time, your palms should be facing forward and keep your elbows locked.

  4. Slowly lower the weight and return to the starting position, with the palm facing the body at the lowest point

  5. Repeat the action on the other side alternately in the same way

  Action suggestion

  1. When lifting the weight over the top of the head, keep the gluteus maximus and core tightened to prevent the lower back from arching excessively, and keep your chest and shoulders straight

  2. At the highest point of the movement, the body should form a straight line from the foot to the hand being pushed

  3. Look straight ahead, keep your head and neck straight, and avoid bowing your head forward

  4. In the process of restoring, inhale, when you push up the dumbbells, exhale

  common problem

  1. Lean back and arch your lower back

  It is the most common and dangerous posture when doing top press-whether it is a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. If there is not enough shoulder flexibility, or the weight used is too large, you may be able to take advantage of the force to complete the action by excessively bending the lower back.

  This uncoordinated back posture can cause serious injuries, so it is essential to maintain the flexibility of the shoulder joint. Another common problem is “rib valgus”, that is, the core is not in a contracted state.

electric protein mixer

  Ideally, the core should be tightened so that the ribs will be tightened during the press. Keeping the ribs in the lower position during the press is not easy and requires a long time of training.

  2. The arm is not locked

  When you lift the weight above your head, the ideal approach is to lock your arms at the top. The upper arm should be right next to the ear and in a vertical position. This position requires sufficient flexibility in the triceps and shoulders.

  When the arms are fully extended, you can get a short rest at the highest point of the movement, and there should be a straight line passing gravity from the hands to the feet.

  3. Push the weight up by turning sideways

  Training with dumbbells is a good idea because it can help you correct muscle imbalances on the left and right sides of your body. If you find that you are unbalanced, such as the strength of your arms, or the quadratus lumborum or oblique muscles on one side of your body are weaker than the other, it may be difficult for you to keep your body in the correct posture at all times during the action.

  The correct posture is to keep your body upright and stable so that your body will not sway from side to side. When you push up the dumbbells, your body will lean from side to side. Keep your head straight and your gluteus maximus muscles tightened to help prevent your body from shaking.

  I hope here to help you confidently use the correct posture to complete the standing dumbbell press. Mastering this action can help you build a solid strength foundation, which is convenient for you to perform more advanced actions in the future, such as standing barbell strength referrals.

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  Look at the hot spots in the market

  Do you own an Apple Watch? Fitbit? Garmin? Do you often measure your fitness level?

  Are you training at F45? Participate in weekly recurring classes? I like indoor cycling, core training, dance training. Ladder class?

  Do you have a fitness partner who often trains with you? Are you a member of the running club? Do you faithfully follow the fitness application? Have you followed any fitness influencers on Instagram?

  Do you have daily activities? Do you have a training plan made by yourself? Is your training divided into aerobic exercise and weightlifting? Have you heard of the benefits of yoga? Will you train with a personal trainer?

  Are you on a diet and detox? Do you know gut health? Have you tried plant-based? Do you think you will be criticized every time you eat meat?

  If the answer to the above 50% of the questions is “yes”, please don’t worry. Just like the rest of us, you try all the techniques in this book to make it healthy and like to keep up with some of the latest fitness trends.

  Maybe you have tried all the diet under the sun. Maybe you changed your way of exercising? Maybe you are just walking along the beach or running in the morning. Or maybe you just skipped the whole step, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, etc.

  Maybe you have just started. Because what better time to start than now?

  new Year. New chapter. New beginning. The new decade. New Era. No matter what it means to you. This is just the beginning of something new.

  At P92, we are eager to cooperate with you to achieve the best self and live the best life!

  Well, there is no hope, but if you want, we are willing to give it a try. Cut off the BS. We don’t just refer to your typical diet, exercise challenge. We are talking about lifestyle.

  Please continue to pay attention to the P92 lifestyle that we will realize with you.

  You will be able to participate in P92 challenges and competitions, rankings and goals, we will ensure that you can participate! Moreover, we will also provide you with some prizes!

  How many burlap can be hit in 92 seconds?

  Record time 9.2 kilometers?

  92 push-ups?

  sounds like something you can do. Faster. You know you can.

  Do you play games? Let’s get to work.

  So in order to maintain the trend, here are the main fitness trends we will see in 2020. Yes, this is almost more information you already know or will see.

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  According to the ACSM 2019 Global Fitness Trends Annual Survey, the emerging trends we will see in 2020 include [1];

  wearable technology

  HIIT training (high-intensity interval training)

  group training

  free weight training

  Personal training

  Exercise is medicine

  weight training

  Senior Fitness Program

  Health and Health Guidance

  weight loss exercise

  functional physical exercise

  Outdoor sports


  Lifestyle Medicine

  Cycle training workplace health promotion and workplace welfare program

  Achievement measurement

  Children and sports

electric protein shaker bottle

  Recently, Starbucks added a new cup. On the day of the release, people went to the hospital for a cup. So what is this cup?

  The price of this cup has been out of stock on Taobao recently. Not only is the price tens of thousands of dollars, but the point is that it can’t be grabbed at all.

  Although it looks good, it shouldn’t burn your hands, but with such a small capacity, I’m afraid it’s nothing but good-looking!

  Because of this cup, there are still fights? Probably poverty limits my imagination.

  The most important thing is this cup. If you accidentally drop it, I am afraid that you will not eat for a week to show your confession!

  Can this cup allow me to make protein powder? Can I take it with me?

  For friends who often exercise, the protein shaker bottle is my partner to help myself replenish protein during muscle gain.

  Will you really use protein shaker bottle?

  First of all, of course, it is a material problem. After all, it is not glass or ceramic. If you use a poor quality cup, it will be counterproductive. The general protein shaker bottle is made of PP and does not contain BPA.

  Then how to prevent leakage is also a very important question. After all, many people are confident to put the lid on and shake them, and they are spilled by some unknown liquid inside. If it is juice or something, it is more difficult to wash.

  How to use    protein shaker bottle:

  1. Disassemble the shaker to clarify the purpose of each part. Lid, cup body and oscillating steel ball

  2. Take the lid, pour the protein powder into the cup, and pour warm water. Generally, pour 30 grams of protein powder into 200 ml of water (the cup usually has a scale). You can also add skimmed milk to improve the taste.

  3. Put the shaking steel ball into the shaking cup, screw on the lid, shake for 30-60 seconds, so that the protein powder is fully dissolved.

  4. Finally, you can drink it.

  5. There will always be a little residue in the cup every time you drink it. Rinse the residue with clean water and dry it. It is not easy to produce peculiar smell.

  And the working principle of the protein shaker bottle is divided into three layers: thermal conductivity layer, micron phase change material and thermal insulation layer.

  It adjusts faster to 55 degrees, which is suitable for the human body. This is also the reason why the prices of protein shaker bottles on the market are quite different. Would you choose a cup? Which of the two cups do you prefer?

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  Don’t forget that protein powder should be paired with fitness, so let’s do abdominal muscle training!

  curl belly turn


  1. Lie on your back on the cushion, with your legs bent, and your feet on the cushion.

  2. Bend your arms and place your hands on both sides of your head.

  3. Raise the head and thoracic spine first, and then the abdomen is fully exerted.

  4. Then rotate the upper limbs to the left, and then rotate to the right, holding each place for 1 second.

  5. Return to the initial position and stick to the cushion surface.

  A set of 10-15 times, a total of 4-5 sets.


  1. The core must always be tightened.

  2. The lumbar spine is always close to the cushion surface, do not lift up, and do not shake your body.

  lie on your back and raise your leg


  1. Lie on your back on the cushion surface, put your arms straight on both sides of your body, and stabilize your body by pressing your hands on the cushion surface.

  2. Lift both legs and buttocks away from the cushion surface, and bend the legs and thighs close to the abdomen.

  3. Straighten your legs upwards. At this time, the lumbar spine also leaves the cushion surface, and your feet extend upwards as much as possible.

  4. Then the legs fall back to the initial position, and the lumbar spine is close to the cushion surface.

  A set of 10-15 times, a total of 4-5 sets.


  1. The core is important tightening.

  2. Don’t speed too fast, keep your body stable.

  Lie on your back alternately touching your ankles


  1. Lie on your back on the cushion, with your legs bent, and your feet on the cushion.

  2. Raise the head and thoracic spine, with both arms straightened up and placed on both sides of the body.

  3. Stretch the tip of the left hand to the ankle of the left foot, and then swing the body in the opposite direction after touching it, and touch the ankle of the right foot with the right hand.

  A group of 10 times each left and right, a total of 5 groups.


  1. The abdomen is always kept tight, and the head and thoracic spine should not touch the cushion surface.

  2. Complete the action at a constant speed, not too fast.

  Today’s training is complete, be sure to control your diet, a good figure is not far away from you!