is much better than I thought. By taking out the balls, adding the liquid, then adding the powder, and then adding the stainless steel balls, it seems to have the best effect on the protein powder. The electric bottle opener trembled like crazy.

  This is a great protein shaker bottle. I have been using it every day for several months and I have never missed it. The lid is still airtight, and the lid will still work, which is different from some other brands I have tried. It can hold a lot, and it is great when mixing powdered beverages.

  Dutifully. Assuming you fasten the lid, the protein shaker electric will not leak. Sometimes it’s hard to break. I think it was broken, but it was not broken, and no liquid was spilled like this.

electric bottle shaker

  If we insist on exercising, it will be of great help to people. It can effectively improve the physical fitness, and at the same time, it can also lose weight and shape. How to exercise the back muscles, you can exercise the abdomen by wide-grip dumbbell rowing, dumbbell one-arm rowing, push-up rowing and other movements. So, how do men exercise their back muscles at home? Let’s take a look together below!

  dumbbell rowing

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand (palms facing each other). Knee slightly, lean forward, bend over, keep your back straight so that your body is almost parallel to the floor. Tip: Keep your head up and look straight ahead. The arms holding the dumbbells sag naturally, keeping them perpendicular to the ground and body. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep the body fixed, pull the dumbbells to the sides of the body, exhale at the same time, and press the elbows against the body (but the forearms should not be extra strong, just hold the dumbbells). At the highest point of the contraction, tighten the back muscles and hold for 1 second.

  3. Slowly lower the dumbbells to return to the starting position, and inhale at the same time.

  dumbbell one-arm rowing

  1. Choose a suitable fitness chair and place dumbbells on both sides of the fitness chair.

  2. Kneel your right leg on one end of the exercise chair, bend your body from the waist and keep it parallel to the ground, and hold the other end of the chair to support your body with your right hand.

  3. Hold the dumbbell on the left side of the floor with your left hand and keep your lower back straight. The palm faces the body. This is the starting position of the action.

  4. Pull the dumbbells to the side of the chest, the upper arms are close to the body, and the body is fixed. Exhale as you perform this action. Tip: When you reach a fully contracted state, focus on contracting the back muscles. Secondly, pay attention to the strength of the back muscles, not the arm strength. Finally, the upper torso should remain fixed and only allow the arms to move. All the forearms should do is to squeeze the dumbbells so do not use the forearms to pull the dumbbells.

  5. Return the dumbbells to the starting position. Inhale as you do this movement.

  push-up rowing

  1. Place a pair of lighter dumbbells parallel to the front. Straighten your back, bend down and squat, holding dumbbells. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Start the action, push one leg back, then switch to the other leg to make yourself into a push-up position, holding dumbbells as support. Your weight should be distributed between your hands and toes. Do a rowing motion with both arms individually, and raise your elbows as much as possible.

  3. Jump forward with your feet, put down the weight but hold the dumbbells, and stand up. Then raise the dumbbell to shoulder height, palm forward, and jump for the second time. Squat down and stand up vigorously, then lift the dumbbells above your head and let your arms straighten completely.

  4. Lower the dumbbells to shoulder height, bend down and squat, and place the dumbbells on the ground in front. Repeat to the number of repetitions.

  dumbbell deadlift rowing

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand (palms facing each other). With your knees slightly, lean forward and bend your back to straighten your back so that your body is almost parallel to the floor. Tip: Keep your head up and look straight ahead. The arms holding the dumbbells sag naturally, keeping them perpendicular to the ground and body. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep the body fixed, pull the dumbbells to the sides of the body, exhale at the same time, and contract the shoulder blades. During the contraction, tighten the back muscles and hold for 1 second.

  3. Slowly lower the dumbbells to return to the starting position, and inhale at the same time.

  middle back shrugs

  1. Lie on your stomach on the incline fitness bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand. The arms should be fully extended, and naturally sag toward the ground. The palms of your hands are facing each other. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. When exhaling, shrink the shoulder blades on both sides and hold it in the tightened state for one second. Tip: This movement is similar to a reversed hug movement, and it can also be used as a side-raising movement without arms.

  3. It returns to the starting position when inhaling.

Voltrx electric blender bottle

  Among the exercises, the hammer curl is a well-known exercise sport, and regular hammer curls have many benefits to our body, but when doing hammer curls, there are also particular things, such as how to practice. Many people don’t know that hammer curls do not practice biceps. So, is the hammer curl to practice the biceps? How to practice hammer curls? Let’s take a look.

  How to practice hammer curl

  1. Stand upright, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and hang your arms naturally at both sides of your body, elbows against your body, palms facing each other. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep the upper arm fixed, contract the biceps to curl the dumbbell upwards, and exhale at the same time. Until the biceps are contracted to the limit, the dumbbells are at shoulder height.

  3. Stay at the top for a while, feel the contraction of the biceps, then slowly return the dumbbell to the starting position and inhale at the same time.

  Hammer curl motion feel

  1. When bending, the front side of the forearm has a significant contraction and force.

  2. Falling to the lowest point, the whole arm feels tight.

  Common mistakes of hammer curl

  Error: When bending, the body swings back and forth by borrowing force, resulting in poor training effect and waist discomfort.

  Solution: Lower the dumbbell weight; or lean forward slightly.

  Hammer curls or alternating hands

  Both are ok, depending on what you like. The advantage of doing alternately is that you can focus on the movement of the hand, so that you can concentrate more, and of course it will take longer.

massage ball

  When the abdomen wheel does not roll, it may be that the beginner’s muscle strength is not enough to push the abdomen wheel with multiple wheels. It is better to adjust it with two wheels. If it is caused by improper posture and movement, Mainly arch the back and buttocks slightly, and concentrate the core strength on the waist, abdomen and arms.

  When using the abdomen wheel, you must also pay attention to the posture and training intensity. The reason why the abdomen wheel does not move is most likely because there are too many wheels, and the beginner’s own strength is not enough to push it well. It is easy to strain the waist. According to the advice of beginners, it is better to choose 2 wheels.

  When the abdomen wheel cannot be pushed, it may also be caused by unprepared postures and movements. The abdomen disorder mainly relies on arm strength and waist strength. If the hips are not bent or the force is not correct, it will cause pushing. Do not move, arch your hips slightly, tighten your waist and abdomen, and then push back and forth.

  In the process of doing exercises, it is best to pay attention to the posture of the joints and hips, the back should be slightly bent, and the core strength should be concentrated on the waist and abdomen when stretching. Try to move within the range of extension, and pay attention to the speed. It is best to adjust the intensity according to your own needs every day to avoid muscle strain.

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  In training sports, kettlebell swing is a beneficial exercise. Of course, if a person trains for a long time, it is also helpful to people. But many people don’t know what benefits kettlebell swing has for men. It mainly improves exercise efficiency, It helps to do squats and boost explosive power. So, what are the benefits of kettlebell swinging for men? Let’s take a look together below.

  The benefits of kettlebell swing for men

  1. Improve exercise efficiency

  Many men want to exercise themselves through fitness, but not everyone likes to go to the gym to practice. If you exercise at home, you can get a good running effect with the help of a kettlebell that suits you. The kettlebell is small in size and does not require much space. It can be practiced when you want to exercise at home, and the venue is not very demanding. Therefore, for some men who want to exercise themselves, doing some kettlebell swings can also exercise their muscles and improve exercise efficiency.

  2. Helps to do squats

  In the process of fitness, squats are always indispensable. In order to train better lower limb strength, experienced trainers will also do weight-bearing squats. However, squats seem simple, but to do it right and to be standardized, you still need a certain training foundation. Before we have a good grasp of the squat skills, we can do some kettlebell swings to improve the stability of our lower limbs, exercise the leg muscles, and help do squats better.

  3. Increase explosive power

  Explosive power is the perfect embodiment of the trainer’s physical fitness and skills. For men, if they want to improve their explosive power, they need a series of training, including heavy weight training, bounce training, and so on. Compared with other explosive training methods, kettlebell swing is easier to accept, can help us stimulate our potential, and is very suitable for men to exercise. It should be noted that we have to choose a kettlebell that suits our weight.

  How to practice kettlebell swing

  1. Starting posture: stand upright, feet wider than shoulders, hold Huling tightly with both hands or one hand. concentrate

  2. Action essentials: Hold the kettlebell with one hand or both hands, keep the kettlebell between your legs, lean your upper body forward from your hips, and keep your back straight. Swing the kettlebell back, and then use the explosive force to swing the kettlebell forward until it is chest level. Keep your arms straight and stretch your hips, knees, and ankles explosively.

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  In fitness exercises, the abdomen is a good exercise, and it is also a simple and easy exercise. Of course, it is good for us to do the abdomen, but many people don’t know how long the abdomen can exercise the abdominal muscles. Of course Someone still knows. So, how long does it take for a man to exercise his abdominal muscles? Let’s take a look together below.

  How long does it take for the abdominal muscles to develop

  When doing end-abdominal exercises, we have a higher density of time arrangements. Generally, we perform 50 exercises a day, and we can complete it in 3 times a day, with 15-20 exercises in each group. When raising the leg, we hold on for 15 seconds. At this time, we lower the leg and rest for 5 seconds. At this time, we raise the leg again and do the same movement. Every time I insist to complete 15 and then rest. After we finish a set, we can rest for a few minutes, do stretching and other exercises, adjust our state and start again.

  The correct way to hold your belly

  Lie flat on the yoga mat, let our body relax naturally. At this time, we use the waist and abdomen to exert force, so that one of our legs is lifted up, almost forming a 45-degree angle with the ground. At this time, we lift the other leg up again, keeping both feet stretched. Straight state. Continue to this action for 15 seconds, and then we put down our legs to rest. Restart the action.

  What’s the effect of the abdomen?

  1. Exercise abdominal muscles

  The biggest advantage of the abdomen exercise is that it can effectively exercise our abdominal muscles. When doing this exercise, because our legs and back need to be lifted off the ground, we need our abdominal strength to support the body. Get up, so that we can effectively exercise our abdominal muscles, which can make the abdominal muscles stronger, which can reduce the excess fat on the abdomen and make the body more perfect.

  2. Exercise the legs

  When doing this action, our legs always lift up. In this way, when doing exercises, there is an effect of exercising the legs. When doing this action, our legs need to persist in doing this action, so it can effectively make the leg muscles more perfect, and at the same time, it can make the leg muscles more compact, which can effectively eliminate the leg muscles. edema.

protein shaker

  You can’t ask for a better milkshake. There are many kinds, but to be honest, this electric shaker bottle is really the best and most effective. Easy to use, no need to spend a lot of parts to clean. If you use this mixing bottle to mix protein powder, be sure to clean the electric shaker as soon as possible. If you leave the protein shake in the bottle for a long time (anything longer than 2 days), you will quickly notice an odor in the bottle. If this happens to you, it is difficult to get rid of the smell.

  My suggestion is to try to get rid of the peculiar smell, use boiling water repeatedly, and wash thoroughly. Believe me, after you finish drinking the protein milkshake, you can save trouble, and wash the shaker electric as soon as possible.

  The protein shaker itself is very durable, you may be a bit rough. Blender bottle electric I have thrown it many times and it has a very good structure. I have thrown the bottle in the dishwasher and it looks good, but it might be easier to clean it myself. It really won’t take long to clean up.

  I really use this electric shaker bottle every day. You get what you pay for. It never leaks and is easy to clean. I can also throw it out and carry it with me all day. everything will be fine. The electric blender bottle is a good choice, especially if you are mixing things or you are a frequent visitor to the gym.

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  Long-term practice of supine leg lifts can bring a lot of benefits to the body, but whether it is supine leg lifts or other exercises, there are some particulars, so we need to be aware of supine leg lifts before practicing supine leg lifts Some particulars about raising the legs, such as how many are appropriate. How many leg lifts per day is appropriate?

  How many times a day do you lie on your back and raise your legs?

  1. See experience

  How many do supine leg lifts a day depends on personal experience. If you are exposed to this exercise at the beginning and you don’t have too much experience, then do fifteen in a group and four in a day. If you are used to it, Do it every day, so you can increase the training intensity appropriately. One group can do 20, and the number can be increased to five groups, but if the body feels unwell, you must stop in time and don’t hold it hard. This is not good for your body. Yes, it also goes against the original intention of fitness.

  2. See physical strength

  The number of supine leg lifts per day is also related to the individual’s physical strength. If a person’s strength is better, then you can do 20 in a group and do five sets a day. If the physical strength is average, do fifteen in a group, one day. Do four sets. If you have poor physical strength and don’t have the habit of exercising, you can do less. Do ten sets in one set and three sets a day. The most important thing is not to make your body feel particularly uncomfortable, or you can do it every other day instead of doing it every day. Being comfortable is the most important thing.

  3. Check your health

  How many leg raises do on your back is also related to your personal health, because it is mainly an exercise of the psoas muscle, so if there is a problem with the waist, such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, etc., It’s best not to do the exercises like lying on the back, if you are healthy and there is no problem, you can start with a set of fifteen and four sets a day. Again, health is the most important thing.

  The standard movement of lying on the back and raising the leg

  1. Lie flat on the mat, fix the head and upper body on the mat, and straighten your legs together. If you can bend slightly at the beginning of the training, the difficulty will be reduced. Straighten your arms and place your palms down on the ground.

  2. During the process, then take a deep breath, and when you exhale, lift your lower abdomen forcefully and lift your legs. Stopped vertically to the ground, then took a deep breath and fell, falling to the distance of two punches with both legs off the ground, and then lifted up again.

  3. The number of exercises and the number of groups can be adjusted according to the level of the abdominal muscles each time, at least 20 times, after a certain level, gradually increase the number of times to reach 30-40 times per group, the best effect. Do 3-4 sets for each practice.

shaker bottle electric

  Nowadays, many people like to exercise, and if you exercise regularly, it is helpful to people. When exercising, it is important to choose the right exercise. For example, some exercises are strength exercises, and some are fat loss exercises. movement. What are the best power sports? If you want to know, you can take a look.

  dumbbell fly

  Doing dumbbell flying is also a very good way to exercise our core strength. Then this exercise mainly exercises our arm strength. The action is also relatively simple, that is, we lift a dumbbell in each hand, and then lift the dumbbell to both sides of the body. Just like a flying bird. The muscles that this exercise exercises are mainly our triceps.

  push ups

  Push-ups are a common exercise in our daily lives, but they are a very good way to exercise strength. Generally speaking, what we are more familiar with is the standard push-ups. The more difficult ones can be jump push-ups or one-handed push-ups. These movements mainly exercise our triceps and our arm strength.


  Pull-ups are an indispensable movement for training chest muscles and back muscles. This movement requires our core strength to support, so the movement is not so easy to complete. First of all, we need to use a horizontal bar or a double pole to complete it. Secondly, when we are doing this exercise, if we want to exercise our chest, we should try our best to use the chest muscles, and if we want to exercise the back, we’d better use the back.

  plank support

  Plank support is an indispensable movement for exercising core strength. This movement not only requires us to use arm strength and chest strength to prop up our upper body, but also waist strength and leg strength to ensure that the lower body is also parallel to the ground. Therefore, this action is a very comprehensive action, so a group usually persists between 30 to 50 seconds.


  Sit-ups are one of the most basic exercises in our daily lives. First, we lie flat on a yoga mat to let our body relax naturally. At this time, bend our knees and place our arms on both sides of our head. Use waist and abdomen strength to allow our upper body to leave the ground and our chin to touch the knee position. At this time, we relax the body, let the body lie down, and start exercising again. Complete three groups at a time and each group performs 30.

  belly roll

  The preparation exercises for abdominal curling are similar to sit-ups. First, you lie flat on a yoga mat and bend your knees to prepare. At this time, use the waist and abdomen strength to allow your upper body to lift off the ground and naturally raise your arms forward. When our chin touches the knee, we lie down flat, but we must pay attention to the waist not touching the ground. We always need to use the abdominal force to get the waist off the ground and start exercising again.

milk water bottle

  I can stir protein shakes without touching the electric shaker bottle, they become very smooth. It only takes a few seconds at most, and the protein shaker electric is very easy to clean, and the structure/material/design are incredible. I didn’t let it go, and it didn’t overflow. I also like to make iced coffee in it.

  This is very important for my physical work, because eating a good lunch will slow me down and make me feel tired-so I can get rid of it. The calorie content is the same, but I stay energized during the 12-hour shift.