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  In the fitness exercises, some exercises are more difficult, and some exercises are more difficult. Among them, the human body flag is a very difficult exercise. If you want to practice the adult body flag, you need some training methods, but many people don’t know. The training method of the human body banner. So, what is the zero-based human flag training method? Let’s take a look.

  Zero basic human body flag training method

  1. Slow horizontal bar and double moment arms

  This action requires us to use double moment arms. In fact, this action is also an upgraded version of pull-ups. The movement has a certain degree of difficulty. We need to use pull-ups to raise our body to the bar and then prop up our arms. Try to make our whole body upward.

  2. Front level

  This action requires us to use single parallel bars to complete, and the requirements for the core muscles of the upper limbs are very high. It is difficult for a friend who does not usually train to do this action. This action requires us to use the strength of our arms to support our entire body, make our body parallel to the ground, and then begin to move forward.

  3. Russian Stand Up

  This movement is composed of ordinary push-ups, gymnastics and acrobatics, so it is a very comprehensive exercise. The degree of difficulty is very high, but if it can be done, then making a human body banner is not a problem.

  4. One-handed pull-ups

  Pull-ups are not easy by themselves, so the difficulty factor of doing pull-ups with one hand will increase several times. This action is similar to pull-ups, but it is done with one hand.

  5. Pull-ups with both hands

  If the difficulty factor of one-handed pull-ups is too great, we can start with two-handed pull-ups. This movement can be regarded as the basic skill of the human body and can effectively help us exercise our back muscles and our arm muscles.

  Misunderstanding of human flag action

  1. Did you hold your chest when you did the action? If you hold the chest, the back muscles will not be able to exert strength, so it is naturally difficult to complete.

  2. Is the waist straight? If the waist is not straight, it will be difficult to stabilize the core, and naturally it cannot be completed.

  3. Is the grip distance between the hands too narrow? At the beginning, the grip distance can be as wide as possible.

  4. Do you kick the ground high enough? At least let your thighs be higher than your waist.

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  We like the protein shaker blender that makes protein shakes on the road. They work very well. We have about six. This size is quite large. I like the one size smaller, but my husband uses this size. The electric spray bottle is safe and easy to clean. Just separate the metal balls, and the spiral design can entangle them. It can only be separated by rotating slowly.

  The electric protein shaker has been used for a year, and the top cover is broken. We kept the bottle and the metal ball because we have others. Sometimes my husband will grab the lid from my small lid (the same size lid) and use it with his large lid.

  The electric shaker is very easy to use. I go to every gym to drink. After drinking a few times, protein is a bit difficult to clean, but in general it is the best bottle I have bought for a long time.

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  If a person trains his body for a long time, it can bring a lot of benefits. In training sports, there are many sports, but training sports are also particular, and some movements are the best for women, and some are the best for men. What are the names of female fitness exercises?

  1. Pull-ups

  Pull-ups, pull-ups require men to have a certain degree of grip strength, upper limb strength and shoulder strap strength. This strength must be able to overcome their own weight to complete it once. Pull-ups play an important role in the development of upper limb dangling strength, shoulder strap strength and grip strength.

  2. Squat

  Squat is no stranger to everyone. This is the main exercise for people’s leg strength and waist strength. Although the movements are simple, they also need everyone to be able to persevere. Moreover, if you do squats, you usually need to have more than 50 in a group to be effective.

  3. Plank support

  Plank support is also called four-point support. This action is suitable for men and women, because the action is very safe, even at home, as long as you have a yoga mat. The plank exercises the strength of the whole body, whether it is arm strength, abdominal muscles, and leg strength, it can be well exercised. So in order to balance the power of the whole body, choosing to do plank support is a very good way.

  4. Push-ups

  Doing push-ups can be regarded as a very classic fitness exercise, and this can exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially the arm muscles. Standard push-ups are also common in our lives. I believe everyone is familiar with it.

  5. Sit-ups

  sit-ups have always been highly respected by female fitness enthusiasts. Because the sit-ups are simple and do not require external conditions, and there are no requirements for the place of origin, it is still a very safe exercise. Therefore, more and more female fitness enthusiasts insist on doing sit-ups every day, which is also a very good way to exercise abdominal muscles.

  6. ​​Sky bike

  Aerial bike movement is a relatively simple and basic movement, but the exercise effect is very good. At the beginning, we lay flat on the yoga mat, let our body relax, and put our arms on both sides of the body and straighten it out. At this time, we lifted our legs up and began to perform aerial biking in the air, just like biking on a flat road. Each time you complete 60 pieces as a group, you can complete 5 groups of actions at one time.

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  When my 12-year-old son wanted this Christmas, I was suspicious, but he couldn’t be more excited. After breakfast, he was faltering, he decided to bring an electric shaker bottle. He said he likes it because it is his own personal cup and he won’t change anything. It is easy to clean, and I haven’t found any scum. If he wants to, I will definitely change this project.

  Pour out the liquid first. Second, add your protein powder. Third, hold it firmly (be sure to press the top of the hole firmly until you hear a click). The fourth shake. If you operate in this order, there will be no hard blocks at all. Fifth, wash immediately with cold water and a few drops of detergent. If you forget to dirty the electric shaker for a day or two, when you finally turn on the vacuum cleaner, it will smell like rotten eggs.