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  I really like all the bottle electrics I treat myself, and I bought two new bottles. I got my first one about six years ago. It’s still pretty. This product is very durable. I have put the mixed bottle filled with liquid on it and there is no leakage of any liquid. I like these. My only complaint is protein shakes shaker. I want more color choices.

  Finally, you don’t have to take out the blender every time you want to stir the protein powder! When I ordered this, I was a little skeptical, but I was desperate and I was really touched. I use Vega protein powder mixed with water. This little invention blends it perfectly. This is not a protein bottle shaker, but it makes my protein drinkable.

  I also have another company’s electric shakers, but I keep leaking and I can’t shake the drink to the consistency I want. But this electric bottle shaker is very durable. Unlike my other one, I can actually drink water with it. Worth a try!

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  Lunge squat is a simple and famous exercise, and it is also a very effective exercise. Frequent lunge squats have many benefits, such as exercising leg muscles, strengthening balance, etc. Of course, in addition to these, it is still There are many benefits. So, what are the benefits of lunge squatting for men? Let’s take a look at the benefits of lunge squatting!

  1. Exercise leg muscles

  In most of the natural movements of the human body, such as running, climbing, carrying, etc., these need to rely on the lower limbs as the leading role. In life, we need to rely on the lower limbs to do a lot of activities. Regular lunge squatting can help exercise the muscles of the legs. It can protect the legs more favorably, especially the knee joints and other important parts, so the benefits of lunge squatting are very obvious. At the same time, lunge squats can also help thin legs and stretch, sticking to it can make the legs more slender.

  2. Strengthen balance

  We know that lunge squats are actually performed unilaterally. By insisting on training lunge squats, it can help train the balance of the body, and this can also prevent injuries due to loss of balance in daily activities. Especially for some people who need to stand on one side or exercise on one side from time to time, regular practice lunge squats can increase the balance of the body. Even long-term one side standing can maintain the balance well over time.

  3. Improve hip muscle line

  Many people cannot achieve perfect hip lines no matter how they train. The advantage of lunge squats is that if lunge squats are performed correctly, the hip flexors can be tightened continuously during the exercises and the hip lines become more perfect.

  4. Improve sports safety

  Most natural movements of the body, such as carrying, running, climbing, etc., are dominated by the lower limbs. The most commonly used muscles for climbing are the muscles of the legs. If the muscles of the legs are not strong, the muscles and legs are likely to be weak when climbing mountains. If you barely walk, it is easy to injure the knee joints, and lose balance and fall and other injuries. So when doing lower limb exercises, it is best to exercise the leg muscles first, so as to be safer and improve your athletic ability!

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  When we do fitness, there are some fitness exercises that are not easy to practice and need to do some basic skills to practice. Among them, the human body banner is a more difficult fitness exercise. How to practice the human body banner can be carried out by hanging legs and guiding The body is propped up and other methods. So, how can the human flag be quickly practiced? Let’s take a look together below!

  How to practice human flag

  1. Hanging leg lift

  The exercise of hanging legs to exercise the abdomen can also exercise the grip strength. This has a good exercise effect for people with weak abdominal muscles, heavier body, and weaker grip strength. When doing this action, in order to achieve the best results, you need to raise your legs to ninety degrees and bring your knees closer to your upper body, so that the lower body will appear a pelvic backwards movement, which enhances the stimulation of the abdominal muscles!

  2. Pull-ups to prop up

  When you get up, you need to press the shoulder blades down, which allows the trainer’s shoulder and back muscles to actively participate in the pull-up force, and exercise the shoulder and back muscles that are the main force of the human body. The gravitational upward support is because the full-course exercise can stimulate the target muscle more than the half-course exercise, while maintaining good joint mobility and activating more muscles.

  3. Narrow push-ups

  Narrow-distance push-ups are movements in which the triceps muscles are more powerful but the chest muscles are less powerful. On the basis of push-ups, shorten the distance between the hands so that the distance between the hands on the ground is narrower than the shoulders, and the upper arms are close to the body when the arms are bent at the elbows.

  4. Plank support

  Plank support is a static core strength exercise. It mainly enhances core strength, stimulates many muscle groups, and also develops muscular endurance.

  5. Arm flexion and extension

  This movement of arm flexion and extension can be practiced to the lower part of the arm triceps and chest muscles. Hold the bars with both hands and support the parallel bars with your arms. Keep your body upright. After bending your knees, your calves overlap the ankle joints of your feet. Slowly bend the elbow joint, while the shoulder joint stretches and flexes, so that the body gradually descends to the lowest position. In the process of devolving, the speed should be slow and as low as possible to keep the body from shaking randomly.

  Misunderstanding of human flag action

  1. Did you hold your chest when you did the action? It is difficult to exert strength if the back muscles contain the chest, and it is naturally difficult to complete.

  2. Is the waist straight? If the waist is not straight, the core will be difficult to stabilize, and naturally it will not be possible to complete.

  3. Is the grip distance between hands too narrow? At the beginning, you can relax the grip as much as possible.

  4. Is the kick high enough? At least let the thighs be higher than the waist.

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  I have bought these bottle electrics for many years, because they are really the best. I bought three this time, and there was one protein before and after exercise. They mix well. My drink powder has no grit at all. The protein shaker is easy to clean and touch.

  Protein shaker electric is easy to clean and very suitable for breaking down protein powder. It has been several weeks now, and I have no problems with the smell or fungus accumulation in the rubber ring.

  What a protein shaker! Excellent mixing, leak-proof, all parts can be washed in the dishwasher! I definitely recommend any mixed drink to anyone! Easy to use.

electric blender bottle

  I bought this shaker electric for my boyfriend’s birthday. He loves it! It’s super easy to clean. It is large and of good quality. The lid is a bit difficult to open, but it means it won’t leak! Highly recommended

  I don’t have a shaker bottle electric with a metal ball. No need to drink a large protein shake now! I am about to order another one as a backup. I like cyan

  This unit behaves like a champion. I use milk powder to make protein shakes. The electric shaker bottle can mix protein powder and milk very well to make a delicious milkshake. I highly recommend this electric blender bottle.

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  In fitness exercises, supine leg lifts are a well-known exercise. Of course, if a person often does supine leg lifts, it will have a lot of benefits to the body, but supine leg lifts are also exquisite, but many people don’t know it. What are the benefits of raising your legs? So, what are the benefits of regular practice of lying on your back? Let’s learn about the benefits of lying on your back.

  The benefits of lying on your back

  1. Promote liver detoxification

  Often doing supine leg lifting can detoxify our liver, because in the process of elevated legs, the blood will flow back quickly, and after the back flow, it will be retained in the liver and kidneys, then detoxification and detoxification will be performed again, so not only It can only increase our metabolism in the process of doing this exercise, and it can also help the blood detoxify again. The benefits to the body are naturally obvious.

  2. Stabilize blood pressure

  The exercise of raising the leg on the back can also be regarded as raising the foot, and when we are raising the foot. Because Dantian training breathing can effectively reduce the burden on the abdomen, so that the dirty air in our chest can be discharged. It is of great benefit to alleviating the depression of the heart and chest and the lower mood. After the mental health pressure is reduced, the blood pressure will be more stable. Therefore, it is more recommended for people with unstable blood pressure or high blood pressure to do this exercise.

  3. Unblocked blood

  When doing supine leg lifts, the belly button will actually help us to pass the qi and blood unimpeded, and will expand the pores, so that the skin metabolism will be faster.

  4. Helps sleep

  If you often do supine leg lifts, put your legs on the wall. Leaning can also let your body relax deeply. At this time, if you can cooperate with slow and regular breathing, and breathing more evenly, it can help everyone solve the problem of insomnia. Moreover, after doing this exercise more exhausted, sleep will be heavier.

  The correct way to lie on your back

  1. Start lying down on a fitness blanket, face up, elbows to the outside and bend, hands under the head.

  2. Slowly move your legs upwards, keeping the abdominal muscles tight, making sure that the legs and abdomen are as tight as possible.

  3. When the legs stand upright in the air, slowly begin to lower them, and then return to the starting position to complete once.

  How many do you do on your back?

  Lie on your back can make everyone lose weight, so this exercise is actually considered to be a good exercise in terms of the intensity of exercise. We can’t do too much training every day. Of course, it’s about 100 at most. , These 100 are not coherent, and can be grouped reasonably. The specific grouping depends on everyone’s physical fitness. People with better health can be divided into three groups, each with more than 30 beats, and those with poorer physical fitness can be divided into five groups, each with 20 beats.

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  When we exercise, we are very particular about suitable movements, etc. Therefore, before exercise, it is very important to choose the right movements, because the exercise position of each movement is different. Then how to exercise the forearm muscles, you can choose barbell gripping, kneeling forearm stretching and other actions. So, how should the forearm muscles be exercised in the gym? Take a look.

  barbell grip

  1. Grasp the two wide-frame barbell plates with their smooth surfaces facing the outside.

  2. Use your fingers to grasp the outer side of the barbell plate, and your thumb to grasp the other side, so as to grab them at the same time. This is the starting position of the action.

  3. Use your fingers and thumb to squeeze the barbell together. Maintain this position as long as possible.

  4. Repeat the action to the recommended number of repetitions.

  5. Switch arms and repeat the above actions.

  kneeling position forearm stretch

  1. Kneel on the mat, spread your palms on the flat ground, and point your fingers back toward your knees.

  2. Lean back slowly, keeping your palms flat on the ground, when your wrists and forearms are stretched. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

  Seated dumbbells, reverse handshake, wrist curl

  1. Sit on a flat bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Fix your feet on the ground, slightly wider than your shoulders. Lean your upper body forward, place your forearm on the same thigh, with your palms up, the back of your wrists against your knees, and lower the dumbbells as much as possible. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Contract the forearm, curl the dumbbell upward with the wrist, and exhale at the same time. Until the forearm is retracted to the limit, the dumbbell is raised to the highest point.

  3. Stay at the top for a while, feel the contraction of the forearm muscles, then put the dumbbells back to the starting position and inhale at the same time.

  upright kettlebell high turn

  1. Hold a kettlebell, stand upright with the kettlebell hanging on one side of the body, this is the starting position of the action.

  2. Then swing the kettlebell back vigorously, and then swing it forward to lift the kettlebell to the shoulder position, with the arm bent at 90 degrees.

  3. After a slight pause at the top, lower the kettlebell and swing it backwards, and repeat the above actions.

  finger curl

  1. Hold the barbell with both hands, palms facing up; the distance between the hands should be shoulder-width apart.

  2. Put your feet on the ground, and the distance between your feet is slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. This is the starting position of the action.

  3. Stretch your fingers as much as possible. Allow the barbell to slide away from the palm, so that the last joint of the fingers grasps the barbell.

  4. Curl the barbell as high as possible and exhale. The peak shrinks for one second.