protein shaker

  The size of the protein shaker is good. The carrying hook is quite fragile, and the top cannot rotate freely, only half. nothing. Although, I believe the design of this gym water bottle will be 100% leak-proof!

  Large capacity allows proper mixing when shaking-no lumps. Perfect before and after exercise and protein shakes. The lid is great and it is always closed.

shaker bottles

  Tired of always inflating my 20-ounce shakers, I doubled them. Tested with 50-50 casein and protein isolate, it is smooth without any lumps or solidified casein bubbles. It will be very useful for most people’s long-term physical exercises. I am going to play in the gym for 2 to 3 hours a day, throwing ice cubes on this thing. It feels firm, check for leaks when shaking (fill up to the top and shake violently, turn the blender bottles upside down). No leaks, everything is normal.

shaker bottles for protein mixes

  The size of the   voltrx protein shaker is good. The hook that you carry with you is fragile, and the top cannot be rotated freely, but can only be rotated halfway. It’s ok. Although, I do believe that if the hook and the drinking cap are separated, the design of this blender bottles will definitely be improved.

voltrx electric shaker bottle

  So far, I have always liked this product. I find that it is safer and more reliable than the standard protein shaker bottle. I only have one loophole because I threw blender bottles into the bag without adding subtitles.

  I really appreciate the capacity of this blender bottles, but I still put it in the cup holder that I hate. Generally speaking, my family and colleagues will soon ask them where they can upgrade their blender bottles.

shaker bottles

  Finally I ordered another one my mom kept stealing from me. At first I thought it would be annoying to have a screw cap, but in the end I fell in love with it, that is, there is no risk of accidentally opening it when shaking. Similarly, just like the sports design BC, it is easy to grasp the contoured rubber grip. The grip does conceal the measurement mark between 10-17 ounces. It also fits my cup holder.

  This is the sexiest glass shaker bottle I have ever used! I ordered the white one. It is pure white. Match white products. The clip in the middle is very clever, just like I can fly with a shake! The top is completely peeled off and washed, there are no spots, and it stinks. quality. Additional purchases will be made.