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  Release of our thoracic muscles by the back massager

  The pectoralis muscle group is located under the skin in front of our chest and is relatively shallow. It is composed of two main muscles: the pectoralis major in a more superficial position and the pectoralis minor, which is located in a deeper layer. The pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles they work together to complete the movement to be completed, and then allow our shoulder joints and scapulae to complete some movement. In daily life, for example, I may be a white-collar worker, my daily work is to work with my arms in front of my body, I need to use some electronic devices, and the long-term past movement of the arms on the front side of the body will cause a part of the body to shorten the pectoralis major muscle. The whole person looks like there are some symptoms of chest. And if as a fitness trainer, we go to train the chest muscle group for a long time, it will also cause the shortening of the chest muscle group. So whether it’s for the general public or the fitness crowd, it’s vital for the whole chest to be loose and tight.

  Let’s first get to know our pectoralis major muscle, which is a fan-shaped flat muscle. Its starting point is located in the inner two-thirds of our clavicle, and there are some attachment points to the front of our chest where the sternum is located and below the abdominal muscles. In other words, the pectoralis major muscle has three simple attachment points: the clavicle attachment point, the sternum attachment point and our abdominal attachment point. The muscle fibers of these attachment points grow obliquely to the outside, ending most at the outside of the shoulder. So, we know where the pectoralis major muscle is located and where the simple muscle fibers go. The above muscle fibers are oblique to the outside, the middle bundle muscle fibers are horizontal to the outside, and the lower bundle muscle fibers grow oblique to the outside, so when we use the fascial gun, we need to follow the muscle fibers to let the fascial gun complete a certain relaxation.

  Above is the relaxation of the pectoralis major muscle using the fascial gun, while the pectoralis minor muscle is located deep in the pectoralis major muscle. If we want to prioritize the release of the pectoralis minor then one thing you have to do is the release of the pectoralis major. After loosening the pectoralis major muscle to a good state, we can really transfer the force of the fascia gun through the pectoralis major muscle to our pectoralis minor muscle.

  The pectoralis minor muscle originates from our third, fourth and fifth ribs, which means that the pectoralis minor muscle is located in our third, fourth and fifth ribs. Its stopping point is where our scapulae protrude. The tightness of the pectoralis minor muscle will pull our scapula forward, and the whole person will look like a kind of button shoulder and round shoulder phenomenon. So when we loosen the pectoralis minor and pectoralis major muscles, the whole problem of chest will be well improved.


  Nowadays, more and more young people pay attention to body management, hoping to quickly slim body shaping in a short period of time, of which, many people will use drugs, equipment, muscle massage gun is one of them!

  The fascia gun products are varied, expensive to thousands of dollars, as low as tens of dollars, fascia gun really so “God”?

  How does the myofascial gun work?

  Fascia belongs to the accessory tissue of the muscle, is a layer of connective tissue throughout the body, wrapped around the muscles, muscle groups, blood vessels, nerves, according to the level is divided into shallow fascia, deep fascia. The deep fascia of the extremities is deep between the muscles and the bone, which acts as a buffer to prevent friction during muscle contraction. Fascial gun uses a special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head”, which acts on the deep muscle and soft tissue through rapid and continuous mechanical vibration, effectively relieving tissue adhesions and overexcitation, and rapidly decomposing inflammatory products, thus achieving the effect of promoting metabolism and improving tissue environment.

  The earliest myofascial gun was used to relax sore muscles after exercise, in the NBA live screen, often see players off the court in the rest, immediately use the myofascial gun for relaxation and muscle protection. But now there are many people will fascia gun as a slimming tool, some users say that through the fascia gun to soothe the calf muscles, you can obviously see the muscles are relaxed, the legs have become slender, leg circumference reduced. In fact, the fascia gun can not eliminate fat, can not enhance muscle strength, and can not stretch muscle tendons and other soft tissue, so it does not play a role in shaping.

  ● But people who love fitness sports can use the fascia gun to quickly impact the muscle groups they want to exercise before exercise to increase local muscle blood flow and help achieve a quick warm-up effect.

  ● Using a fascia gun during exercise allows fatigued muscles to be reactivated.

  After exercise, the leg massager can help to metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension to relieve fatigue.

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  In recent years, home sports and fitness have become more and more popular. Some sports equipment manufacturers have introduced sports and soothing equipment suitable for personal exercise and storage. They can exercise moderately and massage muscles at home to help improve their immunity without being forced. Interrupt movement planning.

  The brand FitWell, founded in 2009 by a couple who loves sports, has a variety of designs, including a flywheel exercise bike, three-chain all-round machine, squat training machine, relaxing curve machine and other home sports equipment. Many netizens who like to exercise at home have been praised online, and they have also been successfully sold to overseas markets such as South Korea. The VOLTRX handheld head massager, a soothing equipment used for post-exercise calming massage and relaxing specific muscle groups, also acts as a good helper for home fitness. Because it weighs no more than one kilogram, the operation is very simple, and the metal light shell is quite fashionable, especially Loved by fitness groups and women.

  The head massager can help the muscles to do deep massage, and it is easy to use. Especially after different sports situations, the head massager can be used with different shapes of massage heads to relieve the swelling and tightness of the muscles of various parts of the body. For example, the big round ball is mainly used for Large muscle groups such as arms and legs; bullets are especially aimed at relaxing deep fascia tissues, etc., so that it can replace all kinds of massage appliances, and it is one of the most heated home sports equipment in the sports industry in the past year.

  In fact, the function of head massager is not limited to use only after exercise. The industry said that office workers who sit or stand for a long time, and housewives with busy housework can also use head massager to massage their shoulders and necks to relieve work fatigue. Even for outdoor activities, overseas travel, or business trips, if you put the head massager in the exclusive storage box, it can be easily carried without taking up too much space. It is very suitable for the whole family to use.

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  Speaking of the popular and recommended features of VOLTRX handheld massager, mainly because of its unique “7” shape design, it is effortless to use, and it can massage the back that is usually difficult to touch without the help of others. And hips. In addition, there is a five-stage intensity frequency conversion design, which is convenient for users to adjust according to their own needs. When adjusted to a high speed, there is almost no noise and will not disturb others. Even if it is inconvenient to go out to massage during the epidemic prevention period, you can use it at home. .

  There are many head massagers on the market. The industry pointed out that when choosing a head massager, pay special attention to whether the equipment is too bulky, whether the grip is ergonomic, and whether it will cause hand numbness after a long time, otherwise it will not solve the muscles. Soreness may also cause physical injury. In addition, the bearings and connecting rods of some head massager structures have not undergone finishing treatment. As long as the head massager vibrates at a high speed, it will make annoying noises and the equipment is also easy to wear.

  Moderate exercise can help improve one’s immune system. Even if you are afraid to go to the gym because you are worried about the risk of infection in a confined space, you can’t stop your good exercise and fitness habits. Home fitness and home massage are on the rise.

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  Recently, the concept of massage gun has become popular in the sports world. More and more people know that to stretch, relax and strengthen the massage gun can not only prevent sports injuries, but also improve sports performance. However, the elderly actually need maintenance and activation of the massage gun. However, older people have to be more careful about stretching and relaxing the fascia than younger people!

  In the past few years, everyone has learned more and more about massage gun, and gradually everyone has established a correct concept. In the past, it was thought that massage gun only needs to be stretched. Later, the concept of massage was added. Finally, if the intensive training of massage gun is added, In particular, it focuses on improving the elasticity of the fascia. If these three aspects can be done well, the massage gun can maintain health.

  However, in fact, there is still another problem with massage guns, which is aging. If you have never done maintenance and training for massage guns before, then massage guns will gradually become less and less flexible over time and become more and more prone to injury and inflammation, so Many elderly people who have problems with massage guns come to see a doctor, and they often say: I do the same thing. I used to have no pain or inflammation. In fact, the problem is that the action is the same, but your massage gun has already aged and has become brittle and weak. Therefore, for the silver-haired family, activation and relaxation of massage gun is a very important topic, so let us look at the problem of massage gun from the perspective of the silver-haired family!

  A common problem of the fascia of the elderly is the deterioration of elasticity. Possible reasons include: lack of stretching or exercise, which causes the fascia to become shorter and tighter. It may also be due to insufficient water supplementation, which leads to dehydration of the fascia. Many diseases in clinic are caused by the brittleness and hardening of massage gun, and the more common problems are as follows:

  Plantar fasciitis: The muscle fascia on the back of the calf connects to the Achilles tendon, and then bypasses the heel to become the plantar fascia extending to the toes. If there is no special extension of the massage gun from the calf to the sole of the foot, then the sole of the foot The fascia will become tighter and tighter, eventually leading to inflammation

  Stiff neck and back pain: As long as a certain part of the massage gun from the back of the head, neck and buttocks to the back of the lower limbs is too tight, it may cause stiffness and pain in the shoulders and necks. Even the long bone spurs of the spine often follow these fascias. The problems coexist or cause each other.

  Tennis elbow: Excessive use of the muscles on the front of the arm or too tight fascia will increase the tension of the tendons on the front of the arm, causing inflammation at the junction of the tendon and the elbow bone. This is called tennis elbow.

  Massage gunitis around the knee joint: The knee joint is often the joint that is most likely to degenerate in the elderly, because the degeneration of the knee joint leads to chronic inflammation, and the inflammation of the joint will make the muscles around the knee joint tight and stiff. The muscles include the quadriceps on the front and outside of the thigh, the popliteus on the back of the knee fossa, and the muscles on the upper half of the hind calf. These muscles are tight because the joints are painful when walking and the muscles do not have enough strength. To share the weight of the body, the muscles have to become very stiff, as hard as knee pads, but excessive stiffness of the muscles will produce pain and inflammation. Therefore, as long as the degenerative knee joint takes a long time, it is often combined with a very serious massage gun. Pain problem.

  Massage gun inflammation around the hip joint: Same as above, the hip joint is also the same as the knee joint. The surrounding muscles include the gluteal muscles, iliopsoas muscles and adductors, etc., along with degenerative hip arthritis, massage gun pain can also occur.

  So, where are the silver-haired people suitable for relaxing the massage gun? Which methods are not suitable?

  The common fascia relaxation methods of the general ethnic group include stretching, roller, peanut ball, fascia gun, freehand massage, etc. Under normal circumstances, these fascia relaxation methods are all possible, but because of the elderly’s The blood vessels of the skin are relatively fragile, so the massage force cannot be too strong, and it must not be forced to stretch the muscles.

  If you choose to use a roller to relax, it is recommended to use a softer foam roller. If you want to do fixed-point reinforcement on certain tight parts, it is recommended to use a softer peanut ball. It is less recommended to use something that is too hard or has a small contact area, such as a golf ball. If you use a massage gun, it is also recommended to use a massage head with a lower intensity and a larger contact area.

  It is recommended to perform active stretching instead of passive stretching, that is, try to use your own strength or weight to stretch. This is called active stretching, because there is often a situation where the coach or classmates are too enthusiastic to reach out during stretching classes. Helping to stretch, often tearing the fascia or dislocation of the joints when pressed. Therefore, unless you are a professional medical staff, do not let others help you stretch, because it is very easy to strain, and even cause joint dislocation or spondylolisthesis. The most unhappy opinion is spondylolisthesis.

  Is there any benefit for the elderly to relax the fascia?

  Fascia relaxation can maintain the softness and elasticity of the fascia, and it is less prone to injury or inflammation of the muscles and bones. It is recommended that the stretching of the elderly must be done on the premise that there is no injury, so try to choose more stable movements and choose movements that are less likely to increase joint pressure. Therefore, stretches that can be done while lying down should be done as much as possible.

  For older and mature people, when doing fascia stretching and relaxation, what should you pay special attention to?

  Parts to avoid with fascia gun: The more vulnerable parts include spinal nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, do not use massage guns to hit the spine, head and face in the middle of the body. For people with arthritis in the wrist or finger joints, it is not recommended to use the fascia gun to relax, because the vibration force of the fascia gun may make the joints more inflammatory.

  Regarding stretching: The more problematic parts are the stretching of the cervical spine and lumbar spine. If you want to stretch these parts, you must be careful. It is best to stretch independently, not passively, that is to say, don’t let others help you to pull or press. For the spine, it is best to stretch as much as you can, and you should not be able to experience pain during or after the stretch.

  Regarding the roller relaxation: For the elderly, the roller is not suitable for relaxing the waist muscles, because the lumbar spine is inherently unstable, and the trunk strength of the elderly is relatively weak. Therefore, if the roller is used to roll the waist muscles, it is often It will cause a relatively large pushing and squeezing force to the lumbar spine, and severely may cause lumbar spondylolisthesis. Conversely, people with lumbar spondylolisthesis are not recommended to use a roller to relax the waist muscles.

  After stretching and relaxing: Because the elderly are more likely to have postural hypotension, remember to stay for a while from lying to sitting, and to stay for a while from standing. You can stand up without feeling dizzy, and remember Drink plenty of warm water after the end.

  Massage gun relaxation is something that everyone needs to do. People of all ages can use the massage gun to relax to stay healthy. They just need to find the most suitable massage gun method for stretching, relaxation and training, as long as they can maintain the massage gun. Elasticity can reduce the damage of many musculoskeletal joint systems and delay degeneration. There are actually many benefits, but it takes time to do it, and it must be done continuously, so as to prevent the aging of the massage gun or make the aging massage gun. Rejuvenation!