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  between the protein shaker bottle and other vibrators with balls or inserts, which is good because you don’t have to worry about them, clean them, or listen to them when the Shaker Bottle is empty. Helimix mixes all great things-some things are even better than balls. My front/inside exercises are better, so I no longer have spots and are not easy to shake. It is definitely recommended that people use Shaker Bottle multiple times a day to meet different needs, because the smell and taste of anything there will not last!

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  Over the years, I have bought a lot of electric shaker bottles to mix my protein drinks. This is by far the best one, but I will buy another one or two, so I can still buy a clean drink in the dishwasher . I can even mix yogurt or pb2 with my milkshake and it will slide out smoothly. There is no big loose powder, no ball or blade to clean the best!

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  Protein intake for muscle growth may be one of the most researched and discussed topics in the fitness field. We are all familiar with standard powders such as whey. Casein may be added, but what about egg protein? What about its muscle-building ability? Muscle building is the holy grail of bodybuilders, but how does egg protein perform in this work?

  The biological value of egg protein and muscle building.

  In order to help muscle growth, the human body must receive enough amino acids (muscle components) and be able to use them effectively. The method of measuring how the human body does this is called “biological value” (BV). On the BV scale, the egg protein score was the highest at 100. The amino acid profile of egg protein is so effective that egg protein is considered the “gold standard” when comparing other types of protein. High BV is very important for muscle growth, because it can ensure that the human body digests and utilizes the maximum amount of amino acids, and then initiates the recovery process, thereby enhancing muscle growth.

  The amino acid content and muscle structure of egg protein.

  So what else can make egg protein so beneficial for muscle training? Well, egg protein is not only a “complete protein” (meaning that egg protein contains all the essential amino acids: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, Lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine), and the protein content is also high. Three essential amino acids including “branched chain amino acids”. These must be ingested because they cannot be made by our body.

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  BCAA is composed of leucine, isoleucine and valine. In high-intensity training, BCAA can keep the body strong and exercise new strong muscles. BCAA can also help burn fat, improve recovery after training, and reduce soreness. EAA and BCAA have high egg protein content and are the best source of protein for muscle growth. Recovery between training sessions allows us to maximize the intensity in the next training session, thereby promoting greater muscle growth.

  egg protein, leucine and muscle growth

  Leucine is particularly beneficial in helping protein synthesis. The high content of leucine in egg protein is an essential amino acid, which helps the body to recover after training and acts as a nutritional signal to start muscle protein synthesis.

  Egg protein, sulfur and muscle production.

  Eggs and egg protein contain sulfur, which is closely related to protein, because sulfur exists in the amino acids of methionine, cystine and cysteine. Therefore, these amino acids are called “sulfur-containing amino acids” and are considered to be part of protein. Therefore, the content of these amino acids in egg protein is very high, which makes egg protein an ideal choice for people seeking muscle growth

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  Seriously, this is the best electric shaker bottle. You can buy it in the gym, or just as a variety of cheap blender bottles as ordinary water bottles. I have two other white blender bottles, which are unbeatable. So far, this is my favorite bunch. This design is not only very effective when mixing protein or anything added to the milkshake, but I think it is the best looking milkshake on the market. The eddy current design looks cool and makes a satisfying sound when shaken. The material is actually high-quality plastic used in advertising, and it has no smell. This is one of the other small blender bottles I have. I also contacted them to support some of the problems I encountered, and they were all very good. I would recommend this bottle to anyone looking for a high-quality and excellent Shaker Bottle.

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  My daily mix includes 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder, 500 ml of whole milk, 1 tablespoon of Zhengda seeds, 1 tablespoon of MCT coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of almond butter.

  I can say that it blends everything well. I don’t eat at all. Except for Zhengda seeds (in fact, very few, about 15 to 30 seeds), nothing really sticks to the wall of my water bottle shaker, but this is due to the stickiness of the glyphosate secreted by the seeds themselves. Sometimes I add too much milk and the water bottle shaker becomes too full. I just stir a part of the mixture just to reduce the volume and then add it. All my mixing is still done in my water bottle shaker. The stirring ball and vortex used in the product I use look like springs. I want to say, so far, this is the best result of your plan to mix the ingredients with a water bottle shaker. Cleaning is also very easy, because you only need to clean the water bottle shaker thoroughly. There are no spare parts.

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  I read some comments that the Beggars will block my call when you drink, I am calling BS. Unless you have a witch’s nose, don’t pull it back. In addition, you have to put it close to your face like the last drop. Then you can get everything by opening the lid completely.

  I had doubts at first. I think I should turn it black just in case? Or spend more money to make it green. I am glad I spent a few dollars.

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  So far, everyone knows the importance of protein in muscle training and recovery. But you might ask yourself: “How many grams of protein do I need to build my muscles?” The purpose of this article is to provide you with accurate information.

  What is protein?

  First of all, there is a very good problem to be solved. This problem is rarely solved! Protein is one of the four major nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate and alcohol) and is composed of long-chain amino acids. We use protein to perform thousands of functions in the body, one of which is to maintain muscles.

  If you want to build new muscles, you need to get enough protein in your diet. If you want to keep all the muscles you already have, you can do the same. But only one kind of protein is not enough. You also need a variety of proteins, because doing so can ensure that you get a complete amino acid profile.

  Note: Different combinations of amino acids constitute dietary protein. You want to master all the combinations in the diet. If you want to eat, drink and enjoy the fun like amino acids, there are many combinations for every few people.

  Contrary to popular belief, it is completely possible to obtain all the protein and amino acids needed for a vegetarian diet. In other words, most people (vegetarians and non-vegetarians) have low protein content in their diet, which is certainly not enough to strengthen muscles.

  How much protein do muscles need?

  The common goal of    protein is 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of lean meat. Therefore, if you weigh 100 kg and have a fat content of 20%, your lean weight will be 80 kg (20 kg fat). Need 120 grams of protein per day. This is a good goal for people who don’t exercise and don’t like to build muscles.

  Research shows that if you want to exercise your muscles, you should consume 2.1-3.1 grams of protein per kilogram of lean body mass. It doesn’t seem to make a difference, but it can add up quickly:

  If you weigh 100 kg and the trace content is 20%, you need to consume 160 to 240 grams of protein per day. Here, whey protein shakes (or vegetarians) are easily available. Even so, most ordinary people still consume 240 grams of protein a day.

  And, for most people, finding your lean body mass is out of reach. A better way is to ignore the weight/aunt and only use the actual weight. If your weight is 100 kg, use this size.

  In this case, you need to be more conservative with the numbers. The rule of thumb is 1.5 to 2 times your body weight, which is a good indicator of how much protein you need to add to your muscles.

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  If you classify yourself as overweight, low weight, low weight, high weight.

  How do I calculate how much protein my muscles need?

  If you know your body fat percentage, you can use this percentage to calculate your lean body mass. Then multiply by 2 to get the protein intake requirement.

  If you don’t know your body fat percentage, then multiply your weight by 1.5 (if you are overweight) or 2 (if you are underweight).

  If all this sounds too troublesome, focus on implementing strategies to increase the protein content of each meal. Eat a high-protein breakfast and add a protein shake at lunch. Add beans, legumes and legumes to dinner.

  Is the type of protein that makes up muscle important?

  No, it’s a good idea to extract protein from various foods, but when it comes to actual muscle development, it doesn’t matter as long as you have all the appropriate amino acids.

  However, one thing you have to be good at is identifying foods with poor protein/calorie ratios.

  Generally, foods like peanut butter are high in protein. But in fact, when you add calories together, they contain a lot of protein, while fat and calories are much higher. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.

  Don’t avoid these foods altogether. The peanut butter is great. But remember this. One gram of fat is 9 calories, and one gram of protein is 4 calories. Therefore, something with 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat will contain 80 calories of protein and 180 calories of fat!

  frequently asked questions

  This is a set of frequently asked questions that are often published in articles about proteins. I hope this solves any problems you have.

  Is there too much protein in 200 grams?

  It depends on your size. If you weigh 50 kg, 200 grams of protein may be too much (although it will not cause any problems). If you weigh 150 kilograms, that might not be enough! Think that protein content is too high is dangerous, although many foods with high protein content may also be unhealthy (that is, due to the high protein content of cooked fat, all protein cannot Obtained from cooked food).

  Can you eat too much protein?

  But in fact, it’s not. Protein is difficult to digest and eat in large amounts, which will make you feel full. It can also slightly increase your metabolism. One theory is that eating too much protein will not lead to fat gain, because it is too difficult to do so.

  But remember, most foods are not made of pure protein! Eating too much protein will not have much benefit. Try to stick to your goals, but if you indulge too much, don’t worry.

  How much protein per kilogram?

  If you sit still for a long time, your weight per kilogram is about 1.5 grams. If you are very active, the maximum weight per kilogram is 3g. If you don’t know your body fat percentage, your weight is 1.5 or 2 times your weight.

  Can I still use plant protein to build my muscles?

  of course. Many vegetarians or vegetarians used to work hard to build muscle, not because of the poor quality of plant protein, but because of lack of choice. If you only eat ordinary food a day, it will be difficult to eat 200 grams (or any other weight).

  Thanks to vegan protein powder and better vegetarian options, you can reach your goals and build muscle more easily.

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  If you have been looking for indicators to quantify the amount of training, how to calculate the power factor? The amazing effect of the power factor training method has in fact been confirmed by many bodybuilders.

  The principle of power factor training

  The theoretical basis of the power factor training method is well known: overload and super recovery.

  Another indispensable factor that promotes muscle growth is the amount of exercise performed by the muscles per unit time. In other words, it is necessary to increase the weight (power factor) lifted by the muscle in a unit time. Therefore, the exact meaning of “load”: excess recovery is the result of increased exercise intensity (increased exercise volume per unit of time), and has little to do with total exercise volume.

  Many recent studies have proved that peak load is an indispensable condition for muscle growth. We can naturally draw the following conclusion: There must be a training method that can make the muscles receive the strongest load from training and thus obtain the fastest growth. This is why the power factor training method was born.

  The following explains the principle of the power factor training method with the principle of half-movement exercises.

  Take the bench press as an example. The minimum range of bench press strength is the few inches when the barbell is lifted from the chest, and the maximum strength is the few inches when the bench press is about to be completed. Under the traditional training method, an athlete with a maximum weight of 200 pounds on the bench press can actually lift a barbell of up to 365 pounds. Traditional training method, full range of exercises, only mobilized part of the muscle fibers to lift 200 pounds of weight. Once he started to perform small bench press exercises with a maximum weight of 365 pounds only within the maximum strength range, and able to mobilize as many muscle fibers as possible to participate in the effort, his strength and muscle circumference increased rapidly. If the power factor is not calculated, we cannot accurately reflect the substantial increase in training intensity with numbers.

  Leaving aside academic research, from a common sense point of view, practicing to exhaustion in the range of maximum strength is much more intense than practicing in the range of minimum strength. The more weight you use, the more muscle fibers that participate in the exertion, and the more work the muscles do. Furthermore, the recovery time of this kind of high-intensity training is also longer. The reason is simple. The combination of heavier exercise weight and higher strength will inevitably cause fatigue of deeper muscles.

  Special training methods can produce special training effects. This is the most basic causal relationship between training and muscle growth. When you exercise in the range of maximum strength, the effect of muscle growth is very obvious. This is directly proportional to the load placed on the muscles during training. On the contrary, if you do exercises with sufficient range, the training effect will be divided into two parts: muscle mass and strength and flexibility. As a result, the speed of muscle growth is significantly slower. It should be clear that sufficient motion range is not a necessary condition for muscle overload, and overload is the only factor that promotes muscle growth.

  Basic concepts of power factor training method: time and power factor

  The weight used for exercise is a very important factor for muscle fibers to participate in the exertion process, and another equally important factor is the time spent on exercise. The time mentioned here is not the time used for a single set of exercises, but the time used for all the exercises of a certain muscle group and the time used for the entire training session. Because this is the area where the power factor plays a role.

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  If the efficiency of muscle work is the only factor that affects muscle growth, then it is very important to learn how to calculate the muscle workload for each exercise and each training session. In this way, you can use precise numbers to compare the load of each training session, the workload of the muscles, and the overall training effect.

  You must learn to calculate your own power factor. The calculation is simple, but it is very important, because it determines whether you can grow blocks. Divide the total weight used for training by the training time to get your training power factor.

  A good way to test the effectiveness of training

  So far, the only way for bodybuilders to measure training is by “feeling.” When other conditions (rest, nutrition, etc.) are the same, if you lift some weight or feel particularly tired after a training session, and the congestion is particularly good, you will feel that this training session is more rewarding than before. But this is a rough and subjective estimate after all, not a precise reflection of mathematics. After checking the power factor, you immediately know whether you have lifted more weight in a certain period of time than in the last training. Calculating the power factor is the most effective way to measure your progress. By calculating the power factor, various bodybuilding theories and training methods can be unveiled; how much work does the muscles do? Does this training method grow stronger? How much can it grow? How fast? More meaningful, all The factors that promote or hinder muscle growth can now be quantified. You can accurately and objectively measure and compare the effects of training more or less, light weight or heavy weight training, and see how the length of the training session and the number of rest days between training have any effect on you. In bodybuilding training, weight training and any other form of strength training, this rapid and accurate assessment can play an inestimable role.

  The mystery of power factor training to promote muscle growth

  The power factor training method requires the body to provide a lot of energy to the muscles in a short time. The energy in muscles is stored in the form of glycogen, and the amount of glycogen stored determines the ability of muscles to contract. When the glycogen in the muscle is exhausted, the muscle contraction stops. However, it is precisely because the glycogen in the muscles is exhausted that the body can be forced to improve the muscle’s ability to store glycogen and achieve the purpose of “super compensation”.

  Bodybuilders can increase the ability of muscles to store glycogen to twice that of ordinary people. With more glycogen, the ability to train for longer periods of time with higher intensity (a necessary condition for stimulating muscle growth) also improves. At the same time, the increase of glycogen storage in muscle can also promote the increase of muscle circumference. This is also the reason why bodybuilders can further increase the circumference of their flesh and blood by ingesting a large amount of carbohydrates before the competition.

  Another reason why the power factor training method can promote the increase of muscle circumference is that it promotes more blood flow into the muscles of the training site and generates more capillaries. In addition, it can also increase the natural secretion of growth-promoting hormone, which is another important reason for promoting muscle growth.

  development trend

  Whenever an innovation causes earth-shaking changes, it will be considered revolutionary. The power factor training method is like this. It successfully applies precise mathematical calculations to the field of fitness and shows that training within the maximum range of strength is extremely effective. It provides a new, exciting, and excellent alternative to traditional training methods. I believe that future bodybuilders and all athletes engaged in strength training will widely use this training method.

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  Many bodybuilders will ask: Which training method is the best? Many people will argue for or against a certain training method. But one thing we must know is that for weight training, everything is effective, but it will not always be effective. This means only making some changes to your existing training regimen (whether it is adding passive contractions, single maximum exercises, supergroups or other) at least for a certain period of time, about 6 to 8 weeks, Make new changes in your strength or muscles.

  By switching between two extremely effective training programs, the “fifths and a corner” training program will bring you more changes, allowing you to double the effect when using each program individually. The “five points” in the training plan comes from the 5×5 training method, and the “one corner” in the “five points and one corner” training plan comes from the 10×10 training method used in the plan.

  Combining these two practice-tested training methods into an up-to-date training plan can make your muscles grow rapidly. For most bodybuilders, the typical problem in their training is not the design of the training plan, but the inability to truly complete the continuous improvement plan. Their goal in entering the gym is just to be stronger than last time. But the “fifth and one corner” training method does not rely on hope to survive. It pushes your muscles to the limit by changing stimuli.

  The first transformation training is 5×5 training. Choose a sport to exercise each muscle group. Although you will use the second exercise to do 5 sets of 5 reps, it is much harder to achieve this goal in the second exercise than in the first exercise because the auxiliary muscles are already tired. .

  In the 5×5 training day, try to complete the same exercise 1 and exercise 2 in the same order, and complete the same exercise in the 10×10 training day. The third sport in the 5×5 training day and the second sport in the 10×10 training day should be isolated exercises and should change frequently. Before training the same muscle group again, give it a full 5-day rest period, and you may reach the 5×5 goal first. Add weight to your 5×5 training day again and continue to improve until you reach the 10×10 goal. Then change to another training plan, such as a single growth training plan, 5, 10, 20 training plan, inch training plan and so on.

  According to these basic principles, construct your “fifth and one corner” training plan for each major muscle group. Starting with the 5×5 training method, let it rest for 5 days before using the 10×10 training method to exercise the same muscle group again. After the 10×10 training program, rest for 5 days, and then return to the 5×5 training method. Follow this alternate method until you can complete 5 sets with 5×5 initial weight, 5 reps for each set, and 10 sets with your 10×10 initial weight, 10 reps per set.

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This Shaker Bottle belongs to the quality of one of the brand’s main series. The cup body is made of the brand’s unique Tritan Copolyester material, which has passed the quality inspection, does not contain BPA and phthalic acid, etc., providing the safest and safest use.

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  It contains an exclusive patented design spring stirring ball, as long as you simply pull up the water cup, the stirring ball in the bottle can break the protein powder, muscle building powder, etc., which are difficult to replenish muscle fitness supplements, so as to make it more It is easy to blend into liquid and easy to drink.

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  Just imagine, if our watch can tell us if we have the flu, wouldn’t it be very useful? Maybe technology can do it now.

  Fitness bracelets can detect and record some specific symptoms, and data collected from a large number of people can provide some very important information for people to fight the virus. So how does the fitness ring work? let us see.

  the study

  Researchers looked at the data of 200,000 Fitbit wearers in the past two years, which is a large amount of data. They then compared these data with the weekly flu prevalence estimates reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Specifically, the researchers compared increased heart rate and sleep levels with reports of flu symptoms.

  We know that influenza infection can increase resting heart rate and disrupt sleep patterns, such as nasal congestion, poor sleep quality, and difficulty falling asleep.

  Therefore, it is meaningful to study the heart rate and sleep status of Fitbit wearers. It can help us track diseases and take measures to prevent the spread of diseases. In fact, by focusing on resting heart rate and sleep levels, this study has greatly improved flu predictions in five states in the United States.

  What does this research mean to us?

  Although this data study is used to observe the health of the entire population, for individuals, wearing a fitness bracelet can help you notice subtle differences in resting heart rate and sleep patterns, which may indicate signs of illness. Although a sports ring cannot prevent you from getting sick, it can make you aware of your health problems and take action to prevent the spread of diseases to others.

  In addition to illness, there are other reasons that can cause elevated resting heart rate or lack of sleep, such as stress or even hangovers. Therefore, when you see these data every day, don’t feel too stressed, and don’t worry too much.

  By consulting the data of a large number of fitness watch wearers, it can provide some useful information for relevant departments to understand the origin of the disease and even know where to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease. After infection, people can also see changes in their resting heart rate or sleep patterns through the fitness ring, but they may also be affected by factors such as lifestyle. In the past, we may not have thought that the fitness ring has such an important function.